Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hoarse-ing Around

*cough cough hack hack kofffff!!!!*

Andrea Fonseka is not feeling well. :( I have a horrid cough that is aggrevating my asthma (yes, I have asthma) - which is bad because I lost my inhaler. Need to go buy one today, I hope that I can just grab it off the pharmacy and not need a prescription for one.

That aside, things couldn't be going better. I'm actually getting used to rising at 4am these days, its pretty nice to be done with work by noon-ish. Unfortunately sometimes my manager decides to ride me and schedule work for me AFTER ESPN which means I have to go on to another assignment following this one, which means I'll be up sometimes frmo 4am to 8-10pm. Yah. Like then its not so cool.

But y'know what?

I'm still so grateful to be doing what I am. There are loadsa other sh*ttier jobs out there, which I would rather poke needles in my eyes than put myself through it. Like the people who clean up everynight at bars and clubs after everyone's gone home. Or being the guys who wake up at 3am and start working on the roads. Its cold at that hour, and they keep at it till the next day in the blazin' sun. Flippin insane.

So yah. my manager can work me to the bones. I'll still be thankful. :)


On a lighter note, Congratulations to Miss Japan! MORE POWER TO THE ASIAN SENSATION!

And much respect to Miss USA, who got up and still did her thing inspite of falling flat on her butt during the evening gown presentation. ;) ("...why do we fall, Master Wayne...? ..So that we can learn to pick ourselves up..")

Monday, May 28, 2007


Long day again today, at ESPN now, will be heading to Mediacorp later and work again this afternoon.

Oh and y'know what, I'm so sorry but I have decided that I need my coffee. Did my first feed of Score Today without coffee today, and its not possible. I need caffiene. Now.

Did anyone head to the Deal or No Deal roadshow yesterday?

Saturday, May 26, 2007



Dont you HATE it when this happens!!?? Grrrr..........

Friday, May 25, 2007

TGIF but weekends dont matter to me. ;)

When its the weekend and everyone's cheering and clapping, Andrea Fonseka rises at the break of dawn (4am to be exact) to get into the ESPN office by 5am, to go on air live at 6.

Top that with a week full of work already, and the fact that I have to do this again tomorrow, and then continue on with LTD Hit and Runs, and on Sunday; I need to report to Mediacorp at 9am for an entire Sunday's work.

Jialat. Cannot party this weekend.

*laughs* Its fantastic though, busy is good. I'm just lacking a social life. Drinks? Cannot. I gotta work tomorrow. Wanna go clubbing? Ah, you go yourself-lah. I gotta work tomorrow. Buffet dinner? Pass. I got photoshoot tomorrow. lol.

See; everyone thinks this is a glamorous and easy lifestyle - it is not. And right now I'm probably working longer working hours than most white collars. Nyeh.

Oh and i'm at my Third cup of coffee. I've only been up less than three hours. *wince*

I really cant wait for the 8 days cover to be out. Oops did I say it? ;) Rememebr that photoshoot? It was for 8 days, I'll be flanked by two other girls from DOND. There's an exclusive interview in it as well - where you'll learn some very interesting and intimate details bout me... it was a really exclusive interview, with none other than Editor of 8 days, Tommy Wee. Really looking forward to it! It'll be out two Mondays from now. Don't ask me to count and tell you exactly which date it'll be at this hour. Go and do it yourself. :P

Oh. Did anyone watch the American Idol Finals last night? I know Jordin won (doh, I told you so. lol!) - but can anyone tell me how it went down? How were the performances?

Have a great day everyone. I need to get back to work and practice reading my script. I'm getting better at not messing up live on air - if I may say so myself! ;)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yesterday's Photoshoot, and This Weekend's Agenda

So yesterday I had a photoshoot, and it was loads of fun (and work!). They didn't have shoes in my size so I had to wear heels that were one or two sizes too small for me. We (me and two other girls from DOND) worked with an amazing stylist (hats off, Fang Fang!), a lovely photographer by the name of Joel, Jasmine the make-up artiste, Jasper the hairstylist... Uh that's all I can remember between sneezes right now.

It was done by about 4ish then I met up with David (Editor of FHM mag) for a teh-tarik. After a little while of catching up, filling him with the latest news, I had to make a move so I could get a cab before the 5pm rush-hour peak period (When all the cabbies suddenly disappear and only come out from their hiding place when you call for one...but I spoke about that already, lets not go there again shall we?)..

