Friday, December 28, 2007

No me ames

Last night I was watching Love Actually on Ch 5 (Yes, I'm a sucker for romantic comedies, you guys should know that by now. lol).

With the different stories of love, intertwined amongst each other; the Husband Who Finds New Love After His Wife Cheats on Him, the Adulterer Who Got Caught, the Man With Power Who Finds Simple Love, the Wife Whose Husband's Best Friend is In Love With Her, the Young Boy Experiencing 'Total Agony of Love', .. I don't know why it made me think of the song No Me Ames, a duet sung by Jeniffer Lopez and Marc Anthony. (Perhaps because the best part of the movie was when Collin Firth falls in love with his Portuguese housekeeper, and proposes to her...and thus made me think of a Spanish song? Although the Portuguese speak.. well, Portuguese I do realise that. But that's irrelevant, it sounds same same to me.)

ANYWAY. Marc and Jlo sang this back in 1999, before they became a couple. I managed to source the lyrics, Spanish and its English translation. Only then did I realise what a sad, sad song it really is. All along I thought it was a beautiful love song, not a tragic one!

So for all you Karaoke fanatics out there who'd like to attempt this song with someone, this one's for you. ;)

Dime porque lloras-----------------------------Tell me why are you crying?

de felicidad--------------------------------------From happiness

y porque te ahogas----------------------------And why are you so choked up?

por la soledad----------------------------------Because of loneliness

di porque me tomas---------------------------Tell me why are you holding
fuerte asi, mis manos-------------------------my hands so tight
y tus pensamientos---------------------------And your thoughts seem to carry you away
te van llevando

Yo te quiero tanto-----------------------------I love you so much!

y porque sera---------------------------------And why is that?

loco testarudo---------------------------------Don't be so crazy and stubborn
no lo dudes mas------------------------------Stop doubting me!
aunque en el futuro---------------------------Even if the future holds
haya un muro enorme------------------------a vast emptiness for me
yo no tengo miedo----------------------------I'm not afraid
quiero enamorarme quiero enamorarTE------I just want to love you

No me ames-----------------------------------Don't love me
porque pienses--------------------------------because you think
que parezco diferente-----------------------I seem different

tu no piensas que es lo justo----------------You don't think it's right
ver pasar el tiempo juntos------------------for us to spend this time together?

No me ames--------------------------Don't love me
que comprendo----------------------because I know
la mentira que seria-----------------what a lie it would be!

Si tu amor no merezco-----------------If you don't think I deserve your love
no me ames----------------------------then don't love me
mas quedate otro dia------------------Just stay another day here...

No me ames----------------------------------Don't love me
porque estoy perdido-----------------------because I'm lost
porque cambie el mundo-------------------because I change the world
porque es el destino------------------------because it's destiny
porque no se puede------------------------because this is impossible
somos un espejo---------------------------We are like
y tu asi serias------------------------------a mirror image of each other
lo que yo de mi reflejo-------------------And you would become what I am

No me ames---------------------------------Don't love me
para estar muriendo------------------------to be dying
dentro de una guerra-----------------------in a war of regret
llena de arrepentimientos
No me ames---------------------------Don't love me
para estar en tierra-------------------to remain tied
quiero alzar el vuelo------------------to the ground
con tu gran amor-----------------I want to soar with your love
por el azul del cielo--------------through the blue sky

No se que decirte-----------------I don't know what to say
esa es la verdad------------------That's the truth
si la gente quiere-----------------When people want to
sabe lastimar----------------------they can really hurt you

Tu y yo partiremos---------When you and I part
ellos no se mueven---------they will remain unmoved
pero en este cielo-----------But now, in this big sky
sola no me dejes------------don't leave me all alone

No me dejes, no me dejes------------Don't leave me...don't leave me
no me eschuches---------------------Don't listen to me
si te digo "no me ames"---------------when I say "don't love me"

no me dejes, no desarmes------------Don't leave me
mi corazon con ese "no me ames"-------Stop breaking my heart with that "Don't love me"

No me ames, te lo ruego------------Don't love me, I'm begging you
mi amargura dejame----------------Leave me with my bitterness

sabes bien, que no puedo-----------You know very well I can't do that
que es inutil-------------------------That it's useless
que siempre te amare--------------That I'll always love you

No me ames---------------------------Don't love me
pues te hare sufrir--------------------I'll only make you suffer
con este corazon que-----------------with this heart
se lleno de mil inviernos--------------that is full of a thousand winters

no me ames------------------------Don't love me
para asi olvidarte------------------to forget
de tus dias grises-----------------your sad grey days
quiero que me ames--------------I want you to love me
solo por amarme-----------------because you love me

No me ames---------------Don't love me
tu y yo volaremos-----------You and I
uno con el otro----------------will soar with each other
y seguiremos siempre juntos------and continue together forever

este amor es como el sol que sale---------This love is like the sun
tras de la tormenta---------------------------that comes out after a terrible storm

como dos cometas------------------Like two comets
en la misma estela------------------in the same galaxy

No me ames
No me ames
No me ames

No, no me ames
No me ames
No me ames
No me ames

Just a note to end - If you're planning on singing this song to someone special, do it in Spanish. It somehow loses its melodic lyrical essence when translated, dontcha think? Although when you say "Please don't love me" it does sound better than "Don't love me".

