Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lets talk about my weight, shall we? ;)

"Anonymous said...
Hey andrea i heard you had to ask the people at the 8 days shoot to photoshop the flabs and rolls off your stomach! Hahaha and not forgetting all those stretch marks! Long live the dugong!!

June 7, 2007 3:19 PM "

Dear Friends,
As we can see, I've managed to get myself some detractors. But I'll not remove their posts as I have nothing to hide - you guys can judge for yourselves. Its true I was 'bigger' before - I'm only human and I worked hard to overcome it - both mentally and physically.

There's nothing I can do about the past - I'm just looking forward. In fact, I'm thankful to have my history: it makes me appreciate things so much more now. I have 'been there' and 'done that' in terms of my weight: and I know what every other female in a similar situation is going through. In a way I think that makes me more 'real' even.

But anyway, here's the story:

My mother was Miss Malaysia Univese 1970: and as I admired her so much I always wanted to emulate her. On a whim I joined Miss Malaysia Universe; even though I was well aware that I did not have a model's body. I was just an ordinary everday teenager. When I won, the judges said that it was because I had a personality and charisma that reflected very well on Malaysia, and that was more important to them than sending a lady who may be skinny but inefficient in other areas. I didn't expect what happened to me in the press in Malaysia; all they were focusing on was how I wasn't the stereotypical Kate Moss.

When Marie France approached me to undergo their treatments, I saw it as a great opportunity to slim down the right way. Then everything happened so fast after that - FHM covers etc; I was SO overwhelmed when FHM Malaysia chose ME to be on their 100th Issue as the covergirl.

Female Magazine Singapore at around the same time nomimated me to be Top 50 Most Gorgeous in Singapore, which I won 'most photogenic' and 'best catwalk' for. That was cool. ;)

I don't know why people are attacking me now but I guess that comes with the territory, eh? ;)

I can assure you that what you see with me is what you get - 8 Days is all me (as is FHM) :) and I'm not sure how you can have flab AND stretch marks but I guess that just goes to show how untrue 'anonymous's' statement is.

What matters most to me now is that I've done it the right way - through hard work and perseverance. And people may say what they wish: They cant take anything away from me. I hope people will appreciate and focus on the work that I done that has brough me to this point, it's been hard but hopefully women out there with that might be unhappy with their weight can look at what I've been through for inspiration. That would make it all worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration.

I'm sure Gabriel will be too happy to elaborate further. :)

You see now at all of 23, you're feeling the effects of stardom, which may well include jealousy, envy, and ill-will.

In the context of your blog - the forum by which you have chosen to share your life - that means that for all the praise, compliments and encouragement you've been receiving; you will inevitably also be attacked, flamed and derided. Some rightly, some wrongly.

Ultimately, what counts is how you choose to handle these detractions. Constructive and fair criticism can only make you stronger; but if it's outright malice, hey, then I salute the approach that you have outlined in your present post.

Anonymous said...

ole ummph bcos of him united won de treble n d sacred champs league.till nw man u nvr sell him even tho he always injured.i tink next season man u just need another striker a calibre like ruud a goal poacher.andrea can i get to noe u as a fren in person perhaps u still haven ans it sory didn mean to b rude?can i leave my mail add???

Anonymous said...

Hello Andrea,

This is my first time visiting your blog.hehe.Well,as in your latest post...i really do agree with scorpion man.It doesnt matter,what"annoynomous"says.people just say that because they are jealous.In fact,after reading all your posts,I am really amazed.You truly are an inspiration to me.

Don't worry yea!i will always support you!

Signing off for now:)

Anonymous said...

I was very fat last time before i enlisted for National service,but after few wks of training my weight gone from 65kg to 56kg.It's all depends on physical training one.

I guess A.F oso made a lot of efforts to slim down,so pls give her a break lah.

Andrea Fonseka said...

Scorp: Thanks. I totally agree: I am very open to constructive criticism. As gabe told me once, it'd be better if I made more eye contact with the audience (see i remember ;) ) and I realise i'm still a 'baby' in this industry and the only way up is to learn. Its obvious this 'anonymous' person is (a) malicious, and (b) a coward who will not reveal to us who he/she is (though i do have an idea...;) )

Anyhoo; I as I said in my post - I'm leaving it to all of you to decide for yourselves.

