Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away..

Sometimes when it rains I feel like the world is crying. It almost makes me depressed at times like these (usually if I don't have someone to cuddle up on the sofa and have a cup of hot chocolate with! ;) ).

I don't feel the urge to do anything productive, I don't want to travel anywhere (not even out of my apartment to get food), .. I just want to... SLEEP.

What's worse is that Skit's afraid of thunder - so whenever it rains he quickly finds a hiding spot (under my clothes in my closet, or in the storeroom) and there's no getting him out of there.

Ah well.

Days like this make me want to listen to Norah Jones. Which I just started playing on Itunes btw. *hehehe*

Anyway, in case you guys don't already know; its my birthday tomorrow. Another year older, perhaps wiser. That being said, its really just another day. I celebrated with some friends on Saturday, close ones came over to my place for a couple of hours. It was nice. :) These were the people who knew me prior to all the glitz and glam.

But some dear friends have gone abroad. :( Xanne, Daph, I miss you guys so much.

I think I'm losing my friends slowly... they're all either moving away or going back to where they came from. Sigh. And y'know what? Its so hard to make friends these days. I'm like that, I'll have lotsa friends, but only so few at the same time. Am I the only person who feels this way?

Don't ask me why I'm so somber today... I blame the weather.

Oh here's a little cheer me upper.

One of the things I got for my birthday? THIS! :D

You should've seen my face when I unwrapped it. I did mention that I really wanted the white one, or the hot pink one - I couldn't decide. Then comes along THIS ONE and it was a colour right in between the two! ;) I was such a happy camper that night.

Now next on my list: That matching mouse and matching pink carry case. Then shoes to go along with it. *big girly grin* YEP. I think I've got a new thing for pink these days....

Friday, August 24, 2007

Andrea's Beauty Buzz, Column 1

Okay, LOTS of you girls out there ask me how I achieve such clear skin, or if I have any beauty tips to share... So I've decided that every Friday, I will post a little blog about my favourite skincare/makeup products.

You guys may have already read my interview in Urban, on how much I loved YSL's Radiant Touch. I won't go on how I can't survive without it here. ;)

Today I will feature YSL's foundations; Perfect Touch Radiant Brush Foundation. It has this nifty soft brush applicator on one end, (no need to buy foundation brush already!), and all you have to do is squeeze a *little* (don't waste like me) out on the back of your hand, then dab, apply and blend.

Love it because:
It smells really good, its really hydrating on the skin, and it provides fantastic coverage without the 'cakey' look. And as the day goes on, and the make up absorbs into your skin, it looks more and more natural.

If I'm just putting light make up on, I skip the loose powder that normally follows - I save that for formal functions and events. The foundation still stays on; but make sure you use a waterbased or a not too oily moisturiser and base first, as the foundation is already pretty hydrating, you don't want to end up all shiny. (I've got combination skin, so I can afford to skip the loose powder. If you have dry skin, use a more moisturising base, if your skin is very oily, you will need to use a loose powder.)

Recommended moisturisers/hydrating gels that will go well with this product:
Clinique moisture surge, apply after you use an oil free moisturiser for an all day long dewy look.

Next Week's Feature
Andrea's Favourite Skin Care Regimes

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Auntie Agony's Answer

Hallo people,

So sorry I've been neglecting the blog slightly.... School and work is just realy crazy right now. :( Its been tough, but I think I'm handling it okay.

Anyway so yes: Here's my answer to the problem below:

My dear Friend,

You have already indicated you dont want a relationship from this point forward now.

So the next step is to do (in my humble opinion) as follows)

1. Tell him.

Sit him down and tell him very calmly (no tears!! no regret an NO telling him you want to give the long distance thing a try!)

It should go like this:

"[Listen, (Option: insert derogatory term like Jackass, Dumbass, Jerk, etc).] Thank you very much for telling me all this in advance to save me the heartache of you acting like a jerk when you're gone. I now realise that is where all of this stand with you; and your views on this relationship. I appreciate your intentions of wanting to carry this out until you leave, however I am unable to do so as I have more pride in myself than to allow my time, emotions and energy to be enjoyed by you just because circumstances make it more convenient for you (ie you've not left yet). I have been good to you, as a girlfriend and as a friend.... and I wish you best of luck in finding someone who will give you what I gave." (last bit is most important to say).

And that's it. No more calls, no meeting up, nothing. Show no emotion because look at it this way; he's done you a favour by telling you all that stuff about the future. Granted you feel less about yourself now as he doesn't see the relationship worthy of a short one hour long distance relationship, but we've already established he's stupid and self-centred and thus his feelings do not reflect on you as a person. So please dont beat yourself up about it.

