Monday, April 28, 2008

Nobody said it was easy....

Wah Lieu. (Yes I do say that once in a while now. lol)

I have two more exams to sit for. Sigh. But I have officially completed my LAST research paper EVER!!! *does big happy jolly dance around the room* Its been really hard trying to study and work for the last two years... but I have to say, it has definitely been worth it.

Anyways, if you've been following the latest entertainment news in Singapore, you'll know that Dance of the Dragon was a really glam affair. There was a red carpet affair, lots of friends. Thank GOD I remembered to bring my camera to take them pics. ;)

Photo taken by Benjamin Seetor, AsiaOne, equipment unknown.

My boys; Joakim and Nat Ho. They both looked so good that night I couldn't decide who to stand next to so I just went, "OK OK I STAND IN THE MIDDLE!" ;)

One of my favourite designers: Francis Cheong, with his guest Madam Lily. Francis designed Fann's dress you see in the last 'dance' of the movie. Beautiful!

"Quickly quickly while no one's looking! Take picture with the banner!" *blush* Nat: So thick skin ah not your movie also must pose?? My reply: For my BLOG readers LA! :P

The after party was at the Forbidden City, where we all just chilled out and had a really good time.

Male lead Jangng Hyuk. Such a sweetie.

I heart Calvin from EasternLightFilms! :) He's such a great, charismatic and sweet fella, I had to take a nice big huggly pic with him. :)

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures in this entry were taken with the Nikon Coolpix S52

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Carrot Cake Conversations Trailer

Production Stills

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh oh, the sweetest things!

Whoopdedaa I finally got a new camera, its the Nikon Coolpix S52! So yes, no more excuses on not having enough pictures up. From now on, (due to popular request) I'll be taking my camera out with me to my events, and sometimes even everyday stuff that I do, just to let y'all in on whats going on in this little bubble that is my world. ;)

Anyhoo guess what. I'm going to be so stressed out tomorrow. I have castings at 11am, 2pm and 5pm, and then I need to come back home and work on my Trademark law assignment which is due Friday at 5pm. Eeek! Can die lah. I have already completed half the assignment, and will need to do the rest of it tomorrow night/friday morning. No sleep for this little rabbit. :( But its ok, its my last paper for this module, after which I have another paper due in a week's time, and then two exams to sit for in May, and I'M DONE WITH LAW SCHOOL! (*clap hands* quick!)

Heh. So here's a funny story - I was shopping in Carefour, and suddenly *snap*! My slipper(/thongs/flipflops) broke, lah! Omg it was so embarassing, 'cause I was left dragging my left foot around the meat section like, *step*-*draaag*-*step*-*draaag*. Finally I couldn't do it anymore, and I was just like, to hell with it, and walked around barefoot ala Britney Spears. I pretended not to notice the stares, but the floor was really cold too. :( I could'vebought a pair there but I'm really picky with the things I buy... but maybe that didn't serve me too well 'cause the pair that ripped was a pair of Havaianas! Expensive slippers that lasted me, what, a year?! Blah. Very unhappy with the brand.... but may still buy another pair from there 'cause they're preeeetyyy.... heh. I am a girl after all. Infact I think I'm getting more girly by the day. I like my little pearl-baby-pink laptop, I just coloured my toes pink, and i'm looking forward to getting more pink accessories. I doubt I'd be as radical as this though. I was forwarded this link after my "Fashion Forward" raid post, and I guess, well, no my room doesn't look like that. Nothing wrong with it, its just a preference, right? Much respect to XiaXue (first time I read her blog, pretty interesting girl), its very very neat. I am *not* so neat, but still okay lah. ;) Tune in to Fashion Forward's upcomming ep (I don't know when mine's coming out, will let you know), when they raid my humble abode. ;)

Okay I'm exhausted, gotta hit the sack. Much love to y'all! :)

New Carrotcake Conversations Poster

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Work it, Baby!

Life. Its definitely a journey, and its one better to have no regrets for. So this post is, for several reasons, about beauty pageants and girls who want some tips on the upcoming tiara-fest.