Feng: Well done, you should be proud of yourself. :)

Weilin: Thanks. It means alot to me that you say that, and if I can inspire *anyone*, I know my hard work has not been in vain. *huggles!*

Anonymous said...


Thanks and you are simply a wonderful friend to have and I am glad you have spoken for most of us here.

I was like Andrea, in term of weight only hee hee, I was 105kg when I was 16 years old. I have a 44inches waist and have high blood pressure 160/100 when I was in sec 4. My friend all call me " Ah Puoe" (fat in Hokkien) Now I am 72kg and never have led such healthy life before. All thanks to the determination and the "Want" I want in life.

I am personally an inspiration to many of my peers.

But I have not seen someone like Andrea. [I am still within the age group that andrea has set for his boyfriend..hee hee :) ( just not so nice to reveal my age la)]

Lets look at all the Celebs around us. How many of them, really bother to have a blog and willing to spent so much of her precious time, sharing with us, her problems, downs and ups, concerns, mistakes, success and failures,etc..

But our 23 years old Andrea, bother to be here, everyday, writes and answers every single question and put a smile to every face here, even to people that want to hurt her. She is really an incredible girl.

Kudos girl. Like what venom has said " Andrea is the epitomy of PERFECT." Maybe a little too strong, no one is perfect. But, if this girl continue to do what she is doing, I am sure she can change many lifes to the better.

Just to copy what scorpion has said. Stay positive with criticism. If you turn them around, they are catalyst to success.

Thanks to anonymous. That led to this.

Best wishes to all.

Anonymous said...

Andrea, rightly said that certain things come with the territory. That being, "The Good, The Bad and The UGLY" (do i hear the cowboy music in the bckgrd). What's important is that you have taken it in your stride. What's more important is that you have chosen the gracious approach in handling your detractors. That, is a very attractive trait to possess. Our humble beginnings for one enables us to be sympathetic to the people around us and so, these beginnings has served its purpose. I'm sure people have come to appreciate you for who you are and what you have accomplished. And so,as Bobby McFerrin once sung.."Don't worry be.... (u fill in the blanks gerl)"

Anonymous said...

Some people are 'sore eyes' now.There is really nothing much you can do about it,so just continue drink ur kopi and enjoy the success coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Gabe, as peter cetera once sung "you're the inspirtation" man.. okok i gotta stop this..(cheesy & lame)

Aey, you should consider being the spokesman for Marie France. Then, can have picture taken side-by-side with Andrea. Good idea?

just kiddin ah.. dun give me a flying cyber kick with two cyber kung fu chops. (:

* after office hrs, can blog all i want.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea, why do you even have to explain anything?

U R SO GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL, overweight or underweight.

not that it matters, but u have successfully made it to the top of my list for 6 most gorgeous women,
1)Andrea Fonseka
2)Jennifer Conelly
3)My ex
4)Sarah Meier
5)My neighbours daughter
6)Anne Hathaway

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha. Marie France cannot la. Marie Thailand maybe can...hahahaha. You are funny man..

I will do anything to be able to take picture side by side with Andrea hee hee.

Andrea Dear:) hhmmmm....You are so fine!

Anonymous said...

OWTN: Profound...Like your comment very much. A lot of ink too...Lets be happy:) :)

Anonymous said...

John Doe, You forgotten to name your cousin hahahaha.

Andrea is top on my list too..hee hee

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea...

What your friends are saying is true... people will always say nasty things about ya no matter how nice/ talented you are ...

Just think of all these idiots as illusions... They dont exist anyway kan?

I have known you since our TP days... I remember seeing tears running down your cheeks when those people shot those homeless dogs outside our high school (we were having olahraga lessons that day). I never knew that you were such an animal lover until that very day...

We weren't so close- but I enjoyed our times together during Olahraga and chess tournaments for mssd and msss. (oh yea by the way, Miss Fonseka is an ace at chess)

You look great now and am very happy for your success. Keep it up babe. Those people saying stuff about you dont even know you.

Just saw your cat pic. VERY NICE. I have 11 cats at home- a real Malaysian Zoo really.

Hope to see more of you on the pages.

Big Hugs,


Anonymous said...

It is strange that you feel such a strong need to be validated by strangers. Face it, this is all superficial. There are many really worthy people out there. But hey, welcome to the real world of superficial skin-deep appearances fueled by a high-octane ego-choked narcissism, and voila! we have substanceless diatribe spewing into our ears - true grade-A psychoba(u)bble and ra-ra altruismcolic.Enjoy..It's 'I did it my way''I'm worth it'-entertaining.Yah!

fazzy said...

