Saturday, September 11, 2010

Love Long Distance

So... Now that you're MARRIED....

"So when are you moving to Australia?"

Uh, I don't know.

"*blur look*"

Well, you see, Paul just got awarded Directorship at his firm, and I'm running the Miss Universe Malaysia Pageant, and neither of us want to sacrifice our careers just yet so...

"*Attempting to hide surprised look* Wow.. Okay.. that must be.. hard...?!"

Yeah, it is, I miss him. We still see each other once a month on average though.. *awkward smile*

"Heh..heh.. yeah. Wow. Yeah. .. WOW."

....Yeah. Oooh look I'm just going to.. uh... yeah go to my friend..over..there....


Okay so maybe that's not how it always goes, but the conversation above is a true story! I know its not conventional, since a "Good Wife" will be with "Her Husband" at all times...

But lets think about it this way.

I'm lucky enough to have found the man of my dreams, who supports me in everything I do, and my happiness is his. I am happy as National Director of Miss Universe Malaysia. I am happy to be able to see my now 72 year old father every morning and night. I am happy with my friends, my social life and my career.

If I have the rest of my life with Paul to look forward to, I don't see why enjoying what makes me happy for a while longer yet is such a bad thing!

The same goes for Paul, who has finally found an area of the Law that he enjoys. His friends and family are in Perth as well. I can't drag him away from that to stay in Malaysia to be my man-bag! (though it was tempting even to him at times LOL!). He would not be able to practice Law here, and would miss out on valuable years at the firm.. it just makes sense for him to be in Perth for now.

Yes, we trust each other. We speak every day, in fact, a few times a day! I travel with our framed photo in my suitcase, I text him on average 10 times a day, and we try to plan two big holidays a year together. When I am not working, I take time to go to Perth, and when he has the time, he flies to KL.

It's expensive, but its worth it.

And if I had a choice between having my soulmate far away, than not at all, I'd much rather pick the former! Wouldn't you?

Rempit-ing in Phuket
Peas in a Pod!
..Distance; a tiny obstacle with a bond this strong!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love at first sight

Love at first sight

Thanks Kee for the really cute write-up!

Just to note tho - Paul and I didn't met last September, we met May 2008. :)


Monday, August 9, 2010

Nadine's journey begins: its a long distance relationship for now!

Nadine's in Mandalay Bay, Vegas, I'm in downtown Manhattan, New York.

But I'm still in control *muahaha!*

Here's a pic Nadine has sent to me for me to keep up to date with her progress. Due to her allergies and the INSANELY salty foods in Vegas, she's started to retain a little bit of water - have spoken to her about that and we're going to try to change her diet a little.

Keep up to date with Nadine's progress @ Miss Universe here and here.

On to other things -- as mentioned I'm currently in NYC for a week for a little work and alot of play. I really like where I'm at, it was love at first sight really. Am staying with one of my husband's best friends, Mark Pieri, who has been in Manhattan for four years now. Taking pics on my journeys, catch them here.

Tonight I'm making my speciality Spag-Bolognaise for Mark and his sweet flatmate Maureen. :) Fun times, FINALLY a day of relaxation...!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

How to get that Winning Smile..!

As you would know, if you've been following my FB page, you'd know Nadine and I have both gone for extensive teeth whineting at MyDentist. Results have been amazing, especially in Nadine's case, as you can see from the pictures in my posts with her!
I really have to seriously recommend it (and you know I don't anyhow-recommend-things on my blog). Dr. Foo has not paid me for this at all:: I've been to alot of dentists and there's a reason why he's known to be the best in his field. :D
Thanks Doc! :D

Friday, July 16, 2010

Training Nadine Entry 04: Almost there

Latest picture from Nadine's Official Photoshoot: Thanks to Anneff@Parkson, Melinda Looi, Elegance Club, Xpression Master with L'Oreal Paris and A Cut Above. Photos by StudioROM. For more pics, hop over to the Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation Official Facebook Page.

Nadine's been going very well, keeping up with her Bikram Yoga @ True Yoga and gymming at True Fitness. She's been quite disciplined thus far and is taking on instructions well.

The shoot was conducted in one day, with a total of Four looks, (Plus National Costume, but I can't upload that:: Officially Unveiled on Monday at Parkson, Pavilion KL!).

Basically our angle was to experiement with looks, to get as many different 'types' of shots as we could. We infused the good Old Hollywood Glamour charm to see how she'd look as a Malaysian Marilyn Monroe. It worked pretty well as you can see form the link yourself!

