Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Its that wonderful time of the year

Merry Christmas!

I'm back home in KL, had my Aunt Pamela's wonderful Christmas Brunch this afternoon, followed by "Ta-Pau"-ed food for dinner. Am a very happy cat, me.

I'd like to take this opportunity and reflect on the past year, and thank everyone that has been essential in my journey to this date..

My family - I love you, and thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you for understanding when you can, and loving me no matter what.

My Friends - Malaysian Sisters: Eugenie, Siu Mae, Rhubzie... (*Does the special Taman Petaling handshake*) You guys are my pillars of Strength. Thank you for the advice when I needed it, the shoulder for me to cry on, and the smiles that greet me everytime we catch up. You guys knew me from way back, and I know we're going to be friends forever. Eugenie, can't wait for you to come to Singapore!! (Just incase y'all didnt know, y'know that chick with me in the Lee Hwa interstitial I did? That's Eugenie Chan. And she's coming to work in Singapore in January!!! Woooot! Now when are my other girls gonna do the same? :P)

My Friends in Singapore, and the rest of the world: Lance, Kai, Mariam, Mash, Arvind and the rest of the boys from Law School, Tinoq, Dr Calvin Chan and "Jenn" ;), Joan from Mediacorp, Michelle, Utt, Mardi, The rest of the people from Mediacorp, My beautiful manager Melissa Lam, Samuel Seow, Marcus his cute colleague, Michael Wang and Co. at Vintage Films, The Crew at Three Monkeys, Gwen, Mike, Sunny, Baba and Glen. Mighty Big Hugs all round, thanks for your support and love. I am honoured to have met you, and yes I know I may not keep in touch as much as I should, but I want you to know that ALL of you have a very special place in my heart always.

Last but not least, my dearest blog readers.

Thank you for your support in this short year, I know I may not update as much as I used to this recent months but I hope you understand that it is due to the amount of work and obligations that I need to fulfil. Its a really busy time for me at the moment, I am due to fly back to Singapore tomorrow, as I have work at 6am on the 27th!! And when one works as much as this, sometimes when I have a minute to myself to do nothing with, that's exactly what I want to do... Thank you also for the emails and wishes, May you have a merry Christmas, and a fantastic New Years! I'm gonna be in Singapore for the New Year for the first time, I'm so excited. :D

New Year Resolution? ... To become a healthier, happier person, to make others happy too when and as I can, and to set up my own Charity. ;) Anyone else?


Unknown said...

eh, does this mean that you're finally going to throw that long overdue charity-beer party (with the DOND gals) for us? :)

Merry Christmas to you, AV Fonseka!!! May all your wishes come true in the New Year 2008! =)

p.s - your eugenie friend is cute and looks kinda japanese with that red blush on her face in the tvc..haha.

SEACJCS said...
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SEACJCS said...

Season's greetings...again. :)

You know...if you'd called this post "it's the most wonderful time of the year", you could have stuck to your song theme. ;) And "it's", not "its"... :P

"...happy cat, me."

I'm getting this urge to scratch behind your ears. :) So...that makes you a cat WITH two cats, AND dogs? That's like Goofy owning Pluto...although I think it's that mouse who's the REAL owner (not that THAT makes sense). :P

NO, I didn't have a point. :)

I did have a great celebratory dinner...including seven pounds of roast beef (most of which ended up in me). No...not at one shot. We executed OUR version of TA PAU. You think I'm a pig...or what? :P

But if I were...we would have a pig eating a cow (and some chicken). That would be like a cat owning a cat, and...you know, let's not go there AGAIN. ;)


What's up with you, kid? ASIDE from the schedule, obviously...

"...to make others happy..."

I have a suggestion involving beverages, but I've a feeling it's not going to happen. :P Fine, fine...let's not beat a dead horse. :) Can you imagine a cat (that owns cats) and a pig (that eats cow) beating a horse (that's dead)? :O

You know, this has to be THE MOST BIZARRE post I've made here...and that's saying something.

Tell us about that charity...where will you find the time? :O

SEACJCS said...

CK, actually, we shouldn't be kidding around. E could have an allergy...people come down here for seafood all the time.

SEACJCS said...

"...fly back..."

I'm looking forward to having you back, AND having you FLY back.


ShadowDancer said...

Been a while since i last commented..



Eugenie said...

Aweeeeeeeeeee CK..... *blush even more* I haven't seen the clip yet... sighs...

Anyways... Andrea darling.... I'm coming I'm coming!!! Pretty damn excited! One pillar of strength moving closer for added support! Anytime babes... you do the same for me.

Happy New Year!

stan said...

Its great to have you back A :) Have a great new year!

ps: path whats with you and flying back? lol

SEACJCS said...


I don't like it when A takes the coach...there have been MANY collisions.


心魔 said...

"...to make others happy too when I can..."

How about replying to my e-mail dated 18th May 2007? After all, in your blog post dated 22nd May 2007, you promised all who sent you e-mails that you would be "..replying to them (all the e-mails you received) slowly."

It's been seven months. Hello?

Merry belated Christmas, for what it's worth.

sheon said...

merry christmas and a happy new year to you.

wish you and all your loved ones health and happiness...

Lynette said...


Unknown said...

OMG! your good fren, eugenie-the-kawaii reads your blog too?!?!?! *blush deep deep* now, it's my turn to turn red... :P

eugenie, they have been showing your tvc almost everyday during the week leading up to xmas!!! and u have that bashful look on your face...and where did you gals come up with that funny, intriguing looking handshake?!? kinda like some secret rock group code or sthg..haha

A, do let me know if you need a venue for your charity-beer party! i've got a fren who owns an art gallery that i think we could use for that. he recently organised a "PG" body art exhbition and show there...its amazing what pple do in the name of ART! hehe.

also, i'll help u sell the tickets! if all else fails, i'll try to round up a few rich, old men or young horny guys for you.. and make sure they buy your tickets! but you gotta make sure you invite the DOND gals.. promise? :P

pathfinder, erhm... i wasn't kidding around when i said that eugenie looked like a cute japanese gal in the tvc...she does, doesn't she?

SEACJCS said...

I guess she does, but people from JAPAN and CHINA (N CHINA, in particular) do look similar...