Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miss Universe Malaysia 2010: Advice Column 01

Hey there!

So you guys should know by now, I'm the new National Director of MUMO (Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation). We're had our Open Castings yesterday, with a closed-door selection of the Top 18 finalists. We're only announcing the Top 18 finalists on the 14th of April, so Malaysia, be patient! ;)

In the mentime, I've recieved my first email from one of the girls. Her issues are addressed below: Hope the rest of the finalists (and even everyone else who reads my blog), enjoys the read. Please note, however, that this is not advice for a diet: It is simply tricks on how one can get into better shape in 7 days. Please do not follow this diet for 7 MONTHS!! Also always remember to consult your doctor should you have any health issues. If you have low blood pressure, please be careful as following a low-sodium diet may affect you negatively.



Thanks for the email. It’s good to know you’re taking this seriously. Before I go into your questions, you need to realise one thing: You have a one in 18 chance of becoming Miss Universe Malaysia. Which means that whilst you may win, there is a chance that you may not as well. Do not put yourself through a massive preparation effort for the pageant. *Do it for yourself*, prove to yourself that you can do anything once you put your mind to it.

Ok? :)

Now. Getting down to business. Breaking it up into several segments here, based on what you will be needing to do.

Your first photoshoot will be on the 5th and 6th of April. You have one week to that. Lets focus on that first, shall we?

1. Cut out salt from your diet, NOW. Salt makes you retain water, a lot of your weight may in fact be water retention. So by doing so you will lower the sodium level in your body = less water retention. If you have to eat out, no salty sauces (no soy sauce AT ALL).
2. Cut down on carbs. Fruit, bread, Pasta, rice, would all constitute carbs. You may have any of that before noon, but not after.
3. Have lots of leafy vegetables, but not one day before your photoshoot. Fibre is great and all, but it may bloat you one day before a shoot. Instead, opt for high protein, less fibrous foods such as potato (in the morning), Chicken fillet, fish.
4. I would suggest the following meal plan: (Don’t forget your multivitamins)
a. Cabbage Soup Diet for the next three days: Use low-salt stock cubes, Cabbage (50%) potatoes (10%), carrots(10%), celery(10%), onions(10%) and tomatoes (10%) + 1 chicken carcass (bones only. If you buy the entire chicken it’ll be too oily with the skin and the meat). Boil for hours and hours and hours (it’ll taste better the longer its boiled). Drink as much as you want for three days, with fruit only in the first half of the morning. Continue topping up with vege. Do not eat more than one potato and one carrot a day, but have as much cabbage, celery, onions as you want. If you’d like to snack, have asparagus, steamed lightly.
b. The following four days: You may still have Cabbage soup if you like, but increase your protein. Have egg whites, chicken, fish. Remember: NO OIL, NO SALT. Cut down on Cabbage a day / two days before the shoot, but still drink the soup (but not the vege – too much fibre, remember?).
5. Tip: Every Morning: Have ONE large sweet orange. Wait an hour, only then, have breakfast. The Orange will wake up your digestive system, pushing things ‘through’ naturally and efficiently.


1. Start your workout with a 10 minute cardio warm up.
2. Go to weights for 40 mins: Do low weights, high rep. Ie: The lightest weights, 25 tricep curls, 4 reps. Focus on your triceps, obliques, abs, back, shoulders. For your legs and bum: not necessary: you have very tones legs: I remember. ;)
3. Follow with 20 mins fast walk / jog on a cardio machine.
4. Bikram Hot Yoga: if you can, go for a class everyday. Go to true fitness, and ask for a trial session pack and don’t pay anything for it. Say you just wanna try it out. ;) they have Bikram Hot Yoga at Pavilion and Subang. Normal hot yoga is great too, but BHY is much much better.
5. Sit in a sauna for 40 mins a day two days before the shoot (read: Not steam room). It’ll help you sweat, hence lowering the sodium content in your body.
6. Make sure you drink LOTS OF WATER. 2 litres a day at least, 1 litre when you’re working out.


Moisturise your body well everyday after a shower. It’ll help with skin elasticity and the mini massage will help your blood circulation. Emphasize on massaging your waist, upperarms, thighs, a little harder. It’ll hurt a little but just help “wake up” your fat cells in the area. Face: cleanse well, use a moisturising mask a day beforehand.

Golden Rules to Remember:
1. No snacking after 7pm.
2. No salt
3. Orange in the mornings
4. Do not starve yourself: that will make you lose muscle, which will make u flabby. Some girls at the castings I would rate as thinner than you, but you had a better body because of proportion and tone. Even if you work out, and you don’t eat, it’ll be worse off than if you eat the above mealplan and do not work out. I hope you know where I’m coming from.
4. Always take your multivitamins (after breakfast, an hour after your morning orange.) :)

I will update you with a different plan after the shoot. For now, this will suffice; as this is a one week plan to look aesthetically better in pictures (different than looking better in person.)

Hope this helps!



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vagus said...

i've heard of numerous diets before, but i have to say this one is new to me!
Not sure how cabbage soup tastes, but it doesn't sound very appetizing ;)

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