1. Attitude is key.
There's nothing that makes you different from the next pretty girl standing on your left. What you can do is, from the moment you step on stage, smile and strut like you own it. Remember not to look too arrogant tho, 'cause that's a turn off. Walk like you know what you're doing, and remember - you're there to win, and to show the judges why you should be the next one to represent your country. Hold your head slightly higher, show teeth when you smile, even laugh a little if you like, in a "HaHa! Yeah I'm so happy to be here!" kinda way. Miss USA 2004 did it, and she went pretty far. ;)

2. Hair spray
Less on the head, more on the thighs. Yes, you heard me - not *too* much hair spray on your hair. You want it bouncy. But, putting lots on your thighs (and arms even), helps firm them up so they don't appear too jiggly. Hey I know we're human, all women have some fat on them whaat. ;) So go buy the "shine" type, the one that is supposed to create shiny hair at the same time. But only put it on about 5 mins before you get on stage. Things to watch out for; flaking of spray, creating white powderlike substance. That's why u need the 'shine' type of spray. Make sure you experiment at home first, ya so you know just how much to spray on.

Go get a tan!!! Tanned bodies look healthier, slimmer and more toned. I don't like the sun so much so I use Banana Boat's leave on fake tan lotion thingie. You can buy it from good pharmacies. Make sure you got your desired colour a day beforehand otherwise it'll streak. Also, put some shimmer on all areas exposed before you get on stage. Don't over do it, otherwise you'll look like a disco ball. And nice moisturised skin is good too so pack in a tub of body butter or something from the Body Shop and you'll smell yummy too. ;)

4. Acrylic nails
Go to Bellissima, Orchard towers and get yourself a set. They last for 3 weeks. :D French Tip nails are extra posh. So make sure you get them!

5. White teeth
Very big in the US, not so big in Singapore. Go get your teeth whitened. It makes a difference when you attempt (1) above.

6. Make sure you have (done) the necessaties.
Nipple tape? Check. Hollywood Tape? Check. Gel insoles for uncomfortable shoes? Got it. Silicone bra? Check - two pairs. Brazillian wax? Yep. Razors and tweezers? All packed with facial masks, and good moisturising shampoo. ;)

7. If you can afford it, get your face lasered.
Laser treatment on your face creates a glowing complexion. Its not too expensive for something that lasts a good month or two, and instantly lightens dark spots on your face. Also, it makes all your facial hairs white for some reason, so you instantly look brighter and fresh faced. And make up sits reaaaaaaaally well too.

8. Hair extensions
If you have thin hair. Volume matters, and ALL the ladies in at Miss Universe from Latin American countries have 'em. They're plugged in well. I suggest you go to the japanese place in the Heeren that weaves it in bit by bit. Its very glam, but very high maintenance. If you opt for it, pack in a straightener or curler, 'cause it looks horrid if you dont have it styled all the time. And extra extra moisturising shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.

9. Invest in good beauty products
If you're really serious about this, you'd start preperations early. Buy good undereye creams, facial foams etc. It doesn't need to be expensive, get one that suits your skin. I find that Olay products are pretty good as it cleans effectively yet moisturises at the same time. Also get a small tub of Vaseline for your lips. It aso helps tame unruly brows. Buy good make up. I swear by the Radiant Touch pen by YSL for days requiring only light make up. Put under eyes, on cheeks and nose, followed by compact powder over for a very natural look. Also look for a makeup range that has a range of 'stay on forever' foundations that don't come off even if you've had it on the entire day. But remember, the most important thing is to have good skin to begin with!

The higher the heel, the better. TRUST ME. You want to stand out, and what better way than to stand tall? Shoulders back, head slightly lifted. And a pair of 5 to 6 inch heels to boot. ;) Ferragamo is good for very stylish, high heels. For those with lesser budgets, go hunting for heels that have a little bit of 'height' in front as well, so as not to strain your feet too bad.

11. Know how to work it
I used to practice smiling in front of a mirror to perfect my camera pose for my face. Do it. Don't worry no one's watching, no one will know. Heh. I still do it now, just to see how I can pose for photos differently. Use a full length mirror to see which angle suits your body best.

12. Have fun
Remember a pageant is supposed to be an enjoyable event. Over competitiveness is unattractive, and you can be deemed as a try-hard. Only one girl can win. So as long as you enjoy the journey, it'll have been worth it, trust me. ;)

Sigh. I really wish I knew all I do back then. Oh well. Starting to wish I could join a pageant again... heh! Its really so much fun, and if you're thinking about it, I strongly suggest you give it a go. Good luck, and God bless girls. :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

SK Jewellery Event

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Channel News Asia Interview for En Bloc

Hey Guys! :) In case you weren't able to catch the interview on CNA this morning, this is for you.

It was lots of fun, my second time on CNA. The last time I was with Michelle Chia, and this time I was with Emida, Executive producer, and Nat Ho my "younger brother". He's such a sweetie. Heh.