Right now Nadine is under house arrest as we went to Dr. Calvin Chan for an incredible facial called the .. er... I can't really remember. But its similar to a chemical peel, whereby Nadine's skin will flake for about an entire week, to reveal a fresh, spot-free face. Other things that we have for her preperation:
- Vitamin C Serum: To brighten and nourish
- Rejuvenating Serum: To .. er, rejuvenate her skin
- Pigment Bar: To even out her skintone (especially elbows, knees)
(All from the Calvin Chan Aesthetics Line which he has inhouse).

We also got a LOVELY line of products from L'Oreal Paris. I highly recommend the Hydrafresh line, its moisturiser in a lovely gel texture. Also do try the White Perfect Double Essence. It plumps up your skin, and promotes a "Rosy Glow". I've personally been using it for a while now, and I would recommend going in this direction if you can't stay in your house for a week just for your skin to peel off!! ;)

Nadine's also been working on her QnAs.. and we'll be going over her catwalk next week with some luck! I've been SO busy with my wedding, I'm feeling a little guilty on not training her enough. But that's just me being a perfectionist;; If I had my way, Nadine and I would be living together!!

I went over to Nadine's place on Tuesday to drop by and say hi to her Mom, it was the first time I was going to meet her. I can only understand a mother's concern over the safety of her daughter.. I'm sure Aunty Christine was like, "Who is this woman! Why is my daughter looking so thin now!! WHY is she attending events at this hour? (er, 10pm only what? heh!), IS SHE SAFE???"

Needless to say it was a smooth meeting, I assured Aunty Christine that I was here solely for Nadine's best interest.. to give her as best a chance as she has at the Miss Universe Pageant.

After that, we looked through Nadine's wardrobe to see what could be used to supplement her full casual wardrobe supplied by Parkson to take to Vegas. Bottom line was: PARKSON WE NEED MORE CLOTHES LAH NADINE WEARS WAAAAY TOO MUCH SOLID COLOURS!! ;) Parkson heard me, and I'm looking forward to accessing all the AMAAAYZING brands they have in house: Desigual, Sisley, FCUK, Miss Sixty, Bread n Butter... *rubs hands in glee!*

My angle for Nadine is not to be too OTT at the Pageant. Nadine is exactly what the pageant is this year: Hip, Urban, Relevant and Real. She will not be in cocktail dresses 24/7 -- she's a jeans and top kinda girl. But there are ways to wear such clothings, and then there are ways to wear such clothings in order for it to look stylish, chic and effortless. I really do believe that Nadine has what it takes to pull the MTV Awards-esque sort of look where you look stylish, but not overdone.

Two weeks or so before she's off to Vegas. Wow. Before we know it, it'll all be over!!

Till next time,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Training Nadine Entry 03: A Star is Born

Having alot to smile about

Am really happy with the finished result of Nadine's shoot -- we went to The Thistle Port Dickson Resort for her first ever full swimwear shoot.

In short, she blew me away.

She took every little piece of advice, was a trooper on hard tree branches, sand, stones, I cannot say how dedicated and hardworking this young lady is. All her physical lack of training/grooming have now been addressed:

Bad habit of hiding her neck when she takes pictures: Gone!

PS: Notice how you can't run away from rubbing off on people... LOL!

..anyway back to Nadine... ;)

Learning her best angles

Major Toning UP - check out the oblique muscle just catching the light there -- the hours of Bikram Hot Yoga has done wonders!

I always knew she had it in her, I think she knew she had it in her as well... she just needed that extra 'push' to go further. Am so happy she joined the pageant, and I daresay she is one of the most beautiful Miss Universe Malaysia winners in history. (Coming a close second to my mother perhaps? ;) Love you Mom!)

In fact, for those who are unaware -- the judging panel consisted of 6 former Miss Unviverse Malaysia Queens , and two other male industry experts. They all unanimously agreed that Nadine was the best choice to represent Malaysia, and looking at these pictures, they really got that right!

Just in case you were wondering, I wasn't involved in the judging on the Final Night at all! ;)

Anyway back to Nadine: We actually went to Dr. Calvin Chan in Singapore to get her full body hair removal, even out her skin tone, and he also prescribed her topical medication for the scars left behind from her younger days of raging acne. (Nadine had Chronic Cystic Acne up until two years ago)

We did several treatments, amongst them are:

Medilite C6 Laser Toning

Medilite is perfect for facial acne scars, open pores, and it also reduces hair thickness and rate of growth.

