Monday, June 11, 2007


Yes, I'm happy, overjoyed that Rafa won the French Open. But i'd like to shift the focus here to Federer.

World No.1 for almost three years now, Federer has won every Grand Slam safe for the French Open. He's always been stopped short by the King of Clay, Nadal.

Federer has been hailed to be one of the most successful and ingenious tennis players to date - and all he wants right now is to win the French Open. He has never lifted that trophy, he has never planted his lips on the cup. Yesterday Roger walked away with his runner's up plate tucked under his arm like a newspaper.

"You can't win them all... But, honestly, what more can (he)we ask for?"

- Roger Federer's dad, on his son losing the French Open the third time in a row to Rafael Nadal, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3.-

I guess this shows that even the mightiest giant has an achilles heel, even the biggest champ may fall. No one's invincible, and we should never think that we are the best at what we do, as there is always someone out there better.

Fundamentally though, I think this also shows that no matter how much success a man attains, he may never truly be happy. If there is that one thing he desires, it may be the thing that he may never achieve and it is because of THAT he desires it more.

Just my two cents.

Okay enough rambling this Sunday morning. ;)

Just to let y'all know, I watched the match last night at a friend's place, he's half Swiss so he was cheering for Federer, and needless to say we were trash-talking throughout the match. lol! It was good fun, cant wait for next year.

And I do apologise, yes I was busy with the LTD auditions yesterday. It was lots of fun (as per usual) and I will be looking forward to the first episode, on the 9th of August (immediately after National Day parade).

Today I'll be getting interviewed by Female Magazine, for their August Issue cover. yep, I'll be on the issue of Female Mag in August! *big smile* .. just last year I was *nominated* as one of Female Mag's Top 50 Most Gorgeous, .. and this year I'm on the cover. Its almost surreal, how quickly everything's going for me. I'm so thankful, and so blessed to be where I am right now.

Take care, God Bless and have a wonderful week ahead. :)


Anonymous said...

andrea: i alway been a Federer fan,he is a gentleman on the field and he got a good sportmanship.

Anonymous said...

Hae Andrea,

I am happy for you too, and I am sure everyone here is delighted with your success.:)

Remember Dear, Each Goal that You Reach is Another Important Step Forward.

Me also got a few cents worth after reading your reflection.

let me tell you a story..long long ago..hee like Moses Lim ah?

Well, The story goes, There was this very intelligent lady, Julia, she read every book she could get her hands on and had mastered every languages that exits in this world, and there was nothing she would not know. Yet she was always not happy and satisfied with her achievements.

And there was this bakery guy, Jacob, who is lowly educated. He came up with this idea, like fortune cookies, he would write a short sentence, every sentence will be a different one, and filled it into his bun and sold them. It was a big heat those days.

One day, Julia came across Jacob bakery shop and decided to get a bun. To her surprise, the bun she has gotten gave her the answer to why she was never satisfied with her achievements.

Wanna know what was the sentence?

It read" Knowledge does not fill me, it keeps me in thirst for Jacob the baker."

Just to add what Andrea has said in her reflection.."If there is that one thing he desires, it may be the thing that he may never achieve and it is because of THAT he desires it more."

Its true guys, I am one who also desire for more:(

I must learn to be contented with what I have:)

And we have Andrea here! Right! hee hee..Ae Ae Gatal again la, like babah..

Sorry Dear, me talk too much again.

Happy with Nadal wins, he showed his great sportmanship after Federer served on the begining of forth set, I think:)

Have a great day ahead, cheers :)


Anonymous said...

Indeed you have noted how quickly everything's going for you.

Yet, A, have you ever paused for a moment to think: is your star rising too fast, too soon? Will there be any adverse effects?

Anonymous said...

hahas.YAY!Andrea posted again.Great post yet again.It really inspired me.hehe(I think Roger Federer wld be v.touched after reading you post.)lol

Anyway,Thanks Andrea for letting us know that you will be appearing in August's issue of Female magazine.Will look out for that!

Gabe:yup.i am singaporean too!And as per normal,i must say,you wrote a long post again!hahas

Signing off for now!


Anonymous said...

Weilin: In the first place, Why did you ask whether I am a malaysian or singaporean? Just curious..

Cannot control la, Andrea inspired me la..OK, will cut it short next time k hee hee:)

Anonymous said... oso curious.anyway,hope u dun mind:)no need la.its great to have long posts..