Wow Andrea...that was quite mean. I mean not everyone aspires to be stick thin. Even back then, you weren't were average...certainly not fat..take it from a girl. I mean, I feel you..Some people may not appreciate how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off.

Besides, now you're slimmer and more toned which is evident on TV (I mean I'm sure they don't edit DOND every episode for one girl..if you had flabs and strechmarks it would have shown from the outfits you have to wear on DOND). Kudos to you for the weight loss must help me with mine. If anonymous thinks Kate Moss is healthy standard, its probably cos he missed the page in 8 days where the doctor guy said she and plenty other skinny celebs are malnourished!

Anyway, you have beauty and charisma which cannot be faked and the way you handled this just shows how much you deserved that title. Truly classy babe..

Anonymous said...

Which god damn photo in the magazines these days is not touched up by Photoshop?

Detractor needs to get a life.

Anonymous said...


you're studying LAW in NUS, which year? I always thought studying in NUS would be quite a busy affair, how do you manage so many endorsements and work with studies?


Anonymous said... problem,bcos it is a fact.
Anyway,would you mind sharing how you managed to work hard and lose that much weight?its truly amazing man.hehe,for me...i am just finding of ways to lose i thought if i coukd ask you.


Anonymous said...

What is the one thing that will always remain true in this world?



Lioneldude Photography said...

As a matter of fact, i believe you look great. Keep up the good work. There will always be silly people around causing upsets in your life, or rather, trying to make you upset, but seeing that you aren't upset, he himself feels upset. Ain't it great? Silly naive people. Keep up the good work. Anyway it's holidays in Law fact now right?

fazzy said...

yes it is. but there's summer school for those who take additional holiday modules.

Anonymous said...

hehe.... i'm carter here!!! hmmmm talking abt weight to me fat or silm of a person is hw u think n see of a person!!!
n to a person is hw u feel abt yrself!!! but for the best is as long as u r healthly n hapi tht the best gift u can get!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Health is wealth,without health every one of us is nothing.

Anonymous said...

dearest andrea,

its amazing to be able to look up to u for inspiration. been very unhappy with my weight, and nothing seems to help. i'll really like to know how did u lose all those pounds?


i need to lose weight

Anonymous said...

doesn't he/she realise that weight has nothing to do with a person's size and beauty?

a person can weigh 85kg but if he/she is toned and filled with muscle mass, he/she will still look attractive and beautiful! whereas a person who is 60kg but could still be flabby and "fat"... muscle mass is heavier than body fat, hence a person's weight is actually very deceiving when used as a benchmark for "fat" ie; a heavy person doesn't mean he/she is fat and vice versa. at least this is what my nutritionist and fitness friends tell me.. :)

A, not bad lei you..dun pray pray ahhh! (ahbeng style). you not only have had a wardrobe malfunction but now you have your very own group of critics and detractors. do you know what this means?!?

it means that you are now officially up there playing in the top league! as far as i know, only celebs or those up and coming rising stars will have critics. it means that you matter enough to them to actually have them spend their time to critic you.. :)

"always look on the bright side of life.... ta da, ta da da da da dum" (anyone remembers this song/jingle by nike?)

p.s - wah, you're a state/national chess player huh?? i only managed to play up to mssj level but never won lah.. haha. any chance of playing a game or two with you some day? but you have to promise not to wear that ultra-hot and sexy blue dress of yours, otherwise, i'd be too distracted to concentrate on the game.. :p

shall we play for a cup of starbucks vanilla cafe latte or madam kwan's nasi lemak? heheh

Anonymous said...

You put yourself on the line to pursue a dream (I certainly know what that's like now), and you won the pageant. You took the criticism directed at you (not for losing, but for winning)! You worked hard to get in shape, and did it in a healthy manner. You exhibit great candour in your blog, and are facing your detractors head on.

Your weight, then or now, is irrelevant. You rock my world...

Anonymous said...

I leave you with something I always find relevant...whether it was my time in the military, an audition for LTD, or your career in the spotlight.