ZAP! Ingrown Hair, Open pores, Scars, BEGONE!

and Cutera XL Coolglide, the best option for darker skinned ladies who cannot undergo IPL treatments and need to get permanent hair removal. Nadine did it on her underarms. Its a *little* more painful than the Medilite, but much more powerful in permanent hair removal.

I chose to drive all the way down to Singapore with Nadine and Kelly (our make-up artist) simply because Dr. Chan is a doctor that I've been going to for the exact same treatments since 2007. I would never put Nadine through anything I have not experienced before... I guess that's one of the benefits having me as a mentor; I'm so vain that I've tried every possible facial / hair removal treatments possible..? ;)

Whilst I am a firm believer in technology and science helping us to look our best, I do however draw the line at invasive procedures: I do not think Nadine needs to go or should go for any form of plastic surgery. She has a wide jaw, full cheeks, quite a wide-framed body (not narrow like some models) -- but I think that all ads to her Hip Urban Relevant and REAL feel about her.

I am sure you can get the above treatments in Malaysia but as I've never tried anyone in Malaysia and I know Calvin very well (he used to play cards with Paul in Uni! Small world!), and on top of him absolutely trustworthy (he wont perform procedures he doesn't think you need - a rarity in this industry!), the 4 hour drive was well worth it.

Nadine's skin is glowing now, and we will be going back for more follow-up visits.

Physicality aside, I am constantly getting to know her better, which helps me build a sense of *self* about her for her to believe in as well. I am brutally honest in telling her off (say thank you for lunch! You forgot to say thank you to our sponsor!), in the manner of which she talks, and stands. She is actually a very vibrant girl with a wicked sense of humour and a contagious laugh -- she just doesn't open up when you simply press "PLAY". We're trying a few techniques soon to combat that, which I will be recording... so that's what our next post update will be. :)

Till then, Momma Fonzie is Signing Off -- need to update my Wedding Blog soon!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pageant Week Webisodes: Pretty interesting stuff!

A little delayed, but what can you do. ;)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Training Nadine Entry 02

~~As mentioned below, part of Nadine's Training is to make herself up first thing in the morning, time how long she takes, and then emails the shots to me. I then advise her on how to improve the shots, and how to make her features stand out more.
In this case, as it is a fully frontal shot, she needed to shade her face a little more (her jac) and also highlight her cheeks and the bridge of her nose more. Her eyes are very nice, (that's her trademark), but I will definitely caution her against always having the same 'safe' make-up. It may become boring. She'll need to be more adventurous, and with T-50 days to Vegas.
That's right!!! its FIFTY days to VEGAS for her. Time to pull up our socks and get into it!!
Tomorrow, Nadine and I are attending a Sex And The City Moet Preview and Party, and we're going to the Thistle Port Dickson Resort for a sssizzling bikini shoot. She's looking very good right now (don't let the chubby cheeks fool you -- she's just been to the dentist hence some swelling), so am very excited on things.
Wil definitely update once all is done.
Till then, You can call me Momma Hen Fonseka. Or Momma Fonzie for short. ;)
Ps: in the middle of all of this, I'm also planning my WEDDING! I'm rushing for time, and .. am a little anxious to be honest. 0_O

Friday, June 11, 2010

Nadine Ann Thomas: Candids

Training Nadine Entry 01

Pics I took of Nadine today, first was after her shoot with Ieaye of with Amir Luqman! (*mwah! Thanks guys!*), the second at the Redberry event this evening. Apologies on picture condition, Nadine's Brand New SonyCyber-shot was out of battery!! Silly girl. ;)

Nadine's progress is coming along really well. We've been working on several aspects:
1. Teeth -- Gotta have that winning SMILE!
MyDentist has given Nadine SPARKLING white teeth -- Dr. Foo is God-Sent!
See, Nadine had braces before for many years and as a result, she suffered from severe staining on her teeth. Last Monday she went to The Smile Doctors and they scaled, whitened and gave her a transparent retainer (not a permanent one like she had before for her lower teeth), and they've done a reaaaally great job.
2. Fitness
With Nadine now going to True Fitness, she's really toning up. I am a little concerned with her though as she tends to put on muscles very easily -- am going to need to speak to her trainer on that. We can't have her looking too bulky -- a good balance of being toned and lean would be best. I do think she's putting on a little too much muscle -- Mr. Personal Trainer and I will need to have words!!
3. Skin
With L'Oreal Paris on board, we've amaaazing products for Nadine to use, both for skincare and cosmetics. However she did suffer from severe chicken pox when she was younger, and we're remedying the scars with some creams I got from my trusted skin-doctor Dr. Calvin Chan, whom I swear by (swing over he's in Wheelock on Orchard road in Singapore - his treatments are ah-may-zing!). We've spoken to her family physician who also recommended Moenomycin for her skin -- Nadine sometimes breaks out on her back and upper -- its a mild antibiotic to help her skin's "good bacteria". It seems to be working a charm!
I also went to Perth recently and brought back St. Tropez Tanning Mousse to even out her skin-tone and give her that olive-glow finish on her skin. Will be going over to Nadine's place tomorrow to test it out! (Pictures to come I promise! ;))
4. Fashion

