Thursday, May 5, 2011

My thoughts on Osama's death.

The killing of a man should never be celebrated.

Don't get me wrong - I do believe that he had what was coming to him. Planning and organising terror will get you hunted down and killed.

However seeing footage of Americans celebrating in the streets at the announcement of his assasination has left a bad taste in my mouth. Not towards them specifically - but to the world and how we handle things these days.

What has happened to us that we think it's okay to kill completely innocent strangers - in the name of Religion that is supposed to teach us to love, respect and take care of one another? Why is Religion polarizing us?

Why is it okay for one government to think it's okay to murder another country's leader? What is fair in war these days? Is terrorism the only resort left to the much poorer party in this war, and does that make it okay?

And what has happened to us that we now think it's okay to dance and sing at the news of a man's death? Who's fault is this?

There are two sides of answers for every question above. Who knows which one would hold more water... But one thing's for sure though.

Innocent lives - American and Muslim - have been lost in this raging war. The blood of these people are on the hands of everyone that thinks this is a war worth fighting.

Because it's not.


namasayatihah said...

wow..such a nice thought from a non muslim like u..

in my opinion, it is all about a propaganda...obama needs sumthing to lift up his administration...
I think so..LOL~

Compulsive Blogger said...

I think same thing happened when Saddan Hussein or Hitler died.. and probably so again when Kim Joing Ill whichever other 'evil' dictator dies.'s a decaying world out there.

Anonymous said...

wow, really, wow.

I am not an Osama hater, because I have not lost any loved ones due to his sheer insanity and evil. But before we judge other, lets walk a mile in their shoes, shall we?

If that fatal plane ride carried your parents/husband/best friend/ kids, would you say what you said today?

I have never lost someone I love that way, and thank god for it. And I dread to think that someone who had lost a husband or a child would stumble upon your blog entry and see you openly disapprove of them celebrating the dead of an insane man who destroyed and changed their life forever.

Dont get me wrong, I am NOT celebrating the death of this crazy ass, but you should get off your high horse and try to look at this from the perspective of a victim before you comment so freely and lightly.


Anonymous said...

They weren't celebrating a man's death, American troops were celebrating the fact that they wouldn't have to keep searching for him anymore and were glad it was over! I think you misunderstood what you saw and instead should blame the media, not Americans.

Anonymous said...

It's true, your just dumb.

Anonymous said...

with whats going on in this world, Everyone is dumb..... including just letting things happen as it is...... coz im gonna watch me some astro...... ^_^

p.s:... Osama, ur a bad bad man.... I'm muslim, not that much of a good one, but ur bad for the things you did. However, at least they found you in a Big House with Huge Fences and didn't find you in a cave, coz that would be a bit embarrassing.....

Fonseka, UR HOT!!!

Andrea Fonseka said...

To those who disagree with my post - please note that I am not taking sides, or saying that I do not sympathise it the terror that one man led, taking lives of innocents.

I was merely questioning how things got so bad that it got to this.

Anonymous said...

Osama is not a country's leader.

Grace Hong said...

What kind of person celebrates death? It's amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak. We've only heard one side...

David said...


While celebrating OSB's death in the US. appeared distasteful. There is no doubt Osama's involvement in the the events of 9/11 and numerous other terrorist attacks.

Bin Laden is responible for planning and operations that murdered many innocents.

He will no be missed, he should not be celebrated.

Dear young lady you do need to learn discerning between good and evil.


Anonymous said...

andrea,you look a lot smarter when you shut up.

Anonymous said...

everyone knows 9/11 was a conspiracy. osama was just a scapegoat.
free your minds:

Anonymous said...

I don't think any of you should say anything bad here cause as you see I mean I know Osama is bad and all but seriously just because of this he's famous. Its like whatever muslims do is wrong, especially when its something bad. If its other religion? Its so easy for everyone to forget. But if it comes to muslims, everything will be very hectic! What about American's soldier killing muslims in Palestine?

David said...

Osama is famous because of his dedication to killing Americans.

An article from:

" Sign-Up Osama bin Laden justified 9/11's great evil on the basis of fixing blame for the Islamic world's cultural and political decline. He was angry with the last seven centuries of history -- history gone wrong for Arab Muslims in particular.

Bin Laden made this clear in a videotaped tirade delivered after 9/11, in which he fiercely complained of "80 years" of Muslim humiliation and disgrace.

He was indicting World War I's Western European victors, who divided the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire's Arab Muslim villayets into economic satrapies and dared to call it peace.

But his outrage also targeted a fellow Muslim, a man who was also arguably the 20th century's greatest revolutionary: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey."

On September 11, 2001, 19 Arab men armed with less ostentatious weapons than guns boarded four commercial aircraft in the United States and as a direct consequence, thousands of Americans are now dead.

Later in 2002 hundreds more narrowly averted being blown up midflight last month on an American Airlines flight from Paris involving another Muslim terrorist.

The so called conspiracy theories have been debunked. Only those completly out of touch with reality believe very narrow and unproven insane theories.

Hatred and murder solve nothing.

Since 1973 there have been more than 50,000 innocent humans killed in terrorist attacks.

Here a fact for anyone who can read.

MOAmerican troops are in Palestine or Israel.

Dislike America if you must, but the United States is the greatesf force for peace in the world!


Anonymous said...

Whatever it is I don't care about Osama, I just HATE it when Americans hate on us muslims. Why? Just because of Osama then they called us terrorist? Is that it? That's not fair. Not all muslims are terrorist. And not all americans are bad.