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

Anonymous said...

it's obvious that some childish ppl are just jealous of you,Andrea..and i HAVE to agree that you handled this matter with a lot of go girl! =)

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea,
Great reading your blogs, I feel that you are such a real down to earth person after reading it.
Its great that you take the time to write your blogs knowing full well that things that you reveal here will always come under scrutiny by people, those who adore you and even those who dislike you.
Life has many people whom will raise you up....or put you down. but no one knows how hard you have worked to be where you are now except you, yourself, be it in showbiz or weight issues...and that's what really counts.
You're doing great so far! keep it up and as long as you do what your conscience tells you is right, you'll be fine.
You know the saying "Sticks and stones may break your bones....but words....they'll never hurt ya."
We're here rooting for you.


Anonymous said...

I've met A. The magazines are accurate.

Andrea Fonseka said...

You know, I'm really touched.

I disagree with the statement that I need public affirmation to feel good about myself: I honestly do not need that, trust me I get enough as it is. (*hehehe* ;))

The reason why I have this blog is simply because: I have never spoken about myself, inspite of the fact that I was subject to such criticism. Not once have I raised a shield, a defence...Not once have I hit back against the people who have been not just critical (because that's ok) - but people who are downright DIRTY. There are alot of false rumours going round about me: you only need to read the "quotes" that I supposedly said to know that it is untrue, and it is not me..(oy. I speak and write perfect English-LAH! hehehe)

That's why I titled this blog, "Andrea Fonseka - in her own words". I simply never had my side of things said out like this before.

And now that I have, I'm thinking to myself: WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG, ANDREA FONSEKA??? *laughs* Its refreshing to see that my blog can be popular enough with nice enough people. Just goes to show that people really don't need some sort of controvesy to catapult themselves into famedom in the world of blogging.

And with that, I salute you. I did not expect a response like this, and it touched me.

And yes. I'm up at 8.00am again. ;)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Andrea,

Good morning everyone,

Dow Jones drop about 200 points, but after seeing Andrea so happy and wrote such wonderful thought, my own index has a bull run.

CK, PF: You guys ROCK!

BTW, CK, you have forgotten andrea likes her coffee sugarfree, incase she wins you ( most like will) hahahaha.

Cheers to a wonderful Friday. thank God..It Friday...hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Good Morning all, TGIF indeed (:

Juz a thot...

How wonderful it is when others come to our 'defence' when we are faced with negative remarks (& situations) from our 'critrics'/ detractors.

If our words do not serve to encourage,strengthen and build-up a person, then maybe tis better that it remain unspoken.

Enjoy your morning cuppa yah!!


Anonymous said...

Andrea, I would like to applaud you for handling criticisms and your detractors very well.. in fact you handled it more maturely than a lot of adults I know. By now, I don't think your weight would matter to anyone of us anymore. I mean in the short span of time we have spent here, we have come to know the true Andrea more and more.. and your personality is definitely shining brighter.. what I'm trying to say is whatever you weigh or how you look, people would still keep coming back and STAY here in your blog because of who you are(although I would guess a lot of us came here initially because of your looks) hehehe.. have a great day everyone.

Anonymous said...

Finally the cheerful A.F is back.

Anonymous said...

Fengshui: FINALLY, Andrea Fonseka HAS COME BACK...!!! to her bloggggggg...

If ya SMELLLL-LA-LA-LA-LA-LAUUUU...!! .. what Andrea Fonseka - is - cookin'... :)

Anonymous said...

Scorpion: Smell....Andrea just bought a pizza la...hahaha.

Andrea, just out of curiousity, Can you cook?

Anonymous said...

That idiot is just trying to get your attention. He prolly is a dugong himself! Haha...

Sometimes people are just jealous of your achievements and your recent features and appearances. Take it with a pinch of salt lah. :)

For me, I'm always envy of you... WHY MARIE FRANCE, JEAN YIP OR CENOSIS NEVER APPROACH ME???!!! Hehe...

Take care my dear.

Xanne said...

Hey sweetie

Am proud of you, have always been proud of you. I'm sure you will handle everything that comes your way with grace and humor. :)

Anonymous said...

its cute.

Anonymous said...

Guys i think we should buy eye drops for this dugong because he got 'sore eyes',that why he is seeing red and jealous of A.F.

Anonymous said...

absoultely right fengshi316.i totally agree.and maybe we should buy some masking tape to tape his mouth.

Andrea Fonseka said...