2. I suspect he will call within two weeks. He will beg to give it a go, telling you he was dumb etc. Then its your choice as to whether or not you want to give him a chance.

But no. 2 will happen ONLY if you totally do not show him any emotion that you're sorry he wants to end it all when he's gone. And to do that you must remind yourself this at all times: HE'S JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU IF HE DOESN'T EVEN WANT TO TRY. And he's self centred, and REALLY you're better off without him. And its such a good thing you know this now, rather than later. And c'mon woman - if you walk up to some guy who will be gone in a coupla months, saying, "Hey man. Wanna have a fun relationship with no emotions attached? You wont have to call me when you leave town to go back to whatever it is you're going to that's only an hour away from here." - you think he'll say no? Sheesh. I'm mad at the man to have done this to you, but pushing my emotions aside.. You dont need to be mad. Becuase rather than you having to 'see the light' by yourself when he leaves, he did you a favour and showed you the light now.

You're so much better than him, and what he has to offer. Rather than tell him that when you have your talk with him, SHOW it to him. He will see for himself when you act indifferent, and when you really feel and act thankful that he's ejected himself from your life and heart through his actions and his words. You are a strong, strong lady. And a smart smart one too. And he's dumb dumb to not see that he's throwing away something that could potentially be so beautiful. You will find someone else as soon as you open yourself up and give some fellows a chance. So do that, and I hope it works out for you.

**I realise I am totally on my friend's side on this one.. .but can you blame me when I *know* what an amazing person she is? ;) No, really, she's a beautiful, smart, witty girl. And she deserves so much better than that.

Oh and just thought you'd like to know; She did what I said, and he did come back to her like I predicted... and after alot of thought, she decided to give it another go. He's now treating her how she deserves to be treated. :D

Friday, August 17, 2007

Andrea the Auntie Agony.

A friend of mine called me up for advice today. Seems I am starting to be the Aunt Agony these days.

Well here's the story. (She emailed me, and I didn't quite have the time to check my email so she called. But I asked her permission, and here's the email.)

Background story: She was dating a guy at work (big NO NO!) and he's leaving the company in a little while. She came to Singapore suddenly as her grandmother passed away; and she wasn't sure where the relationship was going. Initially he was more into her as she was into him.. but hey, time changes things and like the softies we women are; she eventually fell for him. And I told her so, while she was in Singapore and was having some problems with regards to his crazy way of being so self centered (from little things of not getting her a drink during lunch when he got himself one, to big things like not even bothering to say goodbye as she left the country).

Ok now for real, here's the story.
...Long story short he pretty much told me that he knows himself well enough to know that once he leaves at the end of august, he will be so engrossed in school that we probably wouldn't work out and he alluded tohis past relationships and how they experienced a similar doom and we were likely to follow the same path, especially since we would live about an hour from one another (long distance factor???!). I think he also mentioned something about how he could just picture if we were to try, he would just be a total jerk to me on the phone and he wouldn't beable to do stuff be cause school is so intense, blahblahblah. Clearly,I know that he just doesn't think that we are really worth trying for.And, someone is delirious or just plain stupid, b/c he figures that we can hang out, enjoy each others company before he leaves. We wereobviously going to have to have this conversation sometime soon, but Iguess he didn't expect that I would bring up now.

Obviously u can tell what my reaction to all of this was. I couldn'tbelieve that he was so selfish. More incredulously, I couldn't believe I let myself care so much for someone like him. (Yes, you wereright, obviously my feelings for the guy was stronger that what I evenlet myself to believe). And I thought things could get better after atumultuous month...but I guess I was wrong.

Oh AND injury upon insult, someone [the guy] had the nerve to email me yesterday to do something together or hang out or something, I don't know what he was thinking. I completely declined. I mentioned that he would still try to call me and ask me to hang out and stuff before he leaves, but I mean the day after?!!? Ridiculous. And now I have to see him day in and day out till the end of [the month]. Sigh. I think I'm doing alright though?

So yes. My reply? Will post it up in a few days. ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

10 Things about Girls that Guys will NEVER understand.. (so don't even try, 'cause we don't quite get it either!)

1. Shopping

Yah. We all know it. Shopping is an amazing experience to us gals.. And guys will never understand. Women can spend literally, hours on a shopping spree, when the mood strikes. Can we explain the high we get from purchasing a really nice black dress? No. And no, its not like the other 8 black dresses we have already either. This one is made of satin. You know, that shiny material. And because it makes my butt look smaller, I'm buying it in three different colours.

