Monday, June 4, 2007

Monday Blues

Hey Everyone,

First of all, thank you to Gab, and Pathfinder for coming to the LTD Auditions. :) It was very sweet for you guys to show your support like that - I really appreciate it.

Wish I was feeling better though.

Yesterday and the day before just sucked the life out of me. What's worse is that I was not able to fall asleep alst night until midnight - and I had to wake up at 4am this morning. I'm feeling woozy and sick, but at leat I have my voice. ;) I think I might be coming down with something, either that or I just really need a good day's rest.

I have a really long day today summore. :( I have a fitting and a meeting which wont allow me to go home until 6pm. I forced myself to eat something this morning, but I think all I need is some good rest, really.

Don't worry y'all. I'll be fine. :) I only have ESPN tomorrow morning again then I wont be having it for a while. On Thursday I'm going to lay in bed until noon. :D Oh just thinking of that makes me smile.. heeheehee.

You guys take care, and once again, thanks for all your advice and support. :)


Anonymous said...

Read that the flu virus will still be around for quite some time, so do take care and drink more water ya...(more reasons to drink more coffee, heh =P)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Andrea,

So sorry to hear that you are still feeling lousy.

buy the time you read this will be passed 6pm today. Well, better late than never.

Dear, I believe strongly the you can heal yourself with your own mind. Dr Andrew Weil ( the great looking old man with a santa claus beard, that appears in Opra's talk show before) wrote a book on discover your own Self-Healing.

My point is, don't think negative about your body k.

Code by you " I think I might be coming down with something,"

You have to use your mind to control and fight back what your body is behaving now k.

The secret to good health is to connect with your source and to believe with every cell in your body that you have the ability to heal yourself.

Nevertheless, do rest well, and drink plenty of water. ( nag nag nag...) At least you makan something. You need that for the energy k.

Something to share before you say I talk too much :

---When bitterness reaches its extreme, sweetness follows!--

After recover then go makan Nasi lemak, padis padis with plenty of ikan billias with Starbuck sugarfree vanilla latte , first thing in the morning k. Can't you imagine the hot latte flowing down your throat with some chilli and ikan taste...Sllips ( tougue action)..Yum yum!!

Get well soon k.

fazzy said...

Me thinks Gabe is in lurve with you Andrea.

Anonymous said...

hehe i agree with faezah..Me thinks lots of guys who visit this blog are in lurve with Andrea..

Anonymous said...

Got my hands on the latest issue of 8 days. The pictures were very well-taken, and the "neoprint"-style photos were very cute! ^_^

Only thing is on the part of getting a boyfriend - "They have to be champions, like my dogs." I was going >_____< Think a lot of guys will only post "woof woof" as comments now.

Anonymous said...


Me agreed with Chocominttruffle...Everyone here is in love with Andrea...hahahahaha. The questions is How much? hahahahaha.

Woof Woof!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Of course every guy who visits this blog is in love with Andrea!
Wow, Andrea, your schedule is like a Navy Seal's!More like hell week.

Anyway, look on the bright side, at least you don't have to handle $425 million in clients assets , deal with
freaking corporate sharks all week and wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare that every major financial market Crashed!
(sorry, a little carried away there)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea,
It was great meeting you at LTD auditions yesterday. And thanks for making me feel comfortable during the whole interview process. Really appreciate it! ;)

Your schedule is amazing... thought mine is bad enough... till I saw yours...

Neways, keep up the good work and will see you at the 2nd auditions! :)

Andrea Fonseka said...

Roy: it was my pleasure! so glad you got through. :)
John doe: wah u make so much money one ar. :P
Beast: yeh. I like my fellas well trained! ;)

feeling better now peeps. I think this morning my whole body didn't wake up yet hence the giddy feeling. lol. Going to bed early tonight; infact i plan to be under my blanket by 9. so do take care, speak to y'all tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

Just bought my copy of 8 Days as well. Read the part where you said, "They have to be champions, like my dogs."

Andrea, few would disagree that you yourself are a champion in your own right, so... in that sense, you of course deserve someone who is also a champion.

But at all of 23 years of age, you're still very young. In the days and years to come, who knows... your understanding of the term "champion" may change as you mellow and mature. And someone whom at first seemed a champion may not be, and vice-versa.

I can do no better than illustrate with an inspirational quote:

"A champion is someone who gets up when he can't." - Jack Dempsey, NBA Heavyweight Champion, 1921-1926.

Think about it.

fazzy said...

I think she's very admirable but love...eeeh...I don't know. No offence Andrea...

I bought 8 days and guess who's on the cover...
You!!!haha...My bf was like "She's so hot!!"...I had to shut him up. boo...hehe.

Anonymous said...

Andrea, you looks so sweet. I especailly like, the 2nd row, middle pic on page 31. You look so innocent, just like Puss in boots in Sherk 3, when Sherk threw him out of the window and that look Puss looks at Sherk..hee hee so sweet.

Go watch it and destress a little k.

I like what x-mate has said. Well said bro.

Something to share too before saying good night to you and everyone.

" No matter how successful you become in life, keep your feet firmly on the ground. How do you do that? Continue doing things you don't like but ought to do. It will help you maintain your perspective, develop character and keep growing."

There is truth to this sentence.

Good night Everyone..

Good night and sweet dreams Andrea: )


Anonymous said...

eh Gabriel, thanks, but what makes you think I'm a "bro" ah? Cuz as far as I remember, until now, I still haven't revealed my gender... (:

Anonymous said...

XM, I think GH thinks I'm female. :O

Anonymous said...

I was glad to be there, A (for the "meeting you" part, at least)! I'm sorry if it was a little awkward. If you've looked into your inbox, you'll understand one cause for it...but I was also embarrassed at getting you yanked from work. I think a few of the interns took a shine to me or something...I was hanging around waiting for you, when one told me she had gotten you off the interviews to see me! I was pretty mortified, but there was nothing to be done at that point. It was really nice of her, however, as security people were starting to come by (but THEM I could handle...that auditioning producer was another matter)! ;)

I'm really glad you're feeling better! What you need is sleep...there's no substitute for it, not even food and drink (and that includes coffee). :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea,
Glad to know you're better. Hope to see you soon end of this month and please take care of yourself.



Anonymous said...

omg PF i thought u were female too.sorry no offense!faezah and i may be the only females who visit this blog..haha =p

Anonymous said...


It was the "marry pilot" thing, wasn't it? It better be...I don't think I sound like a woman! :)

And you have great taste in candy...

Anonymous said...'s the "marry pilot" thing..i was stereotyping there *tsk* lah i just picked the nickname cos it sounded yummy..=X