You guys ar... funny la. :P

Gabe: YES I CAN COOK! ;D I whip up a mean spagetthi bolognaise, shepherd's pie, macaroni and cheese (tomato version, my grandmum's recipe), I cook killer maggi goreng's, I'll whip up an American breakfast in 15 minutes... give me any recipe really and I'll be able to do it. ;) Not bad eh? hehe..

Roy: Dunno leh want me to talk to them? ;)

And.. how do we know 'dugongkilla' is a guy, and not a girl? anyhoo regardless of sex, I dont care already-lah. I've got SO many things lined up for me in the next coupla months.....and he/she probably doesn't. MuAHAHAhAhAHhAHA! (Okay, Andrea Fonseka is officially losing it.)

ITS FRIDAY! And I'm just gonna chill at home, with me cats, watchin' Friday Night Tv. ;)

Initial J said...

the pass is.. pass. We are in the present looking at the future. These words can't hurt Andrea as she survived the toughest. Working hard & staying focus to be where you are & beyond.. that's Andrea Fonseka.

Btw, you can cook? reallly? All types of rojak? hehe.. Well, hope you have a great time at home.. chilling with your babies. =)

Going Penang now. Have a great weekend.

Initial J said...

Lucky weekends about to start.. a few lose nuts is ok.. hahaha..

Anonymous said...

Hello Andrea dear,

Yeah.the past is the past.THREE CHEERS FOR ANDREA!thats great,she got over it already!thats

hahas.Btw,it is really cool that u can so many dishes.hehe.besides cooking,what are your favourite hobbies?(as in what do you do when you are not working?)

signing off for now.Have a great weekend and rest well!


Anonymous said...


Alemak..Please...Oh please. How can I find someone like you...? Can you please guide me along...Everything also know. Are there things that you don't know?

Me speechless.....

Just bought a place in KL. We will be neighbour soon hee hee...I make sure I can put 32 puppies in my more than you hee hee...

I just had a grande vanilla sugerfree latte....Se dap la...I will stick to that from now onwards...yum yum:)

Anonymous said...

Gabe:r u sick?down with Andrea's fever is it??haha

Anonymous said...

btw, what a meanish unclassy repartee, and not particularly well disguised to boot. but no doubt fans will continue to swoon at your tootsies.

good luck to all of us out here, esp those of us who pledge their undying devotion to the one & only ANDREARY dona FORSAKE-HER.

Over-&-[finally checking]-out

Anonymous said...

I had Shepherd's Pie today. :O You cook, do you? If I weren't in love before, I am now. :)

I also suspected DK was female.

I'm not sure what brought that on, GH, but you're right. I do, indeed, rock...thanks for noticing. ;)

Anonymous said...

How are you, pretty one? You're sounding much cheerier? I hope it's been a good day, one as beautiful as you are.

And as you enjoy it, don't forget to, today, at least once. :)

Thinking of me as you read this, doesn't really count... :P

Unknown said...

I am not sure what's the big fuss about a person's past but at least in the modelling industry, most of (if not all) the top models for advertising collaterals or articles have their pictures cropped or edited in even the slightest way from facial texture to light source. It's a well known fact in the industry from the most unimaginable to the fashion runway shows. It's almost an everyday thing.

Secondly, being at 1.78m naturally points to a bigger built and more weight. It's biological effects which is not in our control. I'm at 1.84 and I weigh a tat higher than my peers, I still don't see I am anywhere near fat. (Although beer can do a little evil... lol)

Lastly, nobody's perfect. I rather look at a imperfect person with a good heart than a all-so-glam individual with derailed reality.

Anonymous said...

Yes, an inspiration to all the women out there. =)

Brown Sugar said...

Amazing how brave people are when hiding behind the virtual anonymous personalities, taking stabs at people who want nothing more than to share a story with the world.

Chin up, stay positive and for every hater, there are 5 more who support you.


Anonymous said...

Great response back to Anonymous !!

Anonymous said...

FS: Am I? Think I am? hmmm??? I am?

Think I should go consult a doctor..Is Dr Andrea Fonseka available... hahahaha.

I am perfectly fine my friend..hahaha.

Cheers to a wonderful weekend..

Anonymous said...

gabe:i think only Dr A.f can cure you in this world.haha

Andrea Fonseka said...

