Friday, May 25, 2007

TGIF but weekends dont matter to me. ;)

When its the weekend and everyone's cheering and clapping, Andrea Fonseka rises at the break of dawn (4am to be exact) to get into the ESPN office by 5am, to go on air live at 6.

Top that with a week full of work already, and the fact that I have to do this again tomorrow, and then continue on with LTD Hit and Runs, and on Sunday; I need to report to Mediacorp at 9am for an entire Sunday's work.

Jialat. Cannot party this weekend.

*laughs* Its fantastic though, busy is good. I'm just lacking a social life. Drinks? Cannot. I gotta work tomorrow. Wanna go clubbing? Ah, you go yourself-lah. I gotta work tomorrow. Buffet dinner? Pass. I got photoshoot tomorrow. lol.

See; everyone thinks this is a glamorous and easy lifestyle - it is not. And right now I'm probably working longer working hours than most white collars. Nyeh.

Oh and i'm at my Third cup of coffee. I've only been up less than three hours. *wince*

I really cant wait for the 8 days cover to be out. Oops did I say it? ;) Rememebr that photoshoot? It was for 8 days, I'll be flanked by two other girls from DOND. There's an exclusive interview in it as well - where you'll learn some very interesting and intimate details bout me... it was a really exclusive interview, with none other than Editor of 8 days, Tommy Wee. Really looking forward to it! It'll be out two Mondays from now. Don't ask me to count and tell you exactly which date it'll be at this hour. Go and do it yourself. :P

Oh. Did anyone watch the American Idol Finals last night? I know Jordin won (doh, I told you so. lol!) - but can anyone tell me how it went down? How were the performances?

Have a great day everyone. I need to get back to work and practice reading my script. I'm getting better at not messing up live on air - if I may say so myself! ;)


Anonymous said...

Good morning Girl:)...looking forward to the 8 days in 10 days time, 4th of june..hee hee.

Good luck k. Btw, try cutting down on the Coffee k. Me also coffee lover but good to cut down. Good for health k..

Have a good weekend k..

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your 8 days cover to come out. Auntie oh, Andrea is not cutting down on her coffee. ;p Seriously though, try to cut down your coffee intake.. have a great busy weekend..

Anonymous said...

I'll especially grab that copy of "8 days". You're gotta get the adequate amount of sleep.. or not how to look pretty pretty??? eeee.. i sound like a nag.

♥ Jill said...

hallo woman! eh what is this i'm hearing about a party? haha.. anyways after reading what you've written, i don't suppose you're up for clubbing tmrw huh. gotham or what... haha. i got the photo we took with tara and the other girl in case you want? umm.. but i'm not sure i know where to send it to ah... lemme know la if you want. k loves!

jill symons

Anonymous said...

Miko, I already threatened to tell her mother. I told A my silence could be bought with kisses.

It didn't work. :(

Initial J said...


Anonymous said...

jefferson, it costs just $2. Mai kiam siap. :)

Initial J said...

ok. So will ge it later in the.. morning. hehe.. Is in S'pore or M'sia? lol

Are you addicted to coffee? I know we are addicted to you.. but dear, you have to slow that down. Dun want you all hyper too fast. =)

Missed the finals, Jordin won. That's all I know.. ^__^

Good day at work. =) less coffee too, plz.

fazzy said...

the finals so wasn't like a showdown. blake was so weak it was a joke. you didn't miss much...actually jordin not that great either. melinda was good in the results show though..she's always so smiley...cute.

Louisa Koh said...

actually Jordin was really good on the songwriter's song. That its been playing in my head till now.

Blake gave a smashing performance of his Bon Jovi's You GIve Love A Bad Name, more smashing than the one he did a few weeks back.

It was really the Entertainer vs the Singer. Of course the Singer won.

Anonymous said...

Sorru andrea, the gabreil who ask you about the v thing is not sorry andrea, I am gabriel ho KK. please trust me...I am not that loose. so sorry...andrea. you have a nice weekend k. please don't work too hard and take care of yourself k.
gabriel Ho..

Unknown said...

Your day's sound like mine..... waking at 6, going to bed at 12 or 1... being on the phone from dawn till dusk, being called all hours of the night by people working with me.... the only down side is, I sometimes have crazy people trying to harrass me but, it's work... it's life.... it does beat other jobs.