David's a swell guy, and I can tell he loves his job. Well, most men would actually. ;)

Okay so I was going to go to Batam this weekend for a relaxing two day one night trip, but thank God I didn't book out the hotel online yet. Mediacorp called to inform me that my services are required for the 'Hit and Run' segment of Live The Dream. You can go online and have a look at, where you will see time time (Sat and Sun) and venue (selected shopping malls): Yep, that's where I'll be. So excited, but at the same time I'm also disappointed that I won't be able to make it for the DOND Roadshow happening at a Courts Mammoth Store on the 27th (Sunday). How lah. We win some we lose some, eh? ;)

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed last night's DOND episode, even though I wasn't really in it as I didn't get selected the whole night. So instead of posting anything from DOND last night, I'll give you a special treat... a video of me hosting the Elle Awards 2007 last week, featuring the DOND girls. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Feeling bloated. :(


Today I woke up feeling like a whale. My fault entirely, I ate at like 9.30pm last night. I hate it when I get the late night munchies and I have a big dinner at that hour, it spoils my entire day following it.

Got photoshoot today summore.


I gotta go to AMK by about 9am, with: "Clean hair, clean nails, clean face, heels and a towel."

When I was being briefed, I was like, "uh-huh..uh-huh..yeah...heels ok...wha-? Towel?? Wah, going to take shower or something there is it??"


I'll announce what the photoshoot is for soon. ;)

That aside, has anyone checked out the latest 8days? It has Eunice Olsen and Debbie Wong on the cover. If any of you bothered to buy it (yeah ok there's a small bit with me in it but nevermind that) - you MUST check out the photospread in it. Debbie and Eunice are absolutely stunning in it. The lighting, scenery, style of the shoot is SO cool. Go buy it - I won't scan and upload cause the magazine is still in circulation: respect the publishers lah its very very rude to scan and upload things that are still in circulation. :P Go get it, you guys wont regret it.

Had an interview with Today paper yesterday, I wonder when the story will be out. Will let you know when I do. :)

Alrighty. Its 7.35am now, I need to go get ready for the shoot. Bleh. I hate being up at this hour. Who said this isn't real work? I'm waking up earlier than some corporate people these days.

Oh oh. And tonight's the Grand Finals of American Idol! I cant wait to see Jordin perform, I think she's an A-MAY-ZING singer. I really wish it was a Melinda-Jordin final, pity the teenaged girls of the States are all ga-ga over Blake. Bleh again. So what if he can beat-box, Melinda Doolittle (what a COOL name) has SO much a better voice. Poor lass, hope she lands a recording deal anyway..

Okay lah. Andrea Fonseka needs to finish up her coffee (yes, mum, I AM kicking the habit: I didn't have coffee last night, today only one cup, ok?), and go take a shower. Hugs all out to y'all, and once again thanks for being such loyal readers. Muchos Gracias. xoxo

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weekend in KL

Wah Lau.

Last week was crazy, man.

As I probably mentioned, I had to bus back and forth from KL, and finally flew down to KL Friday morning to make it for the Gala Event that was the anniversary of the founders of Rafflesia, Mr and Mrs Sin. They were really warm people - I didn't bring along my camera, unfortunately, as it was a very "la-la" (in the best way possible!) event, and I didn't want to look like the kampung-girl that I am busily snapping away pictures with Siti Nurhaliza, Ziana Zain, Amber Chia, Tengku Azura and Daphne Iking. *blush* Good thing though that they'll be sending me pictures from the event via post.... but we all know how long these things take. :S

I was dressed by a young man called Jovian Mandagie, and he's fantastic. He has the skills to really make it big... and you heard it here first!! ;)

So I started the day flying into Kuala Lumpur, and made my way back to my quaint little residence. Mum was home, dad was out. I took a quick nap, got ready, did my hair and make-up and took off in my dad's kick-ass Toyota Estima to Carcosa Seri Negara. Apparently it was near the Royal Palace... but I naturally found out much later that it was on the way to the Royal Palace should you come from Kuala Lumpur. Eh. I'm a PJ girl lah. How I know.

Imagine my panic when I was already 5 minutes late and I saw the sign that I was on the road to Seremban / KLIA.

A few frantic calls and many U turns later, I found the place.