I recently acquainted myself with the high of shopping over the weekend. I just got paid, I went to Orchard and Great World City and managed to find EIGHT pairs of shoes (7 heels and one pair of flats). Then I had a horrible taxi ride home (long story), which would normally leave me upset for a good few hours into the evening. But the moment I picked up those bags from the taxi booth, everything seemed better. I was happy again. I can't explain it, I don't want to either. But it was beatiful. The best part of it of course was the fact that all my shoes did not cost me more than $500. Which brings me on to No. 2.

2. Bargains.
Which woman does not love a good bargain??!! Some of my most cherished items in my closet and around the apartment are things that I have paid what I deem to be below market price for. Long formal dress from Zara: $70.00. I love it more than a special exquisite piece I bought from a boutique for $250. Dining table mats made out of wood: $15 dollars. Red ruffly heart-shaped mat, $5 (IKEA BABY!).

3. Make-up and toiletteries.

I know I already have two types of foundations in my make-up pouch. But this one says it firms the skin as well! And two different types of eye cream is better than one, right? And yes I need three types of facial masks, two types of moisturisers (Day and Night, mah!), and different shades of eyeshadow. Lipstick is another story altogether; as with lipgloss.

4. PMS.

Dont try to blame yourself if we get hung up once a month and decide that we want chocolate icecream more than affection from you. Its nothing personal, really. Our body gets tender, bloated, and we feel awful, just be there for us when we moan in regret after downing the entire pint of Haagen Daz, even though we enjoyed every spoonful. And please, during this period (pun intended), AGREE with everything we say. Just nod and smile. It'll only make life easier.

5. How we can order Diet Coke with our Value Meal and then a large fries and chocolate sundae to go with it.

The Diet Coke cancels out calories, leaving room for us to enjoy the other foods we like. :D This is usually experienced during PMS, read last two lines above.

6. Why we act like princesses sometimes.

That's because we are. And we know you love it, deep deep down inside. Makes you feel all manly, right? Well if it doesn't, console yourself in the fact that this mainly occurrs during PMS, as stated above.

7. How we can sit for 6 hours in a hairdresser's shop.

And come out looking exactly the same, right? WRONG. Its hair treatments, perm, hair colour, highlights, that keeps us looking GOOD. So its not that we come out looking exactly the same; its all this effort that MAINTAINS us looking sexy. Again, we know you love it. Or we think you do, anyway. Regardless, it makes US feel good stepping out of the hairdresser's, even if it was for a 2cm trim. Again, just smile, and nod. <--- which is what all guys should do, whenever we bring back a bargain as well.

8. Going to the bathroom in groups.

Its so that we can talk about you, silly.

9. Why we say 'nothing' when you ask what's wrong; when something obviously is.

Because we don't want to be the one to start the argument, or seem nitpicky. But the bottom line is, you've done something majorly wrong and you need to bring it up with us. Press on, give us cuddles, and ge to the root of the matter. We want to know that you're as concerned about the relationship as we are, and that you would take and make the effort to resolve an issue should there be a one. Most of the time its something silly, like something wrong you said that she took personally, of which a simple laugh-it-off would do. If its something *really* serious, then at least you took the first step towards talking about it. The silence on us girl's part is our way of basically telling you, "OY. You messed up, Dumwit, please take the initiative to make it right!".

10. How we drive you crazy in every sense of the word..and you still cant get enough of us.

Because we're worth it. ;)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Word Up!

Ok so lots has happened in the last three days. Here goes, in chronological order..

1. I lost my phone. (AGAIN!). So I had to go down to Starhub Plaza Sing yesterday to (a) renew my plan, (b) get a discounted phone. I managed to get my paws on the really nice MotoKRZR. I figured since I had the Gold limited edition D&G RZR (sniff sniff now its gone), I might as well stick to the Moto cause I have three extra phone chargers lying around. ;P I tend to forget to bring chargers with me on trips, or I temporarily lose them, see.. so I end up buying quite a few.

ANYWAY. Then I proceeded to get my hair done at the Heeren, and manage to skip home just in time for..

2. LIVE THE DREAM, BAYBEH! Yeah.. Managed to catch the first episode, which was crazy. I was really nonchalant about the whole thing, but my friends were like, "OMG OMG OMG WE'RE SO EXCITED WE CANT WAIT" which is definitely really flattering... But really all I could think of was, "Dear Lord, Please Let My Hosting Be Okay...". ;) I mean, come on.. There I was, Andrea Fonseka, standing on stage with two other hosts with combined experience exceeds my age in years. So how? As usual, I was overly critical. But according to majority of friends, I did 'alright', and for that, I would like to thank God, Shaffie, the writers, all the directors, Henrietta and Jen. :D Now its on to the Live show, and then the REAL fun begins. Who knows? I might be the first Malaysian girl to accidently curse on Live TV here in Singapore. Heh. Heh. *wipes sweat off brow*

3. So then when we finished watching LTD, my friends and I headed off to Fort Canning.. for; you guessed it! SingFest! We all chilled backstage with the bands, met up with Jien and Sarah Tan, had some pictures taken, this one here is me, and (by far the best band performance) the lead singer of Hinder; Austin Winkler.

