Saturday, June 2, 2007

What A Day

As promised, here's a picture of my Fat Cat Skit. Demi's picture will be on my next post. ;)

I've been informed that I'm not allowed to blog on LTD. Sorry Boss(es).

Okay anyway I will comment on a few things somewhat related but not really.

1. My feet hurt.
2. Sore throat getting better, partly because of...
3. One of you cheeky fellas sneaked up on me and gave me a packet of Strepsils! Thanks so much! :) That's definitely going up on my "Sweetest things anyone has ever done for me" list, right next to buying me flowers, but still just under 'waking me up with Starbucks." ;) But its up there!! :)

I really have no energy right now, so this will be a short one. Tomorrow I have to work as well, as I will have to on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... lets see. I've got Two photoshoots, One fitting, Two ESPN morning days (mon and tues) and... one gala movie premiere thing to go for. Thats all from Monday to Wednesday. Thurs and Fri are free for now, so here's a note to my Manager if you're reading this..


Andrea Fonseka. Over and (knocked)Out.


Anonymous said...

Wow...i wonder who is the guy who pass you the Strepsils.3 cheers for him.

Ding An said...

Cats rule

Check out that long "hu-xu"

Skit is in me cool book


Fonseca's silver surfer

Anonymous said...

Why your cat Skit look so "buay song"

Ding An said...

Yeah Richmond!

Come on Richmond, she needs to sleep


Unknown said...

Thank God my dogs can get along with cats well. That way I can have the best of both worlda.

-Joakim- said...

hahaha was nice to meet you Andrea :)

"Joo-ah-kim" muahahah :X

rock on girl :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dear, finally I met you. I was there with a friend. I was wearing a blue checkers short that looks like pajamas hee hee. I was there at about 1:50pm and realised was too early. I went to Delifrance instead and was having my kopi, until this gorgeous girl walked passed deli and guess who was that? She's our dearest Andrea!!! :)

I was speechless and I couldn't continue with my coffee ( excuse me, it sugarfee kopi latte.) : )

Ps:Yap! can't find starbuck in toa payoh

So I went Watson and grabbed a packet of strepsils.

I was holding on to the strepsils like for an 1 hour and wondering how was I supposed to pass to her. Shy lah! My female friend was saying, never see me behave like that before( behaving like a 16 years old boy) never seen me so excited before hee hee). Well, like what Pathfinder has commented. I was totally FREAKing out. Andrea Dear, i SAY AGAIN. I am simply overwhelmed by your exquisite beauty. " Don't say I gatal again k hee" :)

So during the half way break, Andrea and Michelle have to move aside to the crowd and do this wayang thing and they just walk to my side. ( they did a total of 4 NC). Of course my heart was pumping like 3 is to 3 rev la. After the take, I just held my breathe and walked behind her, called her, and passed her the honey lemon flavoured sweets hee hee. I don't even dare to open my mouth, scare got bad breath la. I just did a, typing of keyboard action, and I walked away as fast as I can and trying to catch back my breathe, with a very wide smile on my face. Andrea smile at me! HHmmmm...
Hope I did not scare you Sayang.

Conclusion: Dear, you are a stunnig natural beauty.

Please take care and get well soon k.

Lastly, Richmond, Boss, give Dear Andrea a break k. I blunt jar you kopi k ( sugarfree one) tidak adah problem hee.

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Well done Gabriel Ho,you had scored some points in Andra score sheet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Fengshui,

Thats a little thing I can do to make andrea feels better.

Well, like I have said before, we are all here for a common objective.

lets continue to give her the support and encouragement she needs k.

And Fengshui, we all know that you are equally caring to her too.

Glad to hear that Andrea is geting better.

Once again thanks FengShui.

Btw, do you believe in Fengshui yourself? Just wondering?


Initial J said...

So he is the one.

Was going to buy all types of chinese med & etc.. lol

Glad you're feeling better, Andrea.
^____^ everyone would be worried if you didn't take good care of your health.

Take care of your feet 2, dear.

*RICHMOND* please give Andrea a break. She's been working hard & tough. A day rest would do her good. =)

Anonymous said...

Yo Gabriel Ho,

I believe in feng shui and I learning it too.I hope one day I can become a feng shui master ..haha.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh!Anyone read the papers today, article about cyber rape?O come on!

Anonymous said...

John, looks like after "people after makan can't let go", translate in hokkien hahaha.

or are people getting more creative nowadays? Well..Come on!!!

You should occasionally pop some good stuff about fengshui for all of us here to ponder.

I am open about it...Wish you all the best, Master: )

Anonymous said...


Hows you feet now? Still hurt? Thought you were wearing a very comfortable black leather shoe, maybe stand whole day and you were hyper active throughout the auditon. Thats why la. You have not fully recovered yet, you know. So please continue to rest more when you can k.

Anonymous said...

Gabe Ho,

I think i better dun post anything regarding feng shui here because not everyone believe in it.

Even Andrea oso dun believe it,and somemore this is her blog and we must respect her.

Sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

Fengsui, Got it bro. Good decision. Cheers..

Would like to say something. I can't believe that you are so comfortable infront of the camera. Did you go through any professional training with that. Even michelle, such veteran, feels a little out of synch sometime.

I am nobody to give opinion, I will be caveman infront of camera, but I think I should say something. You should engage your audience a little more, What I meant is you should look at he audience a little more, eye to eye, when you look at them and that will make the audience more involve. You do look but only at a quick glance. There was this instance that you were looking at someone on the 2nd level and you really engaged him, that was so sexy and cool.

You are beautiful and every aspect of you are simply desirable. So Girl don't be shy to look or stare, more confident k. You are definitely on track to be one of the best host here( your inspiration). Good example is Allen degeneras ( sorry can't spell her name lah), she really engage her audience. Hope you are not offender by my remark. You are already very good. Let's make it better. Cheers to your success, that very girl dream to achieve.

Best Wishes
Gabe Ho

Anonymous said...

Andrea, Just look at Skit. He is a good example of eye to eye hee hee..Got it, Dear? :)

Anonymous said...


Yes, she has that effect on people (I met her today also)!

Anonymous said...

The above was in response to what GH said further above, not directly abov...never mind, just assume it was a general comment! :P

Anonymous said...

I WAS going to get you Fisherman's Friend, but you'd already seen a doctor, and I didn't want you mixing meds. :P (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!)