"What're you doing?! You're on top trying to take advantage of Tina?? SHE'S A SCHOOL GIRL!!" (I proceded to slap him on the arm several times, and Nat was like, "No, Che! *Ow!* I didn't la! *OW!*")

Thought of popping by 987fm's studio and saying Hi to my PrimeTime morning boys, Dan and Young. That picture Young is pointing to was one he stuck up when I first appeared on 8 Days as a DOND girl. Lol!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Life, oh life..

I'm a supersticious girl,
I'm the worst in the world
Never walk under ladders,
I keep a rabbit's tail (fake one, don't buy animal furs okay....)

Lol! I'm feeling especially chirpy today! Hence my two blog posts in a row - tee hee. I'm still trying to figure out why my pics from *that-certain-cd-burnt* won't upload into my computer and into my blog post btw. But I shan't let that dampen my spirits!! :)

So I'm currently writing a paper on biomedical law, its about minors (below 21 yrs old) and their 'choice' when it comes to medical decisions. Did you know that the court can overrule your rejection of medication and force you to undergo treatment? Example, if you're a Jehovah Witness, and you reject blood transfusions, the hospital can apply for leave, and the court can say, "okay go ahead put blood into her eventhough she signed a card saying she didn't want that, and even though her parents don't support it". Hmmm. Welfare vs Autonomy. Tough moot point, that.

But serious stuff aside, I came home the other day and guess what?? I was raided by the Fashion Police from Fashion Forward!! *Lol* I don't know when the episode is up, but I'll find out and let y'all know about it. No one has ever stepped into my bedroom with a camera before! I don't have a huge collection of clothes, but its growing lah. heh.

In the meantime, I was forwarded this little thing, and it made me burst out laughing. Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did! (oh if only such humour would be tolerated in Singapore...)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Momma, momma you know I love you...

Hey guys!

Get an exclusive peek into my life this week on 8 days. I did a special with my mother, go get it and tell me what you think.

The whole shoot was really fun, much thanks to Tinoq Russell Goh for the amazing make up, Fong Fan, one of the best stylists in Singapore, and Serene from 8 days for the amazing interview write up. :) She totally nailed it.

Also guess what I was up to a few weekends ago? I shot Teman for 8TV (Malaysian Channel), and it involved me bringing the two hosts around Singapore for a 'road trip'. Belinda and Melissa were really great, they were so sweet and friendly. The highlight of it all for me was when we went to Sentosa, to the Dolphin Lagoon! I got into the water (fully decked out in my True Religion jeans and my Ed Hardy top some more!), and got completely drenched to touch the dolphin. Totally worth it, its always been one of my dreams to touch one. Next, I gotta go swimming with wild dolphins!

Seriously though, it was such an experience, I almost cried. Actually I did, I teared a little especially when she came up close and kissed me on the cheek. Its amazing, dolphins are one of the most intelligent mammals, did you know that? I could feel it, it was thinking, I knew it was having fun and did what the trainer asked it to just to make everyone happy. Beautiful. I managed to get my hands on the photos, so here ya go. ;)

Friday, April 4, 2008

I want to be where the sun hits the sky..

(Okay I know this is pretty bad poetry, but I'm putting this post up for a reason. So critique it if you like, but I know I made someone smile by doing this. So Nyeh! :P)

Down in a valley, sat a farm
"Farm Fresh - Best Meats, Vegetables and Fruits"
Its been good business for the farmer
He's been blessed so far

A cloud has formed
Over the pretty little farm
The farmer looks up
He knows he's in for a trying time.

He gathers the sheep again
And pulls in the horses
But this storm is different
It sends shivers down his spine

He tries his best
But not knowing the future
Holds on to his hat
Knowing this may just be a test

For two years he has worked the fields
Sowing seeds, waiting for harvest
He's had it tough here and there
But he fears this may be the toughest

So the rain falls,
For days and days,
Drowning the stock, flooding the fields
He is helpless

Then the rain stops
And the farmer looks out the window
Its sunny now, but his farm is ruined
How will he go on? Its not the same

So he puts on his boots
And walks out to check
Then with a smile on his face
He sees fish swimming in the pond of water before him

"Okay," he says, as he takes down the sign
With his shaky hands he writes over it again with wet chalk
"Fisherman's Freshest - Best Fish, Prawns and Bait"
He looks at the pond again
Knowing its there to stay
And after being a farmer his whole life
He pulls out a rod, and casts out a net
As the sun sets in the valley's sky.