Friday, March 6, 2009

The best year yet

2009 has been really, really good so far. :)

I think I'm finally finding the perfect balance between work, play, love and life. Here's a quick update with that.

Work has been great. My campaign with True Yoga will launch in a few months, the photoshoot was so much fun! I worked with Mr. Universe 2004 (go google!) and he's HUUUUGE! Like, literally! Also he's the new Terminator in Terminator Salvation. Am currently working on a few independent projects, short films which will be taken throughout the world on film festivals, and am looking forward to working more in KL. :)

Roland and I. He's HUGE!


The man who taught me to bend over. Backwards.

Just attended a friend's wedding in Perth recently. She got married to her first love, whom she met at the tender age of 16! They went out for a while before going their seperate ways, and a few years later, Voila! They met, realised they still loved each other, and got married! In the words of the Emcee that night (Mark Pieri, awesome job): Love is like a motorcycle. Sometimes you need to kick it twice to get it started. I've never been to a wedding in Oz before, and I have to say. Its VERY different from weddings in Asia. It was loud (in a very good way), there were loads of jokes, laughter and DRINKS. Man can they drink. My poor Asian liver couldn't keep up at all, and I knew it so I didn't even bother trying.

The New Mr. and Mrs. Potger.

:) Am very happy. Paul's still as fantastic as ever, and everytime I visited Perth I found a fresh bouquet of my favourite flowers (pPink starburst lillies) on the table. He said the sweetest thing the other day: that he never knew he could be so happy with anyone, and that his life was complete with me in it. *Awwwww* (try not to gag).

And you wouldn't believe it >>>> HE BOUGHT ME A CAR. (okay so maybe I'm 'boosting'a little here *guffaw* but I'm just so happy with it I just HAD to share it with everyone!). See the thing is, I visit Paul pretty often here in Perth, when work permits. And because he knows I can't drive his manual car (with absolutely no power steering), he bought me a Honda Accord Euro. So I can use it everytime I came to Perth, and not be stuck at home while he's busy at work. :D

Family is doing well. Mum and Dad are missing their children, which is why I'm flying back to KL for Mum's Birthday mid March! :) Cant wait to get home, and have lots of Mum's cooking. Dad's health is steady yet, knock on wood. Miss them both heaps lah, can't wait!!!

So there you have it! A v. brief update on things at the moment. As I am not at my laptop right now, I can't post any pics up, but they will be edited in with time. Meanwhile, take care, and I hope 2009 has been good so far for you guys too. :)

Mum, myself and Dad taken during Chinese New Year. Dad found a hat that I got in a goodie bag and decided it was perfect for gardening. Heh. Bless!