Monday, October 13, 2008

Everybody's changing.

Found this while I was surfing youtube. A little morbid, I know, but after the initial sympathy for the families in there, it struck me fast and hard that we really don't spend enough time appreciating the presence of loved ones.

Do we really have enough time on this earth to be obsessed with privial things? By trivial I mean anything that does not enrich our lives on a deeper level than just physical.

Love. We definitely don't love enough. And I don't mean just to your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife fathers, mothers sisters, daughters, sons like in the video. I'm talking about friends, the busman, taxi drivers, the old auntie that serves you at McDonalds - how much love do you show them? In reference to this sort of love, I classify it as a sincere appreciation for the presence of the other person, and that you wish for nothing but happiness and general wellness towards him/her. With that comes respect, and politeness.

This isn't some bloody community service message by the way. Heh.

I'm serious; how often do we stress ourseleves out by being angry or aggitated by someone else's behaviour? A little too much, I reckon. You control your own actions, you can't say that someone else "made you do that". And you can stop the chain of destructive emotions/actions by not allowing another to affect you. Granted, its easier said than done, but its definitely worth a try.

Can you imagine if everyone woke up tomorrow, and was just...nice to one another? In that way, free-will is flawed as it allows us to have ill-will. That, in my opinion, is the crux of almost every problem involving human relations...just think of certain bloggers having cyber wars for example, and all that flaming. Just stop already, no one wins in an argument! ;P

Bottomline? Love your loved ones. Show them. You only have one life to live, and they can be gone tomorrow. Don't let a loved one go without them know just how much they mean to you. But don't stop there - spread the love, all around you. You'll be surprised; it doesn't actually run out... but quite the contrary. (Now I'm reminded of this song: *laughs!*)

REM's cover of WET WET WET's Love is All Around. Awesome right?!

With that note, I'd like to send big hugs to all of you reading this - thanks for dropping by. :) And to a certain someone out there who I was am absolute narky crazy woman to on the phone, I'm sorry. Life's too short to spend being like that, and I apologise. To my friends, I am sorry I've not spent enough time with you in the last two years, I hope the last two weeks made up for it? ;) And to the taxi driver who couldn't understand me, I'm sorry if I was aggitated because you got my destination wrong. Thanks to the lady in the lift who kept it open for me and... well. You get the picture. ;) Big love to all of you, and I hope you have a wonderful week. Remember - essentially, whether or not its a good or bad week - it is up to you. :) xoxoxo

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Compulsive Blogger said...

that's indeed very loving of you. We always associate love with all those mushy feelings.... but sometimes, love takes the form of a simple act of kindness, patience or thank you. Its sad that not many people realise that at all.