In my travels I also pick up accessories that I believe will suit Nadine, especially when they're on sale (This morning @ Perth Intl Airport: Diva was on sale, THREE bunches of whatever you wanted for AUD10!!) . And I have also bought the most beautiful one-piece for her to do a shoot with, can't wait to show you all how that goes. I'm really excited, we've got Michele Yong, whom I would say is goign to be oe of Malaysia's most talented exports (she's moving to Paris at the end of the month) and we're going to do a shoot with her, soon! [[[top secret for now]]] ;)
5. Public speaking and Presentation
Have been taking Nadine to many of the best events in KL just to get her used to the camera, to break her bad habits on how she poses in pictures. She tends to slouch forward with her chin down, which creates the illusion that she has a short neck --> Not True! So when I am with her, like I was today at Redberry's launch I keep reminding her on her posture. She also needs to smile more! Especially now that she has those amazing teeth!!!
Its not going to be a walk in the park, but I have to say that Nadine, luv if you're reading this: Love you lots. I'm going to be coming down hard on you for the next two months, but its only because I know you're worth the effort I am putting into this. You are an intelligent, beautiful young lady, and I am sooo happy that you are willing to work with me wholeheartedly on this.
Next Up:
1. More GYM: I forsee ABS in VEGAS!
2. Styling lessons: Nadine must learn how to put together a 'look' with make-up and hair in an hour --> People are surprised that Delegates actually have to do their own hair and make-up most of the time at Miss Universe! There are make-up artists, but Nadine must be confident on her strongest points and capitalise on them. With 85 candidates from around the world, it is forseeable that Nadine will not get 100% love and attention from her designated make-up artist in Vegas, hence she needs to learn how to take care of herself!
3. National Costume: As some of you may know, Amir Luqman is the Official Designer for this year's National Costume. We're going to be having a spectacular photoshoot, and reveal it in all its glory in a press conference! :)
4. Hair: I need to consult Winnie Loo on Nadine's hair colour. Its beautifully black right now, but with her new skin and complexion, it may be worth while to look at other colours to further enhance her beauty.
5. Catwalk and Interview skills: Am actually going to be renting out a meeting room in a hotel in Petaling Jaya, to get Nadine to practice speaking into a microphone, as that is how she will be communicating to the judges (and the audience) in Vegas. Will then get Sony's Handycam (thank GOD they came on board as sponsors!! ;) to record her speaking, and also her catwalk, because there's no better way to learn that to watch yourself on TV. ;)
Well its a full month ahead, I'm also going to have to plan a wedding. :S More on that later. All I can say is: Thank.God.For.Jovian.Mandagie. xoxoxoxox!!!! :D

Friday, May 21, 2010

Congratulations NAT!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you.. Nadine Ann Thomas!
Very proud of our New Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 -- she's been working very hard; I personally believe that she has what it takes to do very well at Miss Universe!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pageant Week : Outside Looking In

Venezuela's representative to this year's Miss Universe ~ Just one of the Competitors our New Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 will have be up against!

Okay so whilst the Finalists for the Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 pageant have been busy blogging and what-not, I was busy.. well, being with them, talking, advising, helping, scolding, feeding, training, (trying to be) inspiring them.

It wasn't easy. It was the first time I've done this, I am sure I could've done more, or made better decisions at any one point.

Here's what I found:

The girls were Hip, Urban, Most of them were Relevant, and not all of them were Real. Well, not initially anyway.

Yes, its a competition. Most of them became fast friends, ALL of them were well behaved in my presence, (apparently I scare them?), but.. for most, their true competitive colours only began to shine through after day 3; when the Challenges started.

I guess its when we throw mini-competitions their way, did it finally dawn upon them how THEY WERE COMPETING AGAINST EACH OTHER!

I mean, it was Day One that I informed them:

Look around you. For 17 of you, one girl you see will beat you, and win. Are you going to let that happen?

I guess it took a while for that to sink in?

But everyone became "Best Friends" and "everyone was lovely" by the end of day 2. Okay that's all fine and dandy, I was actually pleasantly surprised.