Only to find that I was actually EARLY!! My designer wasn't there yet! Chuckling and tucking into some served food (I knew dinner would be delayed), I decided to chat with the girls...

Met up with some old pageant girls, Jolene and Pushpa, they're doing very well for themselves back in good 'ol KL. When Jovian finally turned up, we quickly changed into our gowns and out Lewre sponsored shoes, and off we were! (I'm trying to be as graphic as I can here cause I have no pictures. lol!)

We walked down the broad marble staircase of the Carcosa, redcarpet style. Posing infront of the sponsor's banner (Mandalay Jadites and Rubies - also owned by Mr. and Mrs Sin), cameras flashed, photographers kept yelling, "Look here! Look here!" I felt like such a rockstar princess, it was fantastic.

Then those who already had their press pictures taken were waiting in the lounge next to the press as we waited for others to arrive and get their pictures taken as well. And we waited. And waited. For about three hours, to be exact.

And in true Andrea Fonseka style, I had to sit straight the entire duration, not out of choice, but because my dress did not permit me to slouch without it being indecent.

Then the icing on the cake: Jovian comes over to help adjust the halter dress. He undoes the chain holding the front of my dress to tighten it.

..and he pulls a Justin Timberlake on me.

My left hand flies up to grab myself, (not before going in full view for about a second) with a small horrified shriek, we both freak out and we make a quick dash to the sectioned off area of the room (with no one around) to fix the wardrobe malfunction.

THANK GOD there were no cameras, and my little Janer Jackson moment was only noticed by a few fellow artistes. Talking about it now still brings shivers down my back, and I dread to think what would've happened if all that happened in front of the press.

'twas an entertaining night indeed. Dinner and the performance by Siti Nurhaliza and Rossa (Indonesian pop-star) followed, along with a sweet couple on stage (Mr. and Mrs. Sin) celebrating their 16th year anniversary. Oh and did I mention the entire event was hosted by Anita Sarawak?

Gala to the max. Am so happy I made the time and effort to attend the event. I met some cool people, and learnt the lesson that no matter what - double-sided tape is a must. ;D

ps. I would like to thank all of you who sent me emails, they're very much appreciated. I will be replying them slowly, cannot do all one shot lah I'll get a hand-cramp. Thank you for being patient with me. :)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Deal or No Deal Epsiode 4

Hi everyone. I'm in KL today again so just a quick post of my bit in DOND #4 for those who didn't see it.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A BUSy day

Ever spent a total of 10 hours on a bus for a day? Welcome to my world.

I woke up at 6.30am yesterday morning, took a bus to KL, then a cab home to say hi to mom and dad (only to find my parents weren't in - good thing I got the cab to wait), then cabbed it to Park Royal Hotel KL where I had a fitting for my beautiful gown by Jovian Mandagie (to be worn on Friday at the Big Event in Kuala Lumpur), then I cabbed it back to the bus terminal and bussed back to Singapore.

Why didn't I fly, you ask?

Answer: Think money grows on trees, ah? :P Only on Ch. 5, 8.30pm every Wednesday. Other than that, Andrea Fonseka needs to save money too, like every other average person living in Singapore. ;)

Today starts early again; I'll be off to the gym at about 9am, to be done by about 12noon. A light lunch (probably coffee) will follow before I head home, drop my stuff off and head to St. James Powerstation for the rehearsals of the Elle Awards I will be hosting tonight at 7pm. Anyone wanna come? Its going to be at Movida. Go find someone to get you tickets and come say hi to me~! It'd be nice to meet the people who so loyally visit my blog and post comments and such.

Anyway some thoughts floating around which I'd like to pen down...

I'm thinking of throwing a party soon, to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of, and the boom of my blog that has come about thanks to your loyal visits. I *might* book out a club, and anyone who wants to attend just needs to email me. It'll be hard to find an alcohol sponsor, though I'm sure I can cut some sort of deal with the club. The conversation might be as follows:

Andrea: I wanna have a party at your bar. I want alcohol discount, and section closed off to MY guests only. Deal or No Deal?

Bar Owner: ....I dont know...this is tough...

Andrea: You have a 70% chance of getting mostly men to your bar, as research shows that guys are the ones mainly visiting my site. However, consider the fact that I will most likely invite all 25 other models from DOND, and that might spice things up abit. Let me ask you officially; Deal or No Deal?

