Monday, April 23, 2007

To Deal, or Not To Deal...

Okay since the trailer is out on Ch. 5 (Mediacorp, in Singapore); I guess its safe to mention it on my blog now without violating the confidential agreement... I'm on Deal or No Deal!

Ladies And Gents, You're looking at your lucky briefcase No. 10, which could be holding anything from $1 to $250,000. THATS what I've been so busy with the entire week (and will be busy with next week too.)

I cant let too much information out, just thought I'd let you guys know about it. ;) You can read more about it and see pics of all of us girls here..

What did you get up to on the weekend?

A friend of mine had a private yacht party, which was fantastic. We played poker, had crew serving us drinks and nuts, it was very 'casino royale-ish' ~ I even wore my white Guess? dress. lol. I first lost all of my chips, to come back roaring winning that back along with some profit as well! *chuffed look* 'twas a job well done.

Oh. And congratulations to Jessica Tan for winning the crown of this year's Miss Singapore Universe. Her evening gown was gorgeous! She is quite striking and may stand a chance at the Miss Universe pageant. Her only drawback is her height - I stand at 178cm without heels - and I was the average height at Miss Universe. Its pretty tough on us Asian countries, when girls that tall are few and far between. Oh well. Thank God for High Heels. ;)

Well its late, I need to get some shut eye. Cheers, Y'all!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Busy Bee Me

Sorry its been so long since I last had a proper post, people!

I had two assignments due Friday, one 5,000 word essay for my module in Globalization and International Law, the other essay was 8,000 words for Aviation Law.

Can anyone say Mental Meltdown? lol!

Clearly, the last thing I wanted to do was type out more words over the weekend, so I took a short break (not even, still had fittings to go for) on Sat and Sunday. One of my highschool friends, and up-and-coming custom jewellery designer, Eugenie Chan, came over for a night's stay at my place so I took her out to Clarke Quay for the local party scene.

We started at China One, where we had a quick meet-up with some friends, then we went over to Gotham Penthouse to watch Odyssey where my dear friend fell in love with one of the boys. For those of you who don't know, Odyssey is an all male dance group. Nuff said. ;)

I've got shoots for a show (which is under wraps right now, I'll fill you guys in on the details when the time comes) which goes on for the next two weeks, Monday to Friday from 1pm to 11pm. *shudder*. It'll be a tough two weeks for me to rock out. But I'm sure it'll be well worth it-lah, I mean, lotsa work is better than no work at all, right? Oh in the mean time I've taken a break from Caltex Score Today to accomodate these shows.

So yes. I am a Busy Bee. And I have an Evidence examination on the 1st of May too. Eek.

Well I'm off for now, have rehearsals to tend to at 11.30am this Monday morning. Big hugs to all of you who've been so active in the dialogue box on the right there - and yes, I think Chris Daughtry is absolutely awesome too! - Not to mention quite the hottie. ;) I really think guys in rock bands are so hot, especially when they have really nice shaved heads, and sexy eyebrows. *Purr*...

Here's to a good week ahead! :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bodynits Calendar Model Search 2008

This weekend I had the opportunity to judge the Bodynits Calendar Model Search 2008 at Suntec City, together with Miss Mongolia World 2006, Miss Philippines World 2006, and Miss Singapore World 2006.

The judgesEvaluating a contestant
Everyone on stage!The pageant girls

Monday, April 9, 2007

Singapore Fashion Festival, Dockers and other events

UttThe gorgeous Fiona Xie
My childhood idol Najip AliA nail emergency at Vivo

Andrea DeCruzBig-hearted Gurmit Singh

The twins

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Confession of a Junkie.

Ok I'll admit it.

I'm a junkie. I am addicted to a substance that I must have every single morning, in order to function normally. And its getting worse.

This morning (its now only 9.36am), I've had three cups of coffee thus far. Hang on, I just sipped the last of it, may get another. Make that four cups of coffee. In three hours. I feel fine, great even. Heart palpitations? Nah. Jitters? Not me. Could it be that I have built up a tolerance so high to caffiene that I'll soon be needing an espresso machine hoooked up to an IV drip hooked up to my arm?

How awful it is to come to the realization that your very ability to make it through the day is dependent on a substance like caffiene?

Should I quit coffee? Or just embrace it? I mean, what harm can come of it, right? I know too much of anything is bad, but what if I just say, have one (big) cup of coffee in the mornings?

Still. The dawning of the fact that I need coffee to function normally irks me. I hate being controlled by anything - least of all by some roasted beans. I mean, I can't even let a guy control me!

Okay. It has been decided. Andrea Fonseka shall cut down on coffee. Not going to do it cold turkey, but lets see how the next week goes by only having a maximum of two (big?) cups of coffee in the morning.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Memoirs of Manila

Oh wow. Manila is Amazing.

As I meantioned, I went there to judge two dog shows - one was an All Breed's Champion of Champion's show where I was one of eight judges, and the other, held the next day on Sunday was a German Shepherd Speciality Show (translated: only GSDs were shown.)

It was a weekend of dogs, food, and friendships formed.

First I must thank the clubs in the Philippines who were so kind to invite me over, especially Joey, Dinky, Premo, Uncle Bong, Uncle Jose, Uncle Mario, Ricky, Richard, and everyone else who helped me out at the show.

The first show (champ of champions) was great. It was held indoors, in a shopping mall, and went from 12.30noon to 5pm.

The winner was a lovely Shih Tzu, (though my favourite was really the Min Pin and the Siberian Husky, oh well)..

Then at the GSD show, I had to go through 67 dogs, in the blazing Manila heat. It was also such a great experience - I've never seen such depth in the quality of dogs before. They really know their breed, and congratulations to all the winners of the respective classes.

I was well fed throughout my trip, and people eat dinners late there. These two factors combined, Andrea is now a good two pounds heavier, with a smile twice as wide. *heehee*. Philippine cuisine, me likey!

Only two things dampened my trip.

1. The number of homeless and poverty stricken families there are. It shocked me. We're all kept in such a "bubble" here in Singapore, so much so that I think we've started taking things for granted. Never again will I whine that it is raining, and I cant get a cab/bus home, cause over there, when it rains, families get their 'beds' (cardboard boxes) washed away. And never again will I moan that I have nothing to wear - over there, people only have what is on their backs. Its the Holy Week now, and I've started a fast, somewhat as a tribute to the poor families of Manila. No more expensive meats, drinks and 'unnecessaries' (you know what I mean) for me. I know me doing this wont make their bellies fuller, but it sure will remind me to be thankful for the blessings I have.

2. The AIRPORT. I know I mentioned I shall not whinge, but the airport in Manila seriously needs an overhaul. *lol*. To prove my point:
i. Line up! You need to check in.
ii. Line up again! You need to queue to pay your airport taxes.
iii. Line Up!!! For immigration.
iv. You guessed it. ANOTHER line you need to join, just to get through security to get to the gates.

And I thought Singapore was bad when it came to queueing. Lol!

Pictures should be up in a bit. :) Till then, thanks to y'all for making my little chatterbox thing on the right over there so exciting! Much love, hugs and kisses this Holy Week to all of you. Take care, and God bless.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Lush Podcast

Hi everyone. Anyone who missed my interview on Lush can listen to it here

Sunday, April 1, 2007