Sunday, June 24, 2007

What a week ahead!

Firstly I have to say that its very nice of you guys to be so excited that my last post hit over 100 comments. ;) So sweet.

Anyhoo this quick post is to inform you on the following:

1. I've been taking it 'easy' over the past few days: going to the gym (its about time), Marie France-ing, and

2. A really good friend's bothe came to visit from Brisbane; so I've been taking him out a fair bit with some friends.

Its going to be a hectic week ahead: shoots Tuesday, Wed, Thurs and Friday from dusk till dawn. Then on the 2nd another shoot, followed by an entire month of July with ESPN work. :) Good lah, work = money. ;)

Watching the four episodes back to back of Heroes. Way cool. Wish I had powers... If I could chose... it'll brobably be Hiro's power of teleportation and freezing time. ;) Then I can go back and undo past mistakes, and stop my cats from knocking over expensive vases when I'm in the room. *hee hee* Oh and not to mention exams. I would be able to take my time for a change. I'm sure Faz will agree with me on this one.

What about you guys? What special powers would you like?


Enzio said...

o.O same time of post?

Hmm. i'd like the power of mind-reading. Wouldn't fret to know if someone's lying, doesn't like me, or whether they're pissed about stuff, but goes to say.."Oh.. it's dandy fine..=)" .. grrr..

Andrea Fonseka said...


nah. I think sometimes its better to not know: ignorance is bliss. ;) Besides, what if you cant turn it off??

on Walks the Nite said...

I wish I had the power to HEAL people of their physical pain.

Would be 'pushing it' if I had the abilty to heal them of their emotional inadequacies as well.


Enzio said...

u're right, ignorance CAN BE bliss. hah! =)

ck said...

wished i had the powers to:

1) turn water into beer!

2) give every woman, earth-shattering orgasms, without having to touch them; and

3) turn invisible.

WHY, you ask?

well, beer keeps men happy. happy men means less wars and less wars means world peace...

orgams keep women happy and happy women mean less stress on men which leads to less wars and then, world peace!

and if both the above super powers fail, i'd better wanna turn invisible so that no one can see me wearing my underwear on the outside! =)

fengshui316 said...

i wish i have the power to heal cancer.

Anonymous said...

I would want to... read woman's mind! They are too sophiscated to be comprehend!

weilin said...

Hello Andrea!

glad you enjoyes your weekend.What a hectic weekend it was!Anyway,I ould want to

1)healing powers too!So that i can save people who are in need of help.

2)That good things can last longer.

Hahas.Btw,I saw u in the LIVE EARTH TV ad.What is that all about?Besides,telling us,viewers,about global warming.

markliew said...

hi andrea,

I am always fascinated with time-travel ever since young. Relished every "Time-Machine" book that was released.

I like to meet Julius Caesar, Zhuge Liang, Napoleon and erm... go back in time to know you better. hee hee.

Pls take care during your hectic week and have fun.


Changed Perceptions said...

i would love to be successful in everything i do!

Scorpion said...

X-ray vision.

No, not to see through clothes. Rather, it would come in useful at the casino. (And game-shows like DOND too of course).

But one must be mindful to exercise the power in moderation, and use the returns for charity and the greater good of mankind, and not keep a cent for oneself - lest karma returns to haunt.

Gabe said...

I would love to be Skit:)

Gabe said...

Joking La:P

I would love to be contented and be happy:) Sincerely from the bottom of my heart:)

Good night Andrea:) remember to take good care of yourself next week. Rest when you can k:) Drink more water and moderate coffee intake k:)

Gabe said...

Good night everyone:) hee hee

Jefferson said...

I would want the power to tune into other people's power (but that would be impossible.. haha) so it would be time traveller. Same pick as Andrea. To understand & solve puzzle of legends, myths, history & future undertakings. Gambatte, Hiro!!!

Good, you have time to relax. =) Hope you don't overworked yourself. Happy Working!!!

chocminttruffle said...

i'd like peter p.'s powers because i'm kiasu. it's nice to live on the edge once in a while, not knowing when you might blow half the city up...heh =)

pathfinder said...

(A) A friend's "bothe"? Is that a typo...or is there something wrong with your "R" key?

(B) TV is great now! House, Heroes, Prison Break, Lost...which I just caught.

(C) I'd pick Peter...and his ability to ABSORB powers. I'd wait for Sylar...he is going to steal everybody else's powers by killing them. Then, I steal all those powers from HIM. Basically, I'm picking ALL the powers. Is that cheating?

pathfinder said...

CMT, when did you sneak that post in? :O

Beaten to the punch by a piece of candy...I should stop making such elaborate posts! :P

pathfinder said...

My cousin also wants the powers of the hero...Hiro. :)

He wants to know sweep results beforehand.

I was, like, "You can prevent plagues or circumvent wars, and THIS is what you do? Would you even NEED money with these powers?" :P

Anonymous said...