BarOwner: [with fellow beer-bellied mates chanting: DEAL!!!!! DEAL!!! DEAL!!!!]

I DONT KNOW!!! ITS TOO STRESSFULL! IF I SAY NO DEAL THEN ANOTHER BAR SAY DEAL AND I REGRET HOW??? OK OK DEAL DEAL DEAL!!! *deal or no deal theme music plays in background and everyone cheers, spilling beer*


Okay so my humour tends to get slightly retarded this early in the morning. Apologies. I'm having a super-long day today again. I'm lovin' it! Funny how work isn't really work when you love what you do.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Live The Dream

Yep that's right. You're looking at Host #3 on "Live the Dream" - the next big show on Ch 5!

We had the press conference yesterday morning at the Fashion Bar, the Cannery. 'Twas much fun indeed - I am so happy things went so smoothly. The press conference was featured on Channel 5 news last night, watch the video above and you'll see my interview towards the end. You can also check out the Channel News Asia article here...

You can also check out the Channel 5 'Wassup' section for more interviews here...

Or watch the videos by clicking on the pictures below...

Take care, all! Hope you enjoyed Deal or No Deal last night! :) and just in case you missed it, here are the bits with me in it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Deal or No Deal Episode 2

Beauty Queen special episode - "Sisters of the tiara". Haha, I had fun with this one. Just the bits with me in it, hope you enjoy it. By the way, look for my next BIG announcement in this blog tomorrow. I'm doing the press conference for it today. Thank you everyone for making my blog so much fun.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Deal or No Deal Episode 1

For everyone not in Singapore who couldn't watch the show last night, and for everyone in Singapore who missed it (shame on you, hehe), here are just the bits with me in it. Hope you enjoyed the show, please tell me what you think. Come la, don't be shy.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Taxi Tantrum!...and lots of news.

I have a rant.

Yesterday I had to do a fair bit of running around, and no surprise; 5 taxi's I tried to hail have the "On Call" placard up (yellow taxis) and 3 wouldn't take me (blue taxi's with GREEN availale "TAXI" sign up). Worst part was, it was already 10.30pm at night; not even peak hour anymore. I eventually had to call one, and my call was picked up within seconds (clearly indicating an availability of taxis in the area - just waiting for someone to call, of course.)

Its just your ordinary Friday night at Cross Street.

Seriously, I really think the public of Singapore should do something about this. On one hand taxi drivers are complaining that business is no good, and that there are too many taxis on the road, but seriously! I say do away with the 'On Call' system, and let customers bid for taxis. Allow me to explain:

To book at taxi at an area where taxi drivers need to drive all the way out for (eg. Woodlands, at 2am), callers can say, "I'll pay three dollars extra", and taxi drivers can then accept the call with the message, and claim it.

Then even in situations where someone needs to go somewhere urgently; you can offer more money. That does away with taxis trying to rip all of us off!!!

How do I bring this up to Parliament? Lol!

That aside...its been a crazy week for me and its going to get worse. Don't miss me if I cant post over the next few days. ;)

This week:
1. I had meetings at Mediacorp over a *hush hush* hosting job I will be doing for them in the very near future; stay tuned here to find out just what show, and further details.
2. I had the Simmons event to host on Thursday (pictures below).
3. I had ESPN Caltex Score Today Friday morning, which meant waking at 4am again. Then I had to rush over to a photoshoot for Courts; where we went on till late in the evening. I was exhausted beyond belief, but am so excited 'cause I will be in most of the Courts Mammoth Ads for the next seven weeks. Stay tuned for that right here!
4. Caltex Score Today again this morning, then had to meet up with my parents who are in town to go to church, and then dinner.

Next week:
1. Fitting at Mediacorp Monday
2. Tuesday: Press conference for the hosting job with Mediacorp (I'll put ALL the details here, not to worry! ;) ), then I've a casting, then an event that goes all the way to midnight.
3. Wednesday: Head to KL for a fitting with my designer, Jovian.
4. Thursday morning: Radio Interview with in the morning, then catching the first flight I can back to Singapore; head to St. James Power Station where I will be hosting this year's Elle Awards.
5. Friday morning - catch 7am flight back to KL, to attend a ball; wearing the dress Jovian so kindly made for me.

Jeez I almost got a cramp in my hand typing all that down. Lets hope we make it through the next week alive. Not dreading it at all - more excited than anything.

