Monday, November 17, 2008


Note: Sorry it took me so long to update, I've had to move, AGAIN! Am in temporary lodging at the moment at a friend's place on Orchard, will be moving to my very own pad in Bukit Timah come January. So yes the packing, between work and travel, has been crazy. Forgive!


Okay so you guys know I was going to LA, I hinted very strongly why so. I went to interview the cast and director of the now already released movie Quantum of Solace. Yes, I spoke to Daniel Craig. :D

I stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel on Doheney Drive, its a quaint, cosy little place with a REALLY comfortable bed. Heh Heh. Had to take pretty pictures...

And Guess What!? They actually delivered a bottle of champagne, compliments of the junket! :D So sweet, it was like, *knock knock* Miss Fonseka? Compliments.

The view was fantastic as well,

But of course, the highlight of the trip? Well lets put it this way, I step out of my hotel room the next morning, guess what is on the door RIGHT NEXT TO MINE?


His interview room!

Anyway. Woman's gotta work, so I carried on my duty to interview the cast, Director Marc Foster, Olga Kurylenko and Daniel Craig. Was incredibly floored by Olga, she was gorgeous, Marc was really down to earth and clearly very into what he does, and Daniel was charming, eloquent, engaging and .. does NOT potray that when he takes a picture, but oh well. I guess he was in character.


Rebecca said...

As I started reading your post I thought u went for an interview to be the next Bond girl! Considered that? I'm sure you have what it takes! You've got the wits and looks.

Anonymous said...

Thought you forgotten us already! So long never update! Lol nevermind Xmas round the corner. Shall forgive you lol


Anonymous said...

but still you are the most CANTIK woman i ever seen.. i love you..

Noise said...

You are so lucky to meet Mr Bond, and yes you have a nice blog...sincere postings...I enjoy very much!

Kim said...

I hope you become the next Bond girl...

Standing next to him, I thought he's either rather short or you're just really tall. You're about 5'9" so he must be 6'?

I love reading your blog... keep it up and do Msia proud. Very few Ms Msias make it out big. I know you'll go to Hollywood.

Cheers XOXO