Mum told me to be careful of men like these..

'Cause they're easily driven up a wall... or, in this case, a metal scaffold.

Uhh.. That's a Coke Light in my hand btw. Didn't matter though, the music was intoxicatin'!

Dude, if you want my high heels, just ask.....

Watching Hinder's performance, by far was the highlight of the night. :)

Note: Just for the record, I totally disagree with their song, Lips of an Angel.... Listen to the lyrics and you'll see why. lol! Yep, I'm a lyrics kinda gal. ;)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

1 more day to Live The Dream

1 more day to Live the Dream everyone. Here's the interview Michelle and I had with Channel News Asia this morning.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Taken from the 8 Days National Day Special 07.

Poetry: Contemplations

Can you love, when you don’t trust?
Is coming number one always a must?
Should you settle to be second best,
Or should you just make yourself care for less?

What if this love lacks respect?
And contradictions in his excuses you detect?
Should you just settle to be the one,
Who was holding his hand since it all begun?

Can you love a man who has told you lies?
And choose to reach a compromise?
Because no love has made you happier than his,
(Although no one has belittled you like this).

How do you know how much to put up for,
Without knowing if he will push for more,
You hear his secrets when people tell you,
And now the memories you have seem untrue.

I need to know when and where to draw the line,
Until then, I'll never know if his heart is truly mine.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I am woman, hear me roar! (.........*mew*)

I know I say this alot, but really this week was and still is INSANE(in-the membrane, insane in the brain!)

Okay Andrea Fonseka has officially lost it. Heh.

Sat: Female 50 most gorgeous streethunt, 2pm-7pm
Sunday: Female 50 most gorgeous streethunt, 2-7pm

Monday: Make-up advertorial shoot, 2-6.30pm
Tuesday: Cameo in an up-coming second series of a sitcom (not allowed to say which one), 7am- 4.30pm. 5pm-9pm Photoshoot with Skin Couture (I love their clothes!!)
Wednesday: Shoot for that cameo, 8.45-2pm; followed by meetings and stuff. Finally home at about 10.30pm
Thrusday (today): Caltex Score Today till 1.30pm, meeting at 4pm, phone interview, then a Levis Launch from 8.30-10pm
Friday: Caltex Score Today 5am-2pm, followed by Marie France treatments (yay!) then Female Streethunt yet again.

*phew*. That's an entire week without an 'off day'. Thank goodness I can relax on Saturday and Sunday, and I'm just going to book out Marie France for those two entire days. Can't wait! :D

Schedules and hectic work aside, I am proud to announce that I have a new Manager! *BIG BIG SMILE* Her name is Melissa Lam, and she is God-sent to strugling young artistes like myself. Melissa Lam has been in the industry for a decade now, and has managed the likes of Denise Keller, Utt, and Jaymee Ong at early stages of their career. I'm so flattered and honoured to be signed with her, and the best part is she doesn't bite more than she can chew in terms of managing her artists. I'm only one of three that she is currently handling.

By the way there are some sites and blogs going on right now saying that I'm going to be hosting some Sentosa Beach Party, and I have to anounce that unfortunately that is not true. I have never agreed to hosting this party, and it is unfortunate that there was a misunderstanding somehow. [They did approach me to host it, but I will be tied up on that day so cannot.. :( ]

Sorry that I feel the need to anounce that - I just don't want people buying tickets and expecting me there.. then dissapointed how? I don't want it to be like I didn't turn up on purpose or something.

Hmm. Need to run back to work now. Y'all take care alrighty? :)

Oh. And I have taken to deleting comments I don't like on my blog. I'm sure you guys understand.. I mean, this is MY blog, I should have some sort of say as to what stays up and what doesn't, right? If its a fair comment, by all means it'll stay up. However I will not tolerate any spite, or obvious cries calling for cyberwarfare via this blog. Nor will I tolerate any soliciting. Oh. And just incase you guys don't know. I have employed a very clever boy to watch on the IP addresses that are logged here. So yes. I WILL KNOW WHO YOU ARE IF YOU COME HERE AND ABUSE THIS BLOG. Note to regulars: don't worry your privacy is safe. And you guys don't have anything to hide anyways so no worries. Its these little 'anonymous' posters that annoy me like hell!