Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Feeling bloated. :(


Today I woke up feeling like a whale. My fault entirely, I ate at like 9.30pm last night. I hate it when I get the late night munchies and I have a big dinner at that hour, it spoils my entire day following it.

Got photoshoot today summore.


I gotta go to AMK by about 9am, with: "Clean hair, clean nails, clean face, heels and a towel."

When I was being briefed, I was like, "uh-huh..uh-huh..yeah...heels ok...wha-? Towel?? Wah, going to take shower or something there is it??"


I'll announce what the photoshoot is for soon. ;)

That aside, has anyone checked out the latest 8days? It has Eunice Olsen and Debbie Wong on the cover. If any of you bothered to buy it (yeah ok there's a small bit with me in it but nevermind that) - you MUST check out the photospread in it. Debbie and Eunice are absolutely stunning in it. The lighting, scenery, style of the shoot is SO cool. Go buy it - I won't scan and upload cause the magazine is still in circulation: respect the publishers lah its very very rude to scan and upload things that are still in circulation. :P Go get it, you guys wont regret it.

Had an interview with Today paper yesterday, I wonder when the story will be out. Will let you know when I do. :)

Alrighty. Its 7.35am now, I need to go get ready for the shoot. Bleh. I hate being up at this hour. Who said this isn't real work? I'm waking up earlier than some corporate people these days.

Oh oh. And tonight's the Grand Finals of American Idol! I cant wait to see Jordin perform, I think she's an A-MAY-ZING singer. I really wish it was a Melinda-Jordin final, pity the teenaged girls of the States are all ga-ga over Blake. Bleh again. So what if he can beat-box, Melinda Doolittle (what a COOL name) has SO much a better voice. Poor lass, hope she lands a recording deal anyway..

Okay lah. Andrea Fonseka needs to finish up her coffee (yes, mum, I AM kicking the habit: I didn't have coffee last night, today only one cup, ok?), and go take a shower. Hugs all out to y'all, and once again thanks for being such loyal readers. Muchos Gracias. xoxo


Anonymous said...

Yes you do wake up earlier than a lot of office going people.. including me :p.. Hope you feel better today.. good luck with your shoot.. Gotta go get a copy of 8 days now.. ciao!

Anonymous said...

your posts are so candid, sometimes i forget you're a celeb! =)

Anonymous said...

Blake Lewis is creative and different; which paves the way for a more contemporary American Idol. He's a breath of fresh air; the seasons are getting boring with diva-esque Melinda types ya know.

I hope Blake wins!

Anonymous said...

Bought a copy of 8 Days and caught the bit with you in it. So you're not just Eurasian... you're actually a Malaysian Filipino-Spanish-Portugese-Sri Lankan-Chinese? Wah.

How many of those languages do you speak? :)

fazzy said...

Blake is not that good. I agree...Melinda is oodles better.

Anonymous said...

Just got the current issue of 8 days too.. I must say, you really stood out in the press meet.. you look gorgeous in that dress!

Anonymous said...

"Clean hair...nails...face..."

Apparently, grunge is out.


Apparently, grunge is REALLY out.

I await the shower pics with bated breath. Will they be released with the ones of the wardrobe malfunction? :O

"...yes, mum, I AM kicking the habit..."

No, auntie, she's not. She has the stuff for LUNCH. Black! (A, I take bribes in kisses.) :P

X, she spoke Espanol right there (kind of).

Initial J said...

Everyone has a 'bad' day.. so don't be too hard on yourself =) First, its the dress malfunction.. now in towel? Andrea, don't get us wet.. haha.. kidding. You got us guys heated up. ^__^ for you, will try to stay cool.. lol

Hope to hear more of your life. An interesting one. =)

Andrea Fonseka said...

X-mate: Two only. English and Malay. *blush*
pathfinder: I never carried the grunge look off very well anyways.
jefferson: THINK CLEAN, BOY. :P
miko: wah tankiew tankiew. That wasn't my intention though. Tell you a small secret - I thought to myself, "Ok. Press Conference, at Fashion Bar. Sure very Gala-Gala one." I was expecting Bjork' swan dresses laying eggs by the emcee. I got there and I was the ONLY ONE in a bright colour, let alone cocktail kinda dress. Shy man. But cannot go home and change already what, so ... just wing it lor. ;P

I think I tend to speak (type?) with a thicker Singlish Lingo this early in the morning...

Initial J said...

Haha.. I got shot. ^__^

Andrea.. you're the rose among the torns. That shows it. =)

Anonymous said...

I doubt there are many "looks" you can't pull off. ;)