Monday, October 20, 2008

Lightning Crashes

Okay so this isn't really a proper music video, you're supposed to just wait for it to load, and then enjoy it. Whilst you read my blog, of course. ;) Oh and incase you're wondering, its Lightning Crashes by LIVE. The same fellas that sang Turn My Head, and Dolphin's Cry. Which is another two amazing songs btw. Would love to see them live. Pun intended.

Feeling particularly mellow at the moment. I just came back from being with Daddy in KL, and he's feeling better (thank you, Lord). He just went for a checkup, and his blood-cholesterol level is 5.2! That's a healthy level (5.5 is normal). The pain in his chest has gone away, which is indicative of his heart healing well after the angioplasty he had earlier in the year. Still, the first year is extremely crucial, and he still has a few more checkups to go for. I'll try to be there for all of them, I told him. :)

I really am having an entirely new perspective on my priorities, am concentrating more on my family, and I really do believe that I am blessed. I'm going to share something very special with you guys.

My Por-Por (my mom's mom, that's what I called her. Hehe.. So cute right, can you imagine a little 6 year old me going, "POR-POR!!!!" whenever I came back from kindy? hehe) spent her last few years with my family. Being the youngest grandchild in the family, she doted on me alot... and I remember being very close to her, even when I was as little as 4 years old. She used to take me around town in a taxi whilst she ran her errands while mum and dad were at work, and I actually dragged her into a video arcade once, and during those days they were pretty rank, with lots of ciggie smoke, and druggies. Yeah. It was dark, and she held my hand and sat through one pac-man game with me, simply because I wanted to.

Anyway I digress. She was devastated when Kong-Kong (granddad) passed away, and became quite weak. Everything went pearshaped when mum had a minor accident and Por-Por hit her head on the front screen, and had to be admitted for about a week, I think.... I don't remember much, but I remember her getting weak, very quickly. And soon she stopped talking, and needed help walking. There was one day, I distinctively recall.

It was a bright afternoon, Por-Por had the guest room downstairs. She had finished her lunch, and tried to call for someone to help her get back to her room. I don't remember why but I was the only one there, and rushed to her side when I saw her try to get up on her own. I helped her slowly walk to her room, which must've took something like 10 minutes for her when it'd take a normal person about 8 seconds.. and halfway there she just turned and looked at me. With her deep, 73 year old eyes. (Or was she 78?)... She didn't say anything, but those eyes, rimmed with cholesterol buildup, and partially due to old age, they get a deep, dark blue almost... I think its due to the cornea just aging over black eyes giving it a misty look.

Por-Por looked at me, and I immediately knew, that she was thinking of all those times that she held my hand whilst I was walking, trying to run off somewhere, all those times she peeled grapes for me at the backseat of a cab (I didn't like grapeskin then. Heh!)... and now how fate and time has turned things around and I was there for her now. I just smiled at her and said, "Come on, Por."..And then I felt it. That I knew she would always watch over me from above.

Por-Por was an extremely pious lady, she was an extremely devout Catholic. I used to wake up for school at 6.30am when I was in Primary school, and I remember her already being up, saying the Rosary. Not just a Rosary, but the entire book, day by day prayer that came with it. That's hardcore. She did it about 5 times a day. I used to ask her why she prayed so much, and she said she prayed for us - the people she loved. And that so she would go to Heaven, and continue praying for us, and taking care of us from above.

I do believe my Por-Por is taking care of me, and that she's my Guardian Angel that keeps me safe. I can't help recalling that yellow afternoon when she looked at me, and everytime I do, I know that everything's going to be okay. That's the only explanation I have for how blessed my life has been thus far. I mean, I seriously have alot to be thankful for, things have always gone my way in ife and i've been extremely lucky. And now, I've given up a fair bit of work to make time to go home to be with my Dad, still doing some (like flying to L.A tomorrow morning to interview the cast of that certain movie). But inspite of doing less work, I'm being approached by BIGGER jobs. Its really great, and I thank God for the opportunities that come my way. And my Por. :)

Here's to my Por. (I don't have any photos on me, i'll have to scan them in!) She's an amazing lady, mother of 10 (yes, TEN) children, raised them singlehandedly whilst her husband worked the mines in Ipoh. She lived, and was loved, and is still missed dearly.


MANGO Thai Desserts & More said...

after reading, made me reminisce me of my grandparents too and how i wish they'd make things better when things are bad... you're a fine example of who young m'sians in the entertainment industry should aspire to be. congrats on your work and for doing us proud. Mel

Merah In Motion said...

Hi, Andrea! I am having a triple heart bypass early next month and I in my early 30's.

Wish me luck!


Andrea Fonseka said...

Hey Mel, thanks. Means alot to me when people say that, they don't do it very often so when the compliment does come, it means alot. :)

Monkey: good luck, i'll be praying for you. Take care and God bless. And change your diet after that!!! :P

Compulsive Blogger said...

Hi Andrea,

Your post really touched me, especially on how fate & time turn things around. When growing up, it was I who needed guidance and care, now its the other way around & me being the care giver... but only for me, its with my mother; mentally ill.

my best wishes & prayers out to you & your father.


Melissa said...

Awww. That was so touching it made me tear. Very very heartwarming. :)

My regards to u and ur family.

Desmond said...

Thank you for sharing with us one of your inner thoughts....I think thats something very rare for celebrity to do....I am sure those here Who Has Not Been Treating your Love Ones properly probably felt guilty pangs heh heh.

On a lighter note.....eagerly waiting for Carrot Cake!


Carrie Tai said...

Andrea, you are a very good and nice celebrity as you really concern about your family by making sacrifices on your job.

Will always support you! Take care

tygrr said...

That was a beautifully written post.