Oh good, looks like 'anonymous' has left the building. lol! Guess he/she didn't expect the reply that followed the comment he/she made. Not before he/she left with a nice below the belt comment on 'unclassy' people though: i think the epitomy of being 'unclassy' would be to visit someone else's site and call them names just for the sake of being nasty. ..... but that's just my opinion. ;)

Yes i'm feeling wonderful today, thank you. I am happy for two reasons:

1. Nadal won she semi-finals last night: it'll be a Federer-Nadal finals!!

2. I have nothing to do today except attend a dinner with my manager, his boss, Jaymee Ong, May & Choy, and Max Loong.

This is a good day...and isn't it a beautiful one too? Lets hope it doesn't rain. :)

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Andrea. Have you had you latte? :)

Anonymous said...

bye bye anonymous

Andrea Fonseka said...

Gabe: Nola. I didn't drink any coffee this morning. I had a protein shake for breakfast because I need to up my lean muscle mass so I need to take more protein. ;) Now u remind me that I've not had my coffee and i'm craving now! lol!

Leon said...


This is my first time, writing the comment for your blog so i just want to say hi and let you know that you are truly an amazing lady.

About the weight thing. I think the person who critized you are just plain idiot and jealous of you starting to get famous. No point dwelling about this issue anymore. Enjoy your life and do what you think it's right. I will always be here to support you.

One question: You have a nice website. You do it yourself? It is constantly updated and bravo for that.

P/S: which part of PJ you stay in?
I also from PJ and currently in Singapore working too.


Anonymous said...

enjou ur dinner and send my regards to ur manager..haha!i really like his acting in 'Maggie and me'.Btw is there season 2 for maggie and me??

Anonymous said...

Andrea, This may help preserve lean muscle mass with Glutamine

What Is L-Glutamine?
L-Glutamine the most abundant amino acid in muscle cells. It is released from the muscle during times of stress (such as hard weight training workouts) and dieting. This amino acid not only has been shown to be a great anti-catabolic agent (protects the muscle from the catabolic activities of the hormone cortisol), to be a contributor to muscle cell volume, and to have immune system enhancing properties but also to help in the following ways:

Regulation of protein synthesis (this is one of the ways in which steroids exert their muscle building effects).
Accelerating glycogen synthesis after a workout.
Sparing the use of the glycogen stored in the muscle cell (recall that the glycogen stored in the muscle cell is what gives the cell the healthy volume and firmness that you seek).

PS: Copy from the net one not so intelligent hee:)

Anonymous said...

gabe:wow lau,you really done ur homework.well done again

Anonymous said...

gabe:hahas.yeah.u sure are 100% andrea fonseka fan

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're having a good one... :)

I ABSOLUTELY despise the rain when I'm outdoors (a holdover from my NS days), but I actually wouldn't mind some right would cool things a little, I think. Don't get me wrong...I'm a "hot guy", just not a "hot" guy. ;)

I spent a few years living in a place where fall was like winter in (parts of) Australia or the UK...and I wore less clothing than even the locals! I now, quite happily, hold that over the heads of friends and cousins who've lived in those two places.

"You were cold Down Under? You were cold DOWN UNDER? You can't HANDLE the COLD!" :O

Anonymous said...

FS and Weilin,

Thanks, just something small la.

everyone also can just find the information in the net and poat it.

You guys have a good weekend.

Wonder what is our sweet Andrea doing now. Did not hear from her since yesterday.


Hope you have had a wondeful dinner and a wonderful Sunday. Pizza again, half for lunch and half for dinner?

Rest well k. Take care Andrea, Take care everyone:)


Anonymous said...

hahas,yeah.i really do hope andrea can post soon.hehe.But,if she is really very busy then its ok!

btw,gabe are u singaporean or malaysian?

Anonymous said...


I am a Singaporean. What about you?

Andrea must be so excited watching Nadal playing with Federer hee hee:

Looks like Nadal is winning.

Well, for the sake of letting Andrea sleep soundly tonight, I hope Nadal will win too. He is a good sportman indeed. Cheers to Nadal:)

Andrea keep your finger cross k:)

Good night Andrea

Good night everyone:)


Leon said...

Yup, just to let Andrea sleeps soundly, may Nadal win today.

Btw, how's the LTD audition goes?
It seems solo participants meet the quota but not the band, that's why so much ad on the tv for band audition.

Andrea, hope that you will post soon.

Ying aka Leon.

Anonymous said...