I think I would like to be Hiro if I could be a hero. Not because of anything else, but because I think he's the funniest hero in the show. =)

Anthony said...

Cats are the natural enemy of expensive vases. Surely you have worked this out by now.

beast said...

I want to have the super power of cloning anyone's talent that I desire for my own use.

Terence said...

I think mind reading is cool...
Seen Mel Gibson in "What women wants" ... Could be a big headache if we couldn't shut the ability off but then again, it will definately be a great help on Poker tables... heeee


matsu said...

can i have 'mind control' instead? so whatever superpowers you have, you will just have to submit to me! heh :) it's like the one ring to rule them all.

...take it off, take it off!..

M said...

How would I noe what's yer e-mail address? Simply Or will it be something a little more unconventional? Tell me pls....=)
And waking you up with Starbucks? I think with all the early wakings that you have had, the person waking you up with whatever is in for something nasty. Heh. But yeah, I like starbucks too, I really think the other coffee(s) are not as rich and aromatic as Starbucks'.

Andrea Fonseka said...

M: you can email me at ;) and yeah. Starbucks RULES!! I wish there was one nearer to my place though...

Anthony: Yeah I should've figured that. But whaddaya know - the case is still up! (now that i've said that they're gonna break it for sure..)

Anyhoo: I'm up now, going to rush to work. Take care y'all and have a good day. :)

Gabe said...

Thanks Andrea,
It was a wonderful day:) was at Toa payoh Hub today:) Got to wake up early tomorrow again? Poor girl:)

Sweet dreams:)

weilin said...

did anyone miss me.Hahas.Guess i was M.I.A(Missing in action).Rather busy for the past few days.hehe.

weilin said...

i guess everyone have been busy too:)

Gabe said...

Weilin:) I do miss you:)

Good night:) and sweet dreams:)

Gabe said...

Good morning Andrea:)

Good morning everyone:)

Have a wonderful day ahead k :)

RL said...

Strange.... after all that 100 comments, this one's a little too quiet.
well i shall make my virgin comment. heh, if i have a power, i would....
Wish for the power to bestow powers to others. In a way, all the charitable deeds wished by those above could all be achieved...


adelin said...

hi all (~wave~) i'm new here, offically supporting andrea now. hehehehe! i believe she will be the next biggest star very very soon.

'mind reading' is cool but scary leh, imagine me telling my staff off & at same moment i can heard them scolding me but facing me with a smile, eeeeeee!

i welcome 'mind control' hahahaha amazing things can happen, lol.

fazzy said...

Hey Andrea. Yes, exams would be much nicer if you could freeze time or make it go slower cos God knows we really need it...haha. I don't know about you..but when I come to subjects I really don't like..I wish I could just make the paper finish faster...esp when I've got nothing else to write and everyone is is still writing away. Its just torturous. haha.

Personally I so wish I could make myself taller..or have some super power that could make me morph into someone else. Like when I need to get something I really want, I can turn into Andrea and smile...and ta-da..people will be mesmerised into giving me what I want..haha.

Gabe said...

Andrea: :)Do you always get what you want, by smiling?

I am asking on behalf of Faz hee hee:) Copy FS316:)

Adelin: {Wave wave} back to you hee:) Agreed fully that Andrea will be the next big Star:) She is not only beautiful, she is soooooo......:)

Good night everyone:)

Good night Andrea:)

hobbes said...

I wish I had the power to grant others 'taste', for that is truely lacking in most affluent modern societies. Upon which, Starbucks would finally train their coffee boys and girls to serve a decent and not roasted to death coffee. Plus, architectural, fashion and automotive monstrosities would be avoided. The world would be a much better (and more beautiful) place.

Jefferson said...

Starbucks.. ahh... okie. If we have Peter's powers, who can we tune in to / collect other people's powers? If there is any other than you.. hehe..
Andrea, you get up in the morning with Starbucks coffee at your hand? =)

m said...

Hey Andrea, caught DOND earlier in the night. Ha, must say that you were a real tease like the guy said. I think you scared the daylights out of him with your cheeky sentance (for those who missed it: Andrea gave him the impression it was a big value suitcase he opened, only to reveal a small number, was it $15? Something like that). I didn't finish watching it but the last I saw, that poor guy was left with a max possible $250. He was offered $15k at one point mind you. I would be cursing myself if i were him. Hehe.
After watching, I can't help but realise many of the ladies are simply, can I say this, "vases". Unlike you, Andrea, who always give some witty comments or cheeky expressions. You make it much more lively and entertaining. It is quite a bore to look at the other ladies who just stand there and give their half-hearted smiles or "I hope it's a small number".
Anyway, thanks for replying my previous post Andrea, appreciate it. Take care!

Joseph said...

