Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quick Update!

So whilst some of you may have seen me HERE:

I was actually, HERE:

And here are some behind the scenes shots of the FHM mag shoot (Out now, go get!) :) Enjoy!

Me sucking on a piece of ice cause I was thirsty - and didn't want drinking from a cup to spoil the makeup! Lol!


Denise-T said...

Enjoy ur holiday Andrea. =)

TaNaT DaMaN said...

Andrea, you look very smoking in FHM... yep you bet I bought that copy. I was so mesmeized by it that I nearly 'got burnt' by the contents cos they're way too HOT!! Anyway, I shall see you and Roland Kickinger at Suntec City tomorrow... ;-)

Michael Yip said...

Hot Hot Hot! That's all I can say.

Paris' a nice place, alot of beautiful structures. :( I wanna be there!

Unknown said...

Very nice. We met at Aldo's shop in wisma.

Unknown said...

Kun Andrea Suey mark mark.
= Miss. Andrea is very pretty.
in Thai.

farrina jika said...

i hope u're gonna win the Shout Award because u're hot liedat! :D

Haziq Anwar said...

hi there. im a BIG fan. btw yr photo is totally HOTx3!! :D

Unknown said...

i love every of u ,u just unique creature the god has ever created ofr this globe!simplicity is unforgetatble!