Friday, August 22, 2008

Snow Patrol - Set Fire to the Third Bar

Really cool song. Haunting tune to top off rather pensive / brooding / wistful lyrics. Just makes you stare out into space whilst having a cup of coffee go from hot to warm in your hands...[Yes, since Singfest I've been on a bandbinge. Just surfing the net for some good songs that we don't often hear on radio. Will compile a list one day of my all-time favourite songs.]

So yes. I'm flying off to Manila today. Will be there over the weekend, to judge a dog show (no worries, pictures will be taken. ;)). Am trying *not* to do too much shopping whilst I'm there, I managed to rack up quite a bill thus far. *heh*

This song really makes me think - how relationships work. [Lol yes here we go again].

Do we really decide when and where we fall in love? Can we force situations in times like this? 'Cause often we hear that a 'budding' relationship didn't work out due to the fact that one party 'wasn't in a place in life where he/she wanted to have a relationship'. Is that the case or is it merely an excuse?

Two people may be together for years, and love one another, and yet that love may not match the intensity [or even emotional depth] of a couple that had met for a few weeks and know *immediately* that there was something special there. What can be used as a barometer for falling in love with someone? [Apologies as these are mere meanderings of my train of thought on this subject]. Without the benefit of hindsight, what can we do in this lifetime to ensure that we live a life without regrets?

My answer [the only one that I may humbly put forth with regards to this], is that we make choices, and we stick with it. And try our bloody best to make the best of it. Its wavering and looking back that make things seem uncertain, or that we could've done 'something else that would've been better'. Not true. My dear friend Eugenie profoundly told me once: "We don't make mistakes, dear. We make choices that we genuinely feel at the time - and thus there is no right or wrong."

How we react to things is what makes our choices right or wrong. Not the choice itself.

[Wah sorry if this particular post makes no sense to some. Just my little head thinking in caffiene overdrive.]


Lowe Loh said...
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Desmond said...

hey Beautiful....i intro you some songs:

1. Beck - Lost Cause

2. Iron & Wine - Naked as we come

3. Ben Folds Five - Bricks

4. Radioheads - No surprises

Compulsive Blogger said...

Good point there...

Its always when we start to hesitate & question our convictions that make our heart waver and think that we have made a 'wrong choice' in life...

THere's just choices in life.... decisions to be made.. and outcomes we have to live with.