Gabe:yup,i am singaporean too!
hahas.yeah.Nadal won!Three cheers to Nadal!Andrea must be so happy right now.hehe.

Anonymous said...

Okie now, I don't ever leve comments but this is one of those times when I cannot bite my tongue/withhold my thoughts. Trust me when I say there was many a time when it was a struggle

Anonymous will obviously be back because as he/she is a narcissist LACKING attention (none worse than that!). It takes someone quite like that to hope to provoke such a response from Andrea's fans

Fans/Friends: Please don't dance to his/her tune.

Last but not least Rui: in your family you should always trust, to your friends you don't have to explain and to your enemies why bother!

Unknown said...

it sounds like its personal with 'anonymous' - very bitter. perhaps anonymous lost out to you on some modeling gig or something.

grow up anon and deal with it.

Anonymous said...

gabe, apologies for the late reply. been busy working and keeping an eye out on the M&A activities, equities market and the consumer spending indexes of UK and the USA.

no choice la, have to work hard for the bacon and make hay whilst the sunshines. otherwise, how to buy "sugar-free" starbucks vanilla cafe latter for A if i lose the chess game, rite? thanks for the reminder! i'm quite sure that A will have the full support of you and every guy here but i'm an optimist, its never over till its over. who knows? maybe... just maybe.... if i'm lucky enough, i may be able to win her? =)

anyways, chess is a game of strategy and analytical ability, and i've always wondered if there were any direct correlation btw chess and law students. i've noticed that many lawyers, enjoy playing chess although i'm not sure if its due to the cerebral pleasures or bcos lawyers need to know how to "scheme and strategise" and plan forward to win their case, so chess makes good training for that? LOL

but since A has not responded yet, i doubt the game will happen anytime soon... :)

speaking of rocks, do you know that keeping pet rocks used to be THE thing to do during my secondary school days?? :P

Anonymous said...

No Problem Bro,

Guess you are right on the lawyer and chess thing.

Okie for once I will be with you bro. Hope she did not read this hee hee.

Pet rock? something new to me...Maybe my generation don't have this.

I was just wondering about the meeting up with Andrea thing. Can you still remember your comment on the 5% body guard, 20 % blar blar blar thing. I saw your comment when I first join this blog. So was wondering is something like that going to happen? Or shall we arrange it ourself and invite her to join us. A small one will do...say 20pax max for a start?

Well, just exploring...It will be nice we all know each other by face. Just my thoughts...Cheers bro.

Anonymous said...

"I didn't expect what happened to me in the press in Malaysia; all they were focusing on was how I wasn't the stereotypical Kate Moss."

Andrea, with all due respect, you entered a BEAUTY PAGEANT. The description for the Miss Universe pageant is NOT 'Global Intellectual Capacity Forum'.

Judging from your writing I gather you are a particularly articulate and witty young woman who definitely has the brains to rival her looks.

Having said that, when you entered that pageant in 2004 I am sure you were aware of the press coverage surrounding that event. I applaud you for taking part in a beauty contest despite being overweight (in modelling terms anyway) but you cannot possibly sit there and blame the press for tearing you to shreds.

You were fully aware of the standards of the competition (especially in the physical attractiveness stakes) so it is silly to point fingers at the press and the world for commenting on your flab. You put yourself in the public eye, so you open yourself up to criticism. You made that choice, so deal with it.

Of course everyone is going to talk about a "fat" girl representing her nation in a pageant. Hell, people here (Australia, where Jennifer Hawkins won the crown when you participated) are still talking about you looking "unqualified". No "heavy" woman has ever won a beauty contest regardless of how intelligent they were.

I do not know your reasons for participating in it (besides it being a long-time dream of yours) nor do I wish to know. All I ask is for you to acknowledge that there comes a degree of responsibility with being in the public eye.

The Miss Universe pageant is a BEAUTY contest. If they wanted healthy, smart women to participate they WOULDN'T call it a pageant.

I trust that someone of your intellectual calibre has fathomed that concept by now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
Sorry for the late reply. Was outstationed.

No need to speak to those slimming centres lah, I just lost about 10kg on my own. More to come... :)

See you next week at Caldecott! ;P

stefie said...


doubt you remember me. think we carpooled a couple of times with john paul back in taylors. anyhoo, just wanted to say kudos to you for achieving so much. don't let crap comments get you down. i think it's fantastic, the way you've worked so hard to get to where you are right now. cheers, girl.

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