Oh and keep the comments coming, guys. Its nice to know that I have people reading my blog; do leave a comment, even if its just to say hi. :) Also, if you come across any pictures online or in mags that you dont see up here yet, do let me know of it, and I'll put the pic up and recognise that you sent it to me of course.

Take care, and I hope you're having a rockin' week just like me! :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

To the People that Matter Most

I've been in Singapore for a while now, busy with work, school; and it finally dawned upon me how much I miss home. I'm dedicating this post to the two most wonderful, supportive and loving people in the world.

This is mum. 54 years old this year. Love you mummy. Don't say it often enough, I know I may not call as often as you'd like, but I do think of you often enough to realise how lucky I am to be your daughter. I'll never forget how you were the one who would take time off work to come support me at my Primary 3 InterState Story Telling Competitions, up till my Secondary 5 Level Inter School College Debates. I love you. Thank you for loving me.

Daddy Dearest. Turning 69 in October. I am everything today because of him. I get my outspoken nature, my competitive edge, and my knowledge in everything worldly from this man. In my eyes, he can do no wrong - he has a kind, warm nature that I look up to. I fondly remember the times when he had to step out of meetings just to pick me up from school; and the many times we take 'trips' in the blue 'doggie van' to go buy durians (cause mom wouldn't let him buy durians with the family cars lest it stinks it up). Thank you daddy. I love you, and I hope you know how much.

These are the two most consistent people in my life. I know I may not call as much, I may not come home as much, and it pretty much seems like I'm living my own life right now... I just want to let you know that the both of you are always with me in my thoughts, and my heart.

I love you Mum & Dad.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Old Scribblings

I was going through some older stuff I've written some time back, and I managed to find my collection of poetry that I wrote some time last year. I tend to write when I'm upset, or when my state of emotions are in flux... you'll see. ;) I thought I'd share a very pretty piece with you today....

Who knows what tomorrow will bring,
All we have it today;
And all I can see, is all I can say
Who knows what life will throw our way.

These are things we will never know how,
We only have here, and now;
And we can only tell time with time,
For now, I just know you are mine.

If tomorrow things change,
It is beyond our control,
And all we have is here now.
It is all we see, and all that we say
And it is only for today.

I haven't givent this piece a name yet. Any suggestions?

Friday, May 4, 2007

All things "Deal or No Deal"

Deal or No Deal

Me, on the cover of 8 DAYS

Channel 5 Deal or No Deal Commercial, with me opening my case with the $250,000 inside!

See the "My Links" section of this page for all the website links for Deal or No Deal Singapore. First show airs on Sunday, 13th of May 2007, at 8:30pm on Channel 5. Tell me what you think of it.

Parental Guidance

Yes, that was me in Parental Guidance last night. Oh... you missed it?

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Coach Spring 2007 Collection

Thanks to Adam for finding me in KLIA Times Magazine and emailing it to me at I attended this event sometime in February.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Grey Morning

Dont you hate it when you wake up to a grey, dull morning? Seriously, the weather today is tempting me to crawl back under the covers I came from.

What's more, its the last day of shooting DOND (Deal or No Deal) at Mediacorp today - and I'm gonna miss my girls! That being said, I'm going to enjoy having my days back - I've been doing nothing but shooting for the last two weeks!

Oh. And thanks for the kind messages, my Evidence paper went well, very kind of y'all for asking. Good news to cheer up a great day - I'm done with exams for the next coupla months, and I'm going home for a hopefully) relaxing visit this weekend. I do miss my parents, and my dogs as well.

Oh again! I came across some old pictures of mine - well, not so old lah. They were taken the last time I was back in KL, and I caught up with some really good, old friends of mine.

Peeps in the pix:
Mae, Xanne, Jehan, Jue, Tony and Zaa. Enjoy. :)

Who's the tallest of them all?

Aw Shucks. What'll I do without these two ladies. :)

'Twas a good night out in good ole Kay Elle. Might be headed north again, so you just might catch me shoppin' up a storm somewhere over this weekend! *big money-spending michevious grin*

Final Oh! I'm also inviting ALL the Deal or No Deal girls over to my place tomorrow evening for a potluck party! My male friends are going to be in seventh heaven I tell you. I'm thinking of charging a cover charge. How much would you pay to be in a room full of hot models? ;)