Monday, December 10, 2007

I Come From the Land Down Under!

Yes, I realise its been a while since I've posted... but I have a really valid reason, honest!!

For the past week (and a bit), I've been in Australia!! Yep, went there for a little bit of work, and a little bit of play (who says business and pleasure don't mix?). I'm waiting to grab the pictures off my friend (who owns the camera. Note to self - always bring your own digicam!). It was really really great, I flew in to Brisbane, took a connecting flight to Canberra, drove two hours to Turros Heads, then took a scenic drive to Nowra, then to Wollongong, then to Sydney, then took another flight to Brisbane, spent the night there, and then came back last night! :D All that in a span of 9 days, I'm pretty impressed with myself!

Will be putting a really detailed photo commentary up soon, so watch this space!

In the meantime, as I've not checked my email in AGES, I realised this morning that I am a very busy girl in December. Huff! If y'all didn't quite catch it, I will acting in a feature film, called Carrotcake Conversations, to be directed by Micheal Wang. I will be starring opposite Adrian Pang and Alaric Tay amongst the few notable cast, and I am PSYCHED! Filming starts the end of December, the movie will be released next year around October (the film will be campaigned at several film festivals throughout the middle of next year before its released).

My role? Heh heh. I'm playing the role of a high end call girl. How la. My first role and I'm a prostitute. Lol! No seriously though, her name is Ruth, and she aspires to be Singapore's first Blues Singer. And if you think this movie is Singapore's reply to Lust, Caution, well you're sadly mistaken. *heh*. You just have to keep your eyes peeled for more details at :)

So yes, I'm a busy girl today! I need to whip my butt back into shape, pull up my socks and get back to work! Tis the season to be jolly, but I'm working all throughout! Don't even have time for my best friend's birthday on the 21st.. :( I need to make up for the fact that I've not been in Singapore for the last 10 days, and that means lost of cramped schedules. Ah such is life. But hey, its good to be back. :)


Gabriel said...

OCT 08'..thats a long wait! Nevertheless, I will be patiently waiting.

Nice to know that you agreed with the role. It will be challenging. but, as far as I know, there is nothing impossible in your dictionary:) By the way, do you intend to talk to real prostitute to immense yourself into the role? just my humble suggestion hee.

Oh yah, you still have a few weeks before the shoot. Meanwhile, take it easy, relax and enjoy the christmas mood k. Have a nice vanilla latte and enjoy the rain. I love it!!!!! Rain is so romantic:) miss those days in Seattle, rain 70% of the time:)

OKie do ki...Merry Christmas Dear:)
Best Wishes for your new film:)

Gabe Ho Ho Ho

sheon said...

good to have you back! will be looking forward to your movie. hope you enjoy the shoot!

9 days in oz? i am actually contemplating a career move to oz... and ultimately a citizenship.. :P

take care! cheers!

Ryanwhiteorchid said...

Hello Andrea,

I hope this finds you well.

I would like to ask you, to become a board member of a new foundation I am new establishing as a 501 c3.

There are a a few reasons why I would like you on this board.

You have a great public image, especially in South East Asia.
You are Malaysian, which is one of the countries we are looking at Islands in.
I will be launching a high end jewellery line at the end of next year, proceeds go to the foundation (which I would like you to be the face of)
Reading your posts, you are an intelligent woman who I would be honoured to have on the board.
I can provide you with as much information as you like and if you were still in Australia, we could have met to discuss as I am in Sydney right now.


I would very much like you to be on this board and look forward to hearing from you.

Ryan Flynn
The White Orchid Foundation


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beastz =O said...

The January issue of Maxim is out. Guess who is sizzling up the front cover? ;)

avrilina said...

Hey andrea!it's great that y0ur acting, I'm guessing after the film and stuff y0u'll be 0ffered t0 act m0re.. all the best f0r it!! But
0h my! the r0le s0meh0w d0esn't suit y0u c0s' y0ur t00 decent f0r it :O

P.S: I guess the m0vie is kinda PG right?lols ;p

SEACJCS said...

I'd like you to read your mail...this is IMPORTANT. Let me know if you don't get my message...

Gabriel said...

Andrea, You are sickeningly Sexy:P

Very beautifuk done:) I meant the the pic in MAXIM!


Twinkle said...

I remember seeing u in this iklan softlan eh?

avrilina said...

000h..was thaty0u in the advertistment f0r lee hwa jewellery? the part when y0u did that handshake thingy

Lowe Loh said...

good to know that you got yourself in a film

do your best cos i will be watching it

SEACJCS said...

You have another message...

SEACJCS said...

I saw the MAXIM cover today. What's with the BRA? I've never seen anybody wear that combination. Was it for LIFT or MODESTY, or were you just keeping WARM?


Like unwrapping a present, I IS the time for it.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS, princess...

Merah In Motion said...

Where's your photo commentary?

Bluff people..