Saturday, August 9, 2008


It was two beautiful days of sunshine, live music, and lots of fun. It was actually a *little* to hot for my liking, but that didn't stop the 10,000 strong crowd from rampaging in through the doors! Thanks goes to All the Worlds and Midas Productions for putting together what a fantastic event.

Okay so to most of y'all who attended, Singfest 08 may have looked like this to you...
(this photo courtesy of a photographer/blogger who took a pic of me, I steal back can ah? Since its a pic of me can right? ;))

But really, Singfest started out like this for me.............

....Don't ask. Lol.

How much beer at Singfest? Fourthousand Fivehundred Litres. (only?)

But then things got a little more interesting....

Interviewing guys from Simple Plan

Guitarist David and Drummer Chuck

Interviewing the Lost Prophets

One Republic

And the highlight of my stint, speaking with Mr. Mraz himself.

Really humble guy, everything about him just ooozed real-ness and super-niceness. ;)

So yes... I didn't really get to watch alot of the performances, was busy working 'cause Singfest was recorded into a programme to be aired soon. Will definitely let you guys know where and when that happens.

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures! :)


Lynna said...

oooooooh! aren't WE lucky to have met THE MAN himself!!! Jason Mraz is such a nice guy lah.. wooo hooooo! i sent him off at the airport and he just ooozes charm and im soo smitten by him!! oh and btw darling.. he's mine. hehehe!

much love,
the girl with the big poster.. :D

Leo C said...

Hi Andrea, thanks for gamely posing for the photo by the Singfest entrance. I took the shot -- not a photographer but yeah, you can consider me an occasional blogger. Didn't have a way to share the photo with you so glad you found it. Hope you enjoyed Singfest Day 2. I did.