I personally would love Hiro's power of time freezing cos i will be able to foretell what the stock market...Period

But seriously, time freezing can be a tool to remove physical and psychological pain from my loved ones and also from my personal life; that would be a blast. The time-space continuum thingy...will use it to erase my past mistakes, esp those that have caused much anguish and despair.

btw, your analysis on guys in yr previous post really hits the spot=) i dun necessarily agree with all of them but I reckon if it's a term paper, you would be given an A. Well, that's my two cents worth. Cheers!

fengshui316 said...

gabe:u need to pay me for the copyright.haha

Scorpion said...

m: Just wanna put your comment in perspective. To be fair, not all of the other 25 DOND girls only stand like "vases" or say, "I hope it's a small number." E.g. Nataliya (No.5) and Rachel (No.25) talk a fair bit too.

Also in every episode, not all the 26 girls are wired with mikes. Those who aren't wouldn't say anything if their case was picked. Cheers.

adelin said...

scorpion, just out of curious, can i ask so how the production team knows who to wired and who they normally wired? ;)

fazzy said...

oh...i so want to go Starbucks-ing...Java Chip Frappuchino...swoons..

Anonymous said...

Hello! Ahaha i think you're cool

weilin said...

hello Adelin!
welcome to ANDREA'S BLOG!welcome

RL said...

I kinda suspect the producers of the game would request all contestants to go all the way to the end. Seems so for every episode. Me thinks even if contestant chooses to deal, he gets to keep that $ and keeps playing just for the fun of it.. or rather to drag an hour. What u guys and gals tink?

fazzy said...

No lah...I think the game is designed in a way that people will not take the money until the end...and also maybe they choose inherently "greedy" people. It just taps in to the gambler or greed in all of us..come on..I would too. It would be kinda hard to MAKE people play till the end..though it would be interesting to see a person leave after the first offer. Doubt it will happen..not worth it. But yah..then they might have 2 contestants in one night?

m said...

scorpion: Yes i agree not all of them are like "vases", i used the word "many". =) Oh is that so? I never knew. I thought all of them wear mikes on them. Maybe Andrea can enlighten us on this issue. If that is the case, then i should say a big sorry to the other ladies for the misperception!

pathfinder said...

"...the power to grant others 'taste'...Starbucks would finally...serve a"


I've heard these charges levelled against SB before, but let's not begrudge A her each his (or her) own, you know? :)

Janvier said...

So which power would I like?

I think I'd like to have Hiro's power to stop time so I'd never be late to any appointments. :D

...or maybe invincibility like that of the cheerleader's.

Gabe said...

Andrea, saw you at MOS. You are so lovely amd Fun:)

Wanna dedicate a song to you:)

You're Beautiful :) by James Blunt

My life is brilliant.

My life is brilliant
My love is pure.
I saw an angel.
Of that I'm sure.
She smiled at me on the subway.
She was with another man.
But I won't lose no sleep on that,
'Cause I've got a plan.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

Yes, she caught my eye,
As we walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was, very high,
And I don't think that I'll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last 'till the end.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

La la la la la la la la la

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I will never be with you.

Hope you like it:) Good luck to your career and take care:)


fengshui316 said...

gabe:macham you go every where,you seem to meet andrea,dun tell me you stalk her.

pls tell the truth here.haha

fengshui316 said...

guys pls go to
and vote for andrea for theSTOMP MAXIMum Babe .

Gabe said...

FS: Kind of hahahaha:) How come only can vote once ah. I went back again to vote but other page kept coming up, instead of the voting page?:(

No la, all my friends know that I am Andrea (A) fan ma, so one of my friend told me that A will be there. So I die die must go hee hee. A is so good looking. A walk down the stage and she took her top off :P Of course, A wore a dark coloured flora scarf tied like a bikini top. She was wearing a jean:) Tell you ah. A's body is so good. Tidak adah fat one ah:)As usual, A is always so comfortable with the crowd. Everybody went crazy when A appeared and she got the loudest cheers:) HHMmmmmm:)

You have a good weekend Bro:)

Good night everyone:)

Good night Andrea:)

pathfinder said...


I like that song quite a bit, but only after I discovered Blunt wrote it for a former lover (out of context, it seems like he's just whining about an inability to approach pretty girls)! If you remember my "kindness isn't weakness" post...I think it typifies Blunt, you know? Despite his military service in some fairly unpleasant situations, he hasn't lost his sentimentality or sense of wonder. Of course, he's relentlessly depressing...a warrior-poet for our times, perhaps.

And dedicating a song to A is fine, man, but no stalking or leering...

Scorpion said...

gabe, get a grip on yourself. Seriously.

Gabe said...

HAHAHAHA :) Me just joking on the stalking thing la. Nevertheless, thanks for the advices:)

Scorpion:) I am:) thanks:) Honestly, I am more occupied than what you guys think...Seriously:)

Gabe said...

Good night guys:)

Gabe said...

But seriously, if I have given an impression that I am loosing myself. think I better not be here anymore:) I still can support Andrea in other ways:)

pathfinder said...


Stick around, man...nobody wants you to leave. Just don't go nuts... :)

Anonymous said...

I would like e power to understand Malinois...Wanted to converse with a particular malinois...guess its too late liao...haiz

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