Andrea Fonseka said...

Scorpion: Yes I have.... but really things like this is beyond my control; and I am just taking one day at a time and doing the best I can at it. If I dwell too much on how things may become problems, I wont enjoy the ride, now will I? ;)

Feng: Yes I have to agree, Federer's a true gentleman. But I still like Nadal lah. lol!

Weilin: Great post? Why, thank you. :) Anything to brighten up your day. :)

Gabe: I told the interviewer today about our little Strepsils incident, and how sweet it was. She was impressed. ;)

Anonymous said...

so gabe's name will oso be in the august female magazine liao.

our brother here going to famous soon.haha

Anonymous said...

A, you're right. It won't make much sense for you to consciously decline opportunities that come your way.

Remember though. Showbiz - the glitz, the glamour, bright lights, "in" crowd, and so on; is in a way the epitome of the ways of the world. As you interact with the people in your industry - you'd learn how many of whom are caught up in materialism, and the pursuit of worldly fame and recognition. Then it becomes easy to be swept up in the euphoria of it all, join in the fun; and lose focus on what, and who, is truly important.

All in all, I guess you'll have to trust in Him with all your heart, acknowledge Him in all your ways, and He will make your paths straight.

If ever you feel discouraged, disillusioned, or in despair - and every celebrity gets this from time to time - hopefully you'd find some quiet time to reflect and draw strength from this.

Anonymous said...

Well, sometimes the fastest we climb, the fastest we fall. But if we have the heart to reach to the peak, with all the efforts and courages; we will slowly feel that the gravity pulling us down will slowly subside. But beware, of forgotting this natural force of life which any wrong steps, will pull you down to earth.

But as everything is falling into place for Andrea, then i guess you must seize the opportunity but sometimes, need to slow down and think what have you missed. For instane, the very goal of your life.

Ops, too much of preaching.

Anyway, Andrea which part of PJ you are staying in? PJ old town? SS2?

Cheers, Nadal rules!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha:) There are many things you guys have done for Andrea also what, w/o fail you are always here ,almost everyday. Everyone who has visited this blog in some ways has contributed to Andrea's success too(of course, majority are herself and her parents)......,e.g continue to give her the everlasting support and cheer her up when she was not at her best etc..

I have learnt so much from Andrea's blog site since the first day I joined you guys here.

Good example is what Scorpion has commented above. He is so genuine!

You guys Rock!

Andrea, Thanks Dear:) Did not know it meant so much to you.

Well, you do mean alot to us, in a great and wonderful way hee hee....if not we will not be so motivated to be here, always. Initially, most of us came here for your looks, but now I come here because of who you really is inside:) ( this sentence copy from one of our brothers, can't remember who la)

Who will ever be so amazing and genuine? That you Girl!!!!!:)

Will Pray that you have a safe and wonderful journey ahead. Life will be unpredictable ahead, Just follow your heart and you will be fine k.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Oops too much again :)

Leon, continue bro (sorry hope I did not get the sex wrong this time)...Good one!

Good night Andrea:)

Good night everyone:)

Tomorrow will be a better day:)

Anonymous said...

"...plate tucked under his arm like a newspaper."

That is...descriptive. I didn't catch that match, but I can glean the scene. (Sorry, good prose inspires bad poetry...) :P

There's really only one way to be happy with what you happy with what you have! It's simple to the point of circular logic, but it's true. "Don't have what you want, want what you have." I never believed in this, this salve for underachievement. Then I realized it's not about complacence, but contentment (not that the two are mutually exclusive). You must know how to stop when you're ahead, and smell the roses...or, as you put it, "enjoy the ride" (while you're still on). In a way, it's like playing DOND. :)

And congrats on the cover, pretty one...

Anonymous said...

A, when are you going to have a private autograph session for all your fans out here? ;)

gabe, (re: your post in the other box) not sure about the party..that one you have to check with THE dearest gorgeous one here and her mgt pple. that 5% body guards, 20% blah blah blah comment was meant as a joke and a harmless dig at the mgt to loosen up abit..we do that all the time! ;)

i'll be thrilled if you want to organise a party and invite her.... and claire jedrek..... and last but not least, how can we forget your favourite maggie "mee" tan! =)

it'll be a awesome to have all 3 autograph the dozen copies of 8days that were bought! you can insist that only those with a copy of the 8days mag featuring A as cover gal will be allowed entry to your party!

how 'bout tat? =)

Anonymous said...

hi andrea hw r u hope u r well n fine.just 1 2 ask u,u r very tall 178 consider very tall for a gorgeous girl like u but hav u dated a guy shorter than u b4???