And then, apparently, it began.

We had the Sony I-Spy Challenge, the team with the fastest time did not win - it was the team with the most perfect pictures. (*whisper-whisper-grumble-grumble*)

Then we had the Parkson Style Challenge, where each girl was left to her own devices to grab clothes from the rack to style themselves for it. Some girls were left without much of a choice, others were allegedly pushed and trampled on. (*grr. Arg.*)

The next day we had a True Fitness Challenge, one girl got two out of three awards. (*raised eyebrow*)

[Mind you - Team MUMO and I were there, 24/7, to ensure that everything was executed in a fair and precise manner. We were judge and jury when it came to issues down the line, and we ensured that ALL finalists had as equal a chance as their peers to compete and win. The activities were planned for the sole intention of building team spirit, and allowing the reality of competition to dawn upon them at the same time.]

I find out later, (recently), that there were some unhappy finalists, that it wasn't as rosy as I initially had surprisingly thought. Some finalists have confided in me -- *Andrea says in Yoda voice* judge them or their 'foes' I do not, but interested in the psyche of how things have "flipped", I am.

Does that make the Finalists bad people? Does it make them hypocrites?



It makes them Human. It makes them finally, Real! It showed us all how they handled stress, how they handled losing, and winning. (Tune in to Webisodes to witness their Journey to Real-ness!)

I mean, Seriously. Do we really expect 18 strong, ambitious, intelligent young women to get along, under the pressure of Stress and Competition?

Please-lah. ;)

There's a cracking point for all of us. There's a reaction to every action. There's a legit reason for their feeling the way they do.

.................I guess that's why we have Pageant Week - and not Pageant Day?

***Note to Finalists who are reading this: Lets be real from this day forward? Lets kinda take a line out of Avatar, and use it to context:: I see you. Deep, them words are. (Again in Yoda Voice please?)
If you don't like someone, you needn't layan them -- its absolutely fine. However you must remember that its common courtesy to be at least civil at all times. I am not saying we should all tolerate bit*hyness, I am saying that its absolutely normal to get upset when you lose out on something! Its absolutely normal to feel threatened in a state of competition, or to become more competitive! The key is: How to handle it so that it makes you the bigger person, and How to not allow things to upset you so much so that you are side-tracked from the obvious goal that you have in mind:: To win!

Read the Art of War, and the Art of Power. Whilst ruthless, some of the advice in those books do make some sense.

And to the girls who have truly made fast friends, good for you. Sincerity is key here, its when you can look at each other in the eye, smile and say, "I hope I beat you!" - and know that you can still be friends tomorrow -- THATs when you should really know that you found a friend. ;)

Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm so PROUD of them!

Check out the blogs of the Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 Finalists!

Not just pretty faces... ;)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pageant Week Pointers

Okay so we al know we've got Pageant Week coming up for the New Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 finalists coming up this weekend. For their reference, and to everyone out there who will be joining a pageant, here's what you need to pack.

Silicone bra

Nipple tape

Thick scotch tape (masking tape) – tan coloured if you’re fair, black if you’re darker.

Hollywood tape (double sided tape from stationary shops aint gonna cut it, not sticky enough. Get the Hollywood tape – you can get it from but buy it from Parkson, with the silicone bra, above.

Heels – two types: The ones you can walk in, and the ones that just look good. You will have different occasions to wear them no worries.

Sneakers, sports bras, tights and flipflops – you will / should be going to the gym.

Body lotion, preferably with glitter in it. Otherwise just have some body shine on hand.

Face masks – deep cleansing ones to suck the muck out of your face after 18 hours of make-up. Hydrating and Moiturising ones to deal with harsh air con.

False eye lashes that you already know suit you.

Hair dryer – the ones in hotels cant dry a bald cat if it was wet.

Straightener and curlers as well – we’re not going to have hair stylists for you all the time

Make up remover – lots of it. Best buys: Johnson’s baby oil to remove eye makeup for budget, Clinique eye-makeup remover (oil and water in one bottle) otherwise.

Accessories – you need to look dolled up even walking around the hotel.

A handbag big enough to fit two pairs of shoes in. You will have alot of things to carry around, plastic bags are so-not-glam at all.

Tip – go buy some light, self tanning lotion, even if you are quite tanned. It will give you a sunkissed golden-ish glow, which will help you look more toned and healthy. Warning - do not go overboard or you will look like a carrot.

Borderline carrot - but still 'pass'. ;)

KL Auditions - the New Miss Universe Malaysia

Aw Hans. :)

Tagged: Hans Isaac, Jules FlyFM, Phat Fabes, Julia Dolmatova and me! ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Part 3 of Webisode 2!

