Monday, May 12, 2008


(No more teacher's dirty looks!)


Yep, ladies and gentlemen who read this: I HAVE OFFICIALLY COMPLETED ALL MY NECESSARY MODULES FOR MY LLB (HONS) IN LAW. For this I would like to thank my friends, who have helped me out a great deal with 'mugger' notes, my lecturers who have kindly assisted me throughout my years at NUS Law, and my family who have supported me and never failed to keep driving the point home that I needed to complete my degree. :)

That being said, its been a great four years at NUS Law, I am so happy I chose to come here to Singapore for my graduate studies - for more reasons than one of course. ;)

I am going to be taking it easy this week/month, don't have too much work to do. Decided to scrape some cash together and go travelling. Will be flying to Perth for a week or so to visit my sister, then back to KL to spend time with mum and dad. Will probably be back in Singapore the end of the month. Next month I'm hoping to go to Canada/Las Vegas (wherever my darling bestie Fei Fei can meet me - she's from Canada), and hopefully drop into London to visit my nephew and my sisters. :)

I think I'm going to be so broke when I come back. *grin* But it'll be worth it. I've been working/studying non-stop for the last year and a half, I deserve a break I reckon.

Oh and to answer someone's question, yes I'll be going to the James Blunt concert! Come up and say hi if you see me! :)

Anyway, just picked up the papers today; they're setting up MORE ERPs at the north/south bridge area. Looks like sooner or later Singapore's just going to be like Tokyo. EVERYONE's gonna take the busses and trains. (hey that's a bachelor girl song. heh.)

Anyways, will be trying my best to post as often as I can while I'm gone, will be taking my Nikon digicam with me and snapping away as I go. So tune in to this page, and travel with me! :)


Desmond said...

All the best! For you next phase in life :)

Yes take lotsa of pictures please :)

心魔 said...
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Miguel 'Iban' Sampaio said...

Congrats for your LLB...

Andrea Fonseka said...

thanks! :)

acsmvtak said...

Hey Andrea, managed to catch u on Teman,8tv last night. Damn! your so gorgeous! and really tall too! i thought Melissa is consider tall...and u're way taller than her! geez...its really good to be tall huh...u get to outshine the rest. U are so beauty naturally...and i still like your long fringe...more character to it...quickly grow your bangs out! haha n push it to the side! u'll look good with your fringe push to the side

linpi said...

Hi, i am linpi, your royal tv fan.
congrats that you are graduated! any picture of that?
Can i ask you that do you sat for stpm paper before ?