Anonymous said...

cK: And I only serve Maggie Mee Asam Laksa at my party..hahahaha. joking la.

If they are coming I will have one hee hee...:) hoping and wishing....

Stop making fun of Maggie.. Seriously, I think she is a tremendouly nice girl, She goes to old folk home once every week as a volunteer. Not only she has a beautiful face and body, she has a good heart. Thats important. Just like Andrea. Right Girl?

You guys take care and have a pleasently romantic afternoon, sipping hot vanilla sugarfree latte and watch the rain. I can go on and on and on..but better stop.

What a beautiful day:)

Have a romantic day, Andrea:)

Anonymous said...

ck:- see lah.. kena scoding for making fun of maggie .. lucky he never give u a cyber kick. painful leh.. i know cos ever kena it myself.

anyway hor, just btw u and me... i had maggie mee for lunch.. every strand of mee made me think of maggie 'mee' tan's hair.... blowing in the wind.... wahhhhh

okok back to work.. ta. (:

Andrea Fonseka said...

Mav: Yep, I've dated a guy who was two inches shorter than myself before. That was a five inch difference when I wore my heels.... the relationship never became serious though, it was just a couple of dates. I dont think height was a factor though. ;)

CK: I dunno la. Will have to see how it goes. ;) Soon, I think... ;)

Pathfinder: lol!! well, yeah it was. One of my friends even commented, the winner gets a trophy, and the loser gets a plate; so that he can look into it everyday and see the face that lost. Now THAT i say is abit mean.. but kinda funny. lol!!

Anonymous said...

aiyo federer is the world champion ,u all said him like a uncle taking newpaper tucked under his mean..

go federer...

Anonymous said...

OWTn: Please la, you said until maggie hair so big strand :) and I am sure her hair smell better than asam laksa..much much better. You so mean..but with a very fresh perspective hahahahaha.

Andrea, how often do you go back to KL to see your parents? and do you miss all your doggies? Don't you miss Malaysia's nasik lemak?
School will be reopen on August right?

FS: you are right man. He is still world No.1. Cheers to Roger F.

Good night..time for coffee:)

Anonymous said...

"...he can look into it everyday and see the face that lost."


I'm ashamed for enjoying that.


Initial J said...

Isn't two cents a little? =)

Congrats on being the cover girl in the female, as well as being the hottest / most gorgeous female.


Anonymous said...

Hello Andrea,

i was shopping at vivo city today...And as i was shopping,guess who I saw?i saw a very beautiful girl.Her picture was very big.It was you didnt noe u endorsed for Chomel and EVEN Madame Butterfly.hehe.

Unknown said...

I use to play, many years ago.. ranked 27 in the World for Under 16's, 3rd in England. My coach told me, I would be a good coach... so I entered 3 competitions and beat the number 1st 3rd & 4th seeds in the first. 2nd, 4th & 5th in the second and this continued. I won all 3 competitions, going from an Unknown to known in 2 weeks..... I droped out... I know something about tennis, and what us men try to achieve in our lives.

I saw many things and have been in different indurstries.

What I know is this, Roger in Tennis has no eqaual and if he won the French open, he would not have the motivation to keep winning. Nadal, is the best thing to happen to him, without him, it would becoem routine. I know this is how I felt..... but I wanted more and could not continue with tennis.

When I was 16, I started a differnt mission, and will never be happy from the acievements of my work.

I went to Asia and saw young girls in closed brothels and decided what i wanted to change in my life.

Later I returned and started rescuing girls from the sex trade. I have been doing this for many years and no matter how many I rescue, it's not enough, which I must accept.

We all go through points in our lives, looking for something to make us happy, but what makes us happy, or for me..... is to have someone.

My work, puts me at risk and it has put strain upon anything else I do, but now I work in different projects that rescue children and provide free energy to large scale communitie.

There is one project I am working on, which if it works, will make me happy in the thinsg I have achieved.... but it all comes down to this one thing.

To accept the simple things in life and spend it with the one you love.

I'm not doing this right now, so I work....

I am enjoying reading your blog.