Friday, June 1, 2007

I'm too sexy for my voice...

"I'm too sexy for my voice,
Too sexy for my voice,
Its gonna leave me..."
(sung in tune of "I'm too sexy" by that Village People Policeman look-alike guy)

For those of you who tuned in to the 6am Caltex Score Today, I sincerely apologise for sounding like an, er, adult telephone line receptionist. This was what happened:

I only realised that I lost my voice at approximately 10pm last night, when I tried to call my cats to be fed. I thought it was just my throat acting up, but when it didn't come back within half an hour I started panicking.

So I called my manager, asked him what I should do... and in the mean time I tried to get the numbers of the other Score Today presenters, and the ESPN lady whom I normally liase with. No one picks up except Jamie Yeo who's recording something in the UK. That was an interesting conversation though I tried to tell her who I was in my voice-less state. I think I freaked her out so I just hung up and texted her.

Anyhoo - so I only get a few hours of sleep throughout the night as I'm coughing half the time, and I wake up and come into work in time for the first Score Today. My producers are currently waiting for the replacement (Debbie) to come in, but I'll be staying here in the mean time should she not get here before the 8am live shoot.

What the hell did I do that was so stressful yesterday lah? I also dont know. All I did was: Get a foor massage, get a head massage, got my full body massage + hot wax wrap, did the groceries, bought some catlitter, and watch tv!! I didn't even meet up with anyone, I just relished in the joy of having *nothing* to do. And a few hours later, I lost my voice. Sheesh.

How la. Tomorrow is the toa pa yoh auditions. How am I going to get well enough to be talking the whole day. :(

So yes. No coffee, as its heaty. I'm finally going to the doctor later this morning, I'll be dropping by my Uni, then from 5-7pm I have an event that I had promised to attend. Will be talking as little as I can in all of them.

...a latte would be sooooo good right now.


Anonymous said...

Aww.. you poor thing.. maybe all the hard work you have been doing has caught up to you.. try to take some hot ginger tea.. it does wonders for the throat.. take care now.. and drink lots of water..

fazzy said...

you have cats?! too. how exactly do you call your cats to come and eat? mine usually ignore me when i call their names..but if i tap the can of food against the floor and their hear the metal clanking sound they'll run to the kitchen immediately. haha. post some pics of your cats?

Andrea Fonseka said...

Well one's really fat and greedy (Skit - boy) so he runs with me to the kitchen. The other one (Demi - girl) needs some coaxing. :)

Will post them up soon, I promise.

Anonymous said...

which do you love more? dogs or cats? =)

do take care of your health. could be your voicebox is overworked and "under-rested"... maybe you forgot to do a throat massage? haha. ok, jokes about try drinking some honey + lemon. get the good types of honey like manuka, etc. see if it works for you..

fazzy said...

thanks. such cute names they have. my cats are BOTH damn greedy...they're obese..i'm wondering if there is any way to make cats exercise since you can't really drag them around for walks.

Anonymous said...

Don't "worry" Andrea, you're get your voice back just in time for the important 'LTD' auditions... Pray... :)

Anonymous said...

wow andrea! didn't know you were studying in Singapore. like a number of malaysians i read about your win in the miss malaysia universe pageant a few years back but didn't see much of you in the media after that. till your marie france bodyline ad came out that is. pretty hard to ignore those fullpage stunners.

anyways good to see ya doin well down south. glad to have stumbled upon your blog too. sorta gives us mere mortals an insight into the life of a former beauty queen. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea, that cough of yours, hmmm, try apple cider, it works. Haha, plus , I think women who cough frequently are kinda sexy!(sick man talking)

Aniwaes, my mum says u r freakin pretty and smart some more, we subsequently agreed on the idea of finding me a bride who looks exactly like you but not as smart perhaps!Freaky right. So if u meet a lady who approaches you, say u r the real Andrea Fonseka , If she argues , show some ID and she will promptly walk away.hahaha

Anonymous said...

Please don't makan any more heaty food k. And avoid all the chillis staff and ikan billias.

Like what CK said. Honey lemon is really good. And pop strapsils when you are on the move. More importantly, you have to Rest Rest Rest!!!. Not try to replace hot tea for the time being k Sayang..

Please take care k..

Rest early :)

Anonymous said...

A, did you ask your doctor about the Respocort Autohaler?

Anonymous said...

A, you officiate at dog shows...and you own TWO cats?



Anonymous said...

You've given me a...brain sprain. :)

Anonymous said...

PF, good questions hahahahahaha. sorry can't help help. hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Maybe easier taking care of cats here. Andrea is too busy for dogs here. Not fair for the dog, they need more attention, I guess..

Andrea Fonseka said...

GabHo: Yep that's exactly why I have cats instead of dogs here. :)
Xmate: yah i did but unfortunately he didn't have them on him - i need to go to the pharma to buy it. and by the time I get around to that............... :P
johndoe: uh ok u freaking me out here. :P
pathfinder: so u comin' for ltd auditions or not? u gotta let me know who you are k if you decide to turn up. :)

Okay nites u all. going to bed now, wish me luck for tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Good night Dear and Good luck tomorrow:)

Anonymous said...

Andrea, See you there at toa payoh:)

Anonymous said...

hahaha, juz joking lah, relax, gd luck for tommorow though

Anonymous said...

Good luck ,A.F!If i free tomolo i will go toa payoh to support you and buy you a cup of Starbucks SugerFree Vanilla Low-Fat Latte.

fazzy said...

you'll have to buy one somewhere else and bring it there cos there's no Starbucks at Toa Payoh...I think coffee loses its kick after some time. Unless you know a way to get to Toa Payoh fast. Anyway dear should stay off the latte just a while more..till you're fully recovered.

Antti Valkonen said...

Right Said Fred.

And if I remember correctly, at the end of the song he was also too sexy for his poor pussy cat. You might like to remind your felines of that.

Anonymous said...

(A) Let me get this straight. You're SAYING you'll be at a SINGING audition with no VOICE? I'm SPEECHLESS. :O

(B) IF I go, I'll avoid you like the plague (never thought I'd say that)! I'd be stressed as is...and I wouldn't want a sore throat! :P I'm KIDDING...but, IF we meet, don't expect charm or charisma. I'll probably stammer, stutter...and have bad breath. :)

(C) You're beautiful, you're smart, and you can't talk? I've never wanted a woman this much. :O (P runs for his life.)

(D) I hope you feel better.

Initial J said...

Wish all the best. =) Hope you are able to recover asap.

Anonymous said...

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