Sunday, August 16, 2009


First up - yes, I realise I have not posted in AGES. Trust me, there's a valid reason for that - which WILL be revealed in the Malaysian Press following the 29th of August. ;) You can get the news first from my Facebook page: Andrea Fonseka (link on the right of this blog).

Things have been incredibly busy with me, reshuffling of artiste managements, new deals, taking care of old ones, hosting events all over the place, and trying my best to spend enough time with Dad and Mum, and of course, Paul.

Adeline came to town for a visit (that is always too short), with my lovely nephew, Lucas. Such the adorable (and mischevious!) little one he is: he's grown, and speaks profficiently - so well that its quite scary for a 4 year old saying "Bats hunt for food using Echo-Lo-kay-shionnn". :D

Just a little toss on what I've been doing to fill my time:

Attended the Shout awards in KL, I hosted the Chivas Regal Alexander McQueen Limited Edition bottle (Chivas Regal - without a doubt my most fave fave alcoholic beverage), the opening of the new Park Hotel Clarke Quay (Amaaaazing food), the launch of the new Honda Freed, did a cover photoshoot with Jovian Mandagie (superb local designer and dear friend), helped plan the outline of a fashion TV programme, am currently planning an event, and am trying to find the time to plan my birthday - my TWENTY-FIFTH birthday (jeez I'm a quarter of a century old now), happening at my place at the end of the month. I have friends flying in from Singapore, Perth, Sydney, and of course my mates from KL will be there too, but can you imagine trying to accomodate everyone (about 70 people) at my place in KL?? And then planning the event afterwards when we all go out to celebrate?!
Jovian Mandagie's uber-glam weding gown.

Me backstage, wearing Jovian's gown (he was so sweet to loan it to me on such short notice..thank God it fit!!

I *heart* Chivas Regal. I do occasionally have a drink or two when I'm out, and everyone calls me the Chivas-Queen 'cause I'm never seen drinking anything else!! *laughs* Note the Chivas "crown" on me head, totally accidental! Hehe! But very apt..

Its definitely a Milestone, turning 25. And I wanted it to be in KL to share the special occassion with Mum and Dad - their youngest is now 25! Gosh. How time flies!! If I could with for anything though, it would be for me to know two years ago what I know now.. but I guess its a chicken and egg thing: I wouldn't have learnt my lessons through my mistakes back then; so theoretically it'd be impossible for me to know then what I know now, but you get my drift, I'm sure. ;)

I hope everyone is keeping well, we've passed the halfway mark of the year now, and lets move towards ending this year with a bang! :D


Compulsive Blogger said...

Welcome back!

2 months is a long time to be waiting for a post! haha... Was suspecting maybe you've abandoned ship! All will be revealed on 29th I guess!

On other notes,

Love your latest portrait pic.. maybe it's not really my place to say, but perhaps the smiling one would be a better choice? (I've always felt women look infinitely more beautiful when smiling).. or we you trying to look NOT too beautiful! ;P

Oh.. and i think perhaps i speak on behalf of all your malaysian fans when i say I was more than a bit peeved at FHM Malaysia for not including you in their 100 Most Wanted Women of 2009. No offense to the ones that made it, but you deserved at least a top 10!! Plus you're Malaysian!!

Jasa Ijazah said...

Hey Andrea,

Just wanna say that I love your blog and you're such an inspiration to me :) I hope you can post more often as I'll love to read on your quality postings :)

Lova ya!

Unknown said...

Hi Andrea, your pics are amazing! I think I remember you were the hostess/waitress (?) at a restaurant in Singapore (behind the dormitory), and one of the people pointed you were Miss Malaysia, but you're so friendly and not stuck up at all. Nice to see you are doing well..take care :)

naomi aka chaosnicky aka crazynick said...

May you have a GREAT DAY and WEEKEND!! And year ahead!! GOD bless you and your family always!! :)

P.S. Btw, your birthday is 8 days after mine. Hahah. August babies! ;)

TaNaT DaMaN said...

Happy Birthday, Andrea! Stay happy and beautiful always... hope you win No 1 spot for this year's FHM Top 100 again, hee hee! And yeah, certainly you know that you share the same birthday as MJ ;-)

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Big Boys Oven said...

Happy Belated Birthday Andea! from us the boyz!