Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Big Long Post


Okay so its been a while, I've been eating mandarin oranges and collecting angpows all week. This has honestly been one of the best CNYs ever, I only wish the entire family was back for it. Natasha Lena and Adeline were all overseas, so it was just Mum, Dad and lil' ol' me here in KL. Awesomely good nonetheless.

So I've got a few things to do in this blog. First Up!

Answering some Questions that you guys wrote in. Note: Sorry can't answer all of them in a go, we'll come it coming as I keep posting ya? ;)

So here goes!:

1.Back then, you won the pageant pre-marie france. But in your personal life, do people around you pay more attention to you, or suddenly take more interest in you just because your are hotter & slimmer now?

People definitely started paying me more attention when I started appearing on magazine covers and on TV. Often times I got calls from acquaintences who never used to want to catch up, and now they're all like, "Oh Andrea come to my place for dinner!". I go like, wha? I mean I appreciate it and all, but its kinda funny when people only want to get to know me better when I got a little famous.

2. Has being sexy and slim now made people unwittingly focused on your looks rather than your personality?

It surprises people who just get to know me that I'm a Law Graduate. Whats the big wow about? I don't get that. At Miss Universe '04, Miss Peru was a doctor. That's right. DOCTOR MISS PERU. None of us even blinked when she told us, (I just think that's awesome), and we all respected each other. People seem to think that just 'cause someone's good looking, they don't need to focus on other aspects of their lives, or don't want to. I think that's just wrong.

3. Do you get alot of unwanted stalker attention from guys when you are in Singapore or Malaysia? Being a pretty gal and all, do you get random men coming up to you wanting to be your friend? And if so, how do you differentiate the genuines ones?

Proposal to be a 'kept woman'? Check. Random hitting on me? Check. Stalker? Double check.(<<<--- that's why I don't like to post where I'll be eg. events etc, until the very last minute or unless necessary. Infact, I'll be changing my phone number soon.) Difference between them and genuine interest? Just the vibe I get from the person, you gradually begin to be able to tell. When I met Paul, he had no clue who I was, or what I did for a living. All he knew from a common friend was that I was a Law graduate, and that's how we started talking. He lacked all 'sleaze-vibes', which is why we got along so well. So maybe I'll pose this question to him and ask him how he did it. Lol! 4. About your cover shots etc, most are stunningly hot & sexy. How does your parents react to that, especially dad?

*Laughs*! Yes. Daddy doesn't approve of FHM shots, but has come to realise that the industry is as it is, and allows me to do what I need to do for work's sake. But he did shy away from watching Carrotcake Conversations though, simply cause he didn't want to see me act as a prostitute. Even though it was nothing like the real thing! Lol. He's cute. Mum understands more, but urges me to not do men's magazines anymore... so I told her that I will only do so if the shoot is something exciting that I want to do. So far FHM has been very good to my career, I pointed that out to her, and she can't help but agree so.

5. Has being beautiful been more a blesssing or a bane to you?

First up, I don't see myself as being stunningly beautiful like Michelle Chia or y'know, like Nadya Hutagalung. I'm answering these questions under the assumption that I am because of what you guys thinks, and also on how my life has changed post Marie France. Honestly speaking I look in the mirror and I see the same girl that looked back at me six years ago. Andrea. Same eyes, nose, mouth, large ears, goofy grin. Blessing or bane? well, I think its pretty even. I actually find it harder to meet more sincere people these days, and people always have an assumption about me (good or bad) based on what they read me as. But I always try to keep it as real as possible, so hopefully that shows.

(The above questions were sent in by Cheng Eu-Hahn. Thanks luv! Hope that answers it for ya.)

Will be getting to the others soon.

Now. On to the next topic,I attended a CNY dinner hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Sin (who own Rafflesia and Mandalay, they specialise in Pearls, Jades and Rubies). Beautiful event, flanked by heaps of supportive celebs such as Jimmy Choo, Ning Baizura and Anita Sarawak.

Mrs. Sin herself

So glam right. Lol. I have this really bad habit of late being really lazy to take pictures, but I made it a point to do so I can blog about it and show you guys. All together now *AWWWwwww*. ;)

I used RMK makeup for this event. They have a fantastic range of foundations which I find really really suits Asian skin. They have a counter at Isetan Scotts, I swear I am a new fan. Their make up base is really really good as well, and smells glorious! Just incase you guys would like to know, I'll let you in on what I used to create my look that night. Btw, it may look like I wasn't wearing alot of make up.. well, cause I wasn't! *laughs* I was going for a more 'natural' look since my dress was already so loud... but on hindsight I think I could've used more blusher. oh well. :) Live and learn. You can use this simple step-by-step for any big day really, or even a casual meeting.

1. Cleanse face, apply oil-free moisturiser and make up base.

2. Use a highlighter - I used RMK's highlighter in Coral. Apply only to cheekbones, undereyes and nose.

3. Apply foundation. One shade lighter around eyes, cheekbones and nose first, maybe along the bottom of your forehead a little. Any area you'd like to highlight basically.

4. Use one shade darker foundation along your jawline, top of forehead, temples and just below your cheekbones. Any extra areas that need a little more coverage and highlighting, (such as undereyes), use the Radiant Touch pen by YSL. I've blogged about this before, its a miracle worker!

5. Apply loose powder. Dust a lighter shade of blusher along the highest point of your cheekbones, with slightly darker shade from your temples down to your jaw. BLEND WELL otherwise you'd look really funny. I like YSL's blushers, they have a little glitter in them.

6. Apply *a little* bronzer all around your T-zone for healthy glow.

7. Use eye make up colour of your choice (again, RMK has a great line of eye colours), line lower and upper eyelids. I use MAC's waterproof pencil eyeliner, its really really good. And Shiseido's liquid pen eyeliner for the upper lid.

8. Curl lashes, use mascara (Dior Blackout is amazing), and use lipstick and gloss of your choice. I use Benetint lip and cheekstainer (LOVE IT! looks really natural and doesn't rub off!), with YSL's lip gloss pen with glitter in them. It isn't too sticky or shiny, but stays on well.

All done! :) A little tip: instead of using lipstick which tends to kiss off very easily, use a lipbalm, followed by a lip-liner to colour in your lips. The colour from lip-liners tend to last better.

Hope you girls found that helpful. :)

Alrighty then, I've got to get some sleep! Hope you all had a fantastic CNY!!