Oh Lordy I really should stop blogging this early in the morning. Substance is lacking in this entry I fear. ;)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Does Andrea Kill Adrian Pang???

Well start your year off right and watch Maggie & Me on the 1st of Jan to find out!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Its that wonderful time of the year

Merry Christmas!

I'm back home in KL, had my Aunt Pamela's wonderful Christmas Brunch this afternoon, followed by "Ta-Pau"-ed food for dinner. Am a very happy cat, me.

I'd like to take this opportunity and reflect on the past year, and thank everyone that has been essential in my journey to this date..

My family - I love you, and thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you for understanding when you can, and loving me no matter what.

My Friends - Malaysian Sisters: Eugenie, Siu Mae, Rhubzie... (*Does the special Taman Petaling handshake*) You guys are my pillars of Strength. Thank you for the advice when I needed it, the shoulder for me to cry on, and the smiles that greet me everytime we catch up. You guys knew me from way back, and I know we're going to be friends forever. Eugenie, can't wait for you to come to Singapore!! (Just incase y'all didnt know, y'know that chick with me in the Lee Hwa interstitial I did? That's Eugenie Chan. And she's coming to work in Singapore in January!!! Woooot! Now when are my other girls gonna do the same? :P)

My Friends in Singapore, and the rest of the world: Lance, Kai, Mariam, Mash, Arvind and the rest of the boys from Law School, Tinoq, Dr Calvin Chan and "Jenn" ;), Joan from Mediacorp, Michelle, Utt, Mardi, The rest of the people from Mediacorp, My beautiful manager Melissa Lam, Samuel Seow, Marcus his cute colleague, Michael Wang and Co. at Vintage Films, The Crew at Three Monkeys, Gwen, Mike, Sunny, Baba and Glen. Mighty Big Hugs all round, thanks for your support and love. I am honoured to have met you, and yes I know I may not keep in touch as much as I should, but I want you to know that ALL of you have a very special place in my heart always.

Last but not least, my dearest blog readers.

Thank you for your support in this short year, I know I may not update as much as I used to this recent months but I hope you understand that it is due to the amount of work and obligations that I need to fulfil. Its a really busy time for me at the moment, I am due to fly back to Singapore tomorrow, as I have work at 6am on the 27th!! And when one works as much as this, sometimes when I have a minute to myself to do nothing with, that's exactly what I want to do... Thank you also for the emails and wishes, May you have a merry Christmas, and a fantastic New Years! I'm gonna be in Singapore for the New Year for the first time, I'm so excited. :D

New Year Resolution? ... To become a healthier, happier person, to make others happy too when and as I can, and to set up my own Charity. ;) Anyone else?

Monday, December 10, 2007

I Come From the Land Down Under!

Yes, I realise its been a while since I've posted... but I have a really valid reason, honest!!

For the past week (and a bit), I've been in Australia!! Yep, went there for a little bit of work, and a little bit of play (who says business and pleasure don't mix?). I'm waiting to grab the pictures off my friend (who owns the camera. Note to self - always bring your own digicam!). It was really really great, I flew in to Brisbane, took a connecting flight to Canberra, drove two hours to Turros Heads, then took a scenic drive to Nowra, then to Wollongong, then to Sydney, then took another flight to Brisbane, spent the night there, and then came back last night! :D All that in a span of 9 days, I'm pretty impressed with myself!

Will be putting a really detailed photo commentary up soon, so watch this space!

In the meantime, as I've not checked my email in AGES, I realised this morning that I am a very busy girl in December. Huff! If y'all didn't quite catch it, I will acting in a feature film, called Carrotcake Conversations, to be directed by Micheal Wang. I will be starring opposite Adrian Pang and Alaric Tay amongst the few notable cast, and I am PSYCHED! Filming starts the end of December, the movie will be released next year around October (the film will be campaigned at several film festivals throughout the middle of next year before its released).

My role? Heh heh. I'm playing the role of a high end call girl. How la. My first role and I'm a prostitute. Lol! No seriously though, her name is Ruth, and she aspires to be Singapore's first Blues Singer. And if you think this movie is Singapore's reply to Lust, Caution, well you're sadly mistaken. *heh*. You just have to keep your eyes peeled for more details at :)

So yes, I'm a busy girl today! I need to whip my butt back into shape, pull up my socks and get back to work! Tis the season to be jolly, but I'm working all throughout! Don't even have time for my best friend's birthday on the 21st.. :( I need to make up for the fact that I've not been in Singapore for the last 10 days, and that means lost of cramped schedules. Ah such is life. But hey, its good to be back. :)