Saturday, September 11, 2010

Love Long Distance

So... Now that you're MARRIED....

"So when are you moving to Australia?"

Uh, I don't know.

"*blur look*"

Well, you see, Paul just got awarded Directorship at his firm, and I'm running the Miss Universe Malaysia Pageant, and neither of us want to sacrifice our careers just yet so...

"*Attempting to hide surprised look* Wow.. Okay.. that must be.. hard...?!"

Yeah, it is, I miss him. We still see each other once a month on average though.. *awkward smile*

"Heh..heh.. yeah. Wow. Yeah. .. WOW."

....Yeah. Oooh look I'm just going to.. uh... yeah go to my friend..over..there....


Okay so maybe that's not how it always goes, but the conversation above is a true story! I know its not conventional, since a "Good Wife" will be with "Her Husband" at all times...

But lets think about it this way.

I'm lucky enough to have found the man of my dreams, who supports me in everything I do, and my happiness is his. I am happy as National Director of Miss Universe Malaysia. I am happy to be able to see my now 72 year old father every morning and night. I am happy with my friends, my social life and my career.

If I have the rest of my life with Paul to look forward to, I don't see why enjoying what makes me happy for a while longer yet is such a bad thing!

The same goes for Paul, who has finally found an area of the Law that he enjoys. His friends and family are in Perth as well. I can't drag him away from that to stay in Malaysia to be my man-bag! (though it was tempting even to him at times LOL!). He would not be able to practice Law here, and would miss out on valuable years at the firm.. it just makes sense for him to be in Perth for now.

Yes, we trust each other. We speak every day, in fact, a few times a day! I travel with our framed photo in my suitcase, I text him on average 10 times a day, and we try to plan two big holidays a year together. When I am not working, I take time to go to Perth, and when he has the time, he flies to KL.

It's expensive, but its worth it.

And if I had a choice between having my soulmate far away, than not at all, I'd much rather pick the former! Wouldn't you?

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