My hair was a little off, as were the Penangite young women!! ;p

Friday, April 9, 2010

Why I hate saying NO.

I do try to be nice, you know!

I got this message on FB only just.. I thought I'd share it on my blog. Please note however, that not all girls that the MUM prelim judging panel said no because of this. It would be useful, however, to note the points that I have outlined below...


hi andrea,
im xxxxx from xxxxxxx..
could i know wat should i improve for my perfomance?
I could wish to join it next year..
i got no chance to ask u n u just told me tat u r not in to the final...
hope u remember me..
pls give me some advice...

thank u...

My Response:


I admire your dedication in coming to KL.

First of all - the impression I got from you was that you had no further ambitions *after* Miss Universe Malaysia. What do you want to do with your life? Are you able to honestly answer that question?

Secondly, you did not impress the judges with your intelligence, wit and charisma. Maybe you were just having a bad day? If so, I am sorry. Being Miss Universe Malaysia is more than having a beautiful face. I hope you do know that by now.

Lastly, it was unfortunate for you but the depth of talent we had this year was amazing. All the women in the top18 have an Xfactor about them - something which makes them special. There were also many girls who possessed that Xfactor whom did not make it to the finals. Take comfort that you were not the only one we had to say no to.

I hope that helps answer your question?

Take care and good luck in your future endeavours.


A note to future Miss Universe Malaysia Finalists (and everyone else, really).

If you're writing a serious email, to someone you do not know personally, using the correct Punctuation (Capital letters, full stops!), is very important. Really, REALLY important.

Sigh.. Now I feel really bad. Hope she's not too upset, and that she doesn't take what I said the wrong way.

Oh by the by, things have been going AMAZINGLY well. We've completed the top18 photoshoot, I have JUST looked through THOUSANDS of photos (I kid you not) to pick the best of the best pictures! I am very excited, and happy with the results. Go Team MUMO on our first Photoshoot! ;)

Oh. And while I'm at it - I really need to start planning my wedding proper soon....



Monday, April 5, 2010

The Making of The NEW Miss Universe Malaysia 2010

Webisode 1: Humble Beginnings

Webisode 2.1: Open Castings PJ: Where's The Coffee?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miss Universe Malaysia 2010: Advice Column 01

Hey there!

So you guys should know by now, I'm the new National Director of MUMO (Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation). We're had our Open Castings yesterday, with a closed-door selection of the Top 18 finalists. We're only announcing the Top 18 finalists on the 14th of April, so Malaysia, be patient! ;)

In the mentime, I've recieved my first email from one of the girls. Her issues are addressed below: Hope the rest of the finalists (and even everyone else who reads my blog), enjoys the read. Please note, however, that this is not advice for a diet: It is simply tricks on how one can get into better shape in 7 days. Please do not follow this diet for 7 MONTHS!! Also always remember to consult your doctor should you have any health issues. If you have low blood pressure, please be careful as following a low-sodium diet may affect you negatively.



Thanks for the email. It’s good to know you’re taking this seriously. Before I go into your questions, you need to realise one thing: You have a one in 18 chance of becoming Miss Universe Malaysia. Which means that whilst you may win, there is a chance that you may not as well. Do not put yourself through a massive preparation effort for the pageant. *Do it for yourself*, prove to yourself that you can do anything once you put your mind to it.

Ok? :)

Now. Getting down to business. Breaking it up into several segments here, based on what you will be needing to do.

Your first photoshoot will be on the 5th and 6th of April. You have one week to that. Lets focus on that first, shall we?

1. Cut out salt from your diet, NOW. Salt makes you retain water, a lot of your weight may in fact be water retention. So by doing so you will lower the sodium level in your body = less water retention. If you have to eat out, no salty sauces (no soy sauce AT ALL).
2. Cut down on carbs. Fruit, bread, Pasta, rice, would all constitute carbs. You may have any of that before noon, but not after.
3. Have lots of leafy vegetables, but not one day before your photoshoot. Fibre is great and all, but it may bloat you one day before a shoot. Instead, opt for high protein, less fibrous foods such as potato (in the morning), Chicken fillet, fish.
4. I would suggest the following meal plan: (Don’t forget your multivitamins)
a. Cabbage Soup Diet for the next three days: Use low-salt stock cubes, Cabbage (50%) potatoes (10%), carrots(10%), celery(10%), onions(10%) and tomatoes (10%) + 1 chicken carcass (bones only. If you buy the entire chicken it’ll be too oily with the skin and the meat). Boil for hours and hours and hours (it’ll taste better the longer its boiled). Drink as much as you want for three days, with fruit only in the first half of the morning. Continue topping up with vege. Do not eat more than one potato and one carrot a day, but have as much cabbage, celery, onions as you want. If you’d like to snack, have asparagus, steamed lightly.
b. The following four days: You may still have Cabbage soup if you like, but increase your protein. Have egg whites, chicken, fish. Remember: NO OIL, NO SALT. Cut down on Cabbage a day / two days before the shoot, but still drink the soup (but not the vege – too much fibre, remember?).
5. Tip: Every Morning: Have ONE large sweet orange. Wait an hour, only then, have breakfast. The Orange will wake up your digestive system, pushing things ‘through’ naturally and efficiently.


