Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Deborah Henry, 26, Malaysia: The Perfect Miss Universe!

Now I've alreay explained, in detail, in my post below why Debs is such an amazing young woman. Here's a 1 minute clip which captures everything I've written and more.

Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 finalists, take your notepads out. This is how it's done!


Haziq said...

She already a winner to me no matter how the result will look like on the final night. I believe you, MUM team and Debbie have been working so hard for the fans and for Malaysia itself. I'm so happy for the changes U've made to MUM since last yr. I believe this is just a beginning from MUM and there'll be alot more impressive surprises to come. Keep up the momentum and ignore the hates from those uncivilized people. Best of luck. Always supporting MUM and hoping that Debbie will crown =)

Anonymous said...

Who thinks up these dumb questions?! Insult to anyone's intelligence.

Anonymous said...

More than the question, it's how u answer them.