1. Start your workout with a 10 minute cardio warm up.
2. Go to weights for 40 mins: Do low weights, high rep. Ie: The lightest weights, 25 tricep curls, 4 reps. Focus on your triceps, obliques, abs, back, shoulders. For your legs and bum: not necessary: you have very tones legs: I remember. ;)
3. Follow with 20 mins fast walk / jog on a cardio machine.
4. Bikram Hot Yoga: if you can, go for a class everyday. Go to true fitness, and ask for a trial session pack and don’t pay anything for it. Say you just wanna try it out. ;) they have Bikram Hot Yoga at Pavilion and Subang. Normal hot yoga is great too, but BHY is much much better.
5. Sit in a sauna for 40 mins a day two days before the shoot (read: Not steam room). It’ll help you sweat, hence lowering the sodium content in your body.
6. Make sure you drink LOTS OF WATER. 2 litres a day at least, 1 litre when you’re working out.


Moisturise your body well everyday after a shower. It’ll help with skin elasticity and the mini massage will help your blood circulation. Emphasize on massaging your waist, upperarms, thighs, a little harder. It’ll hurt a little but just help “wake up” your fat cells in the area. Face: cleanse well, use a moisturising mask a day beforehand.

Golden Rules to Remember:
1. No snacking after 7pm.
2. No salt
3. Orange in the mornings
4. Do not starve yourself: that will make you lose muscle, which will make u flabby. Some girls at the castings I would rate as thinner than you, but you had a better body because of proportion and tone. Even if you work out, and you don’t eat, it’ll be worse off than if you eat the above mealplan and do not work out. I hope you know where I’m coming from.
4. Always take your multivitamins (after breakfast, an hour after your morning orange.) :)

I will update you with a different plan after the shoot. For now, this will suffice; as this is a one week plan to look aesthetically better in pictures (different than looking better in person.)

Hope this helps!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting Ready to be Judged

Okay so the Open Castings for the New Miss Universe Malaysia is on this Saturday at the One World Hotel in Bandar Utama, next week at the Cititel Penang, Georgetown, and then finally at the Royale Chulan in Kuala Lumpur. This is just a little something for the girls, just so you know what the judges will be looking for.


Which pic do you prefer? ;)

1. Natural Beauty.
Too much make-up may look okay in photos, but not when you’re standing 4 feet away from us. Less is more, but make sure you play up your best features: Your eyes, cheekbones, lips…BUT NOT ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Oh, and Please. We’re Asians. With Black Eyes. They will never be blue, and they will never look good blue.

If you *must* wear contact lenses, make sure they’re colour blends, so you do not end up looking like an Avatar character.

2. Style

Kurara Chibana of Japan caught everyone’s attention with her quirky sense of style. You can do the same, but remember there’s a line between stylish and OTT. Show us your personality in your clothes. If you really don’t know what to wear, skinny jeans and a white tank top – you can’t go wrong with that!


Two words:
High. Heels!

4. Think about what you can say to be original.

Just like the contestants in American Idol, you will stand out when you say something out of the norm “I have always wanted to be Miss Malaysia since I was a little girl because I want World Peace” speech. Eg:

What makes you special?

Essentially everyone’s special, right? There are so many definitions of special! I’d like to say that I never shy away from a challenge, and I have a very competitive streak in me. That’s both a good an a bad thing, I feel, as sometimes I tend to become a little *too* competitive. Its only because I never settle for second best, and always strive for perfection in everything I do.

You see? Its admitting that you’re human (humbling) and yet showing that that ‘competitive’ streak in you is also a good thing! It makes you human. It makes you REAL.

5. Know your stuff.

If your passion is saving animals and you don’t know that Tigers live in Jungles and Lions in Africa, then you really need to find a different cause to champion. Period.

6. Be Polite.

We know you’re nervous, we know you’re trying to impress us. But DO NOT BE OBNOXIOUS OR RUDE cause that’s the fastest way to get the shoe out. Politeness never fails to win us over, so always come in, say hi, thank us for our time, and then thank us again as you leave.

7. Walk the Walk.

Practice infront of a full length mirror as you walk. Here are a few tips:
Keep both arms on your sides, shrug shoulders to relax. Imagine a string pulling the top of your head upwards, lower shoulders a little, and square up your chest to lengthen neck. Accentuate hips by arching them to create more of a curve in the small of your back (basically stick your bum out a little). Now allow your feet to lead the rest of your body forward, one after the other in a straight line. It does feel a little awkward, but you’re doing fine, trust me. Your head and shoulders kept relaxed, let your arms naturally sway on your sides. When you get to the end of your ‘runway’, make a little mini U turn (no need to catwalk pose at the end), and go back to where you started, take a half pivot, and pose with one hand on your hip as your stop and face the judges. Done! J

Oh. Four words: Practice. In. High. Heels.

8. Last but not least: Take all criticisms constructively.

Whilst being a beauty queen can be learnt, not everyone is cut out to be one. You need to have the basics there in order to take on the skills of a beauty queen. There are many other outlets to show your creativity and talents, and work towards that. J

Good Luck, and I’ll see you this Saturday!

Andrea Fonseka

Thursday, March 11, 2010

*shimmer sparke SHINE!*

Reach for the Stars (and meet them too!)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Are YOU the NEW Miss Universe Malaysia 2010?

Hey guys,

If you're a Hip, Urban, Relevant and Real young lady aged between 18 and 26 years of age, in the Klang Valley vincnity, drop by the One World Hotel, Bandar Utama for the Open Casting for Miss Universe Malaysia 2010!

Panel of judges Hans Isaac, Phat Fabes, Julia Dolmatova and myself will be evaluating hopefuls and shortlisting applicants for this year's pageant.

The winner of Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 pageant will take home RM50,000 and the opportunity of a lifetime!

This year, we're going to make you SHINE. :)


One World Hotel, Bandar Utama
Saturday, 13th March

See you there!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello Malaysia! :)

Yep! MUMO - Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation - is now an All-Girl-Team, and we're really excited to have things kick off with a bang! Thanks to Clovetwo for this amazing article!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I know..I know..

All in a day's work on a Sunday Afternoon...

Sorry lah I know its been a while. *blush* If it means anything, this is what I've had to do in the past two months:

After Fashion week ---> A month in Singapore for the play I did with Tan Kheng Hua (amazing experience!), The Composer then ---> to KL to spend Christmas with the family then ---> to Perth to spend New Years with the husband-to-be then ---> in KL now planning something that will be announced at the Press Conference on the 27th of January!!

So yes, I've not even had time to firm my hotel for the Wedding --->31st July!! --->haven't even seen the design of my gown yet ---> JOVIAN MANDAGIE you busy boy, quickly finish your work and call me soon! ;)

So once again, apologies. Here's a nice update on what's going on:

1. My sister (Natasha) is coming to KL on Sat night with her husband, Christophe. Fun times except I'm going to be so busy putting the entire PC together with my team-mates: Mae Leong, Eugenie Chan and Jojo Lee. This PC is to announce that basically the four of us are embarking on a journey make dreams come true. :) Just stay tuned here to find out more lah ok? :D

2. Been having interviews with quite a few members of the media; apparently people really want to know about my life, now that I'm getting married. I'm not complaining, I suppose its because I don't see myself as anyone uber famous so much so people would be interested in my life to the extent that the news would report it.

3. Oooh catch The Breakfast Show on NTV7 on the 28th of Feb to see what I'm talking about (the PC I mean!) :)

4. Paul's in Perth, and I'll be going over to see him over CNY which conveniently falls on Valentines Day! It'll also be his birthday on the 7th of Feb, but he's spending that with his mates on one of their 'Boys' Weekends' where they all sit, drink, and play poker.

5. Being back in KL is great, and I've decided a few things I love about this city that you can't really find anywhere in Singapore or Perth:

i. Valet Parking

ii. Cheap movie tickets

iii. GOOD mamak food

iv. Pasar Malam, and Asam Laksa

v. Rojak (Penang)

vi. Satayyyyyy!

vii. FLYfm

viii. My own car

ix. Cheap petrol

x. Mum and Dad.


Aaand if you'd like to know more often on a day-to-day basis what I get up to: just go to my fb! Andrea Fonseka. ---> banner on the right of this page. xoxox!