Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yesterday's Photoshoot, and This Weekend's Agenda

So yesterday I had a photoshoot, and it was loads of fun (and work!). They didn't have shoes in my size so I had to wear heels that were one or two sizes too small for me. We (me and two other girls from DOND) worked with an amazing stylist (hats off, Fang Fang!), a lovely photographer by the name of Joel, Jasmine the make-up artiste, Jasper the hairstylist... Uh that's all I can remember between sneezes right now.

It was done by about 4ish then I met up with David (Editor of FHM mag) for a teh-tarik. After a little while of catching up, filling him with the latest news, I had to make a move so I could get a cab before the 5pm rush-hour peak period (When all the cabbies suddenly disappear and only come out from their hiding place when you call for one...but I spoke about that already, lets not go there again shall we?)..

David's a swell guy, and I can tell he loves his job. Well, most men would actually. ;)

Okay so I was going to go to Batam this weekend for a relaxing two day one night trip, but thank God I didn't book out the hotel online yet. Mediacorp called to inform me that my services are required for the 'Hit and Run' segment of Live The Dream. You can go online and have a look at, where you will see time time (Sat and Sun) and venue (selected shopping malls): Yep, that's where I'll be. So excited, but at the same time I'm also disappointed that I won't be able to make it for the DOND Roadshow happening at a Courts Mammoth Store on the 27th (Sunday). How lah. We win some we lose some, eh? ;)

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed last night's DOND episode, even though I wasn't really in it as I didn't get selected the whole night. So instead of posting anything from DOND last night, I'll give you a special treat... a video of me hosting the Elle Awards 2007 last week, featuring the DOND girls. Enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

That must have been painful for your feet.. I guess any normal guy would love being the editor of FHM.. ooh ooh.. I gotta go to the hit and run event to catch a glimpse of you.. I think you have to start taking your vit c before your sneezes turns into something nastier..

Anonymous said...

1st thing I noticed was you changed the header picture of your blog - and to that, I am speechless :)

Well done with the Elle hosting. Always good to get in a coupla these to "warm-up" before your Live The Dream biggie.

Anonymous said...

banner pic = vavavoom!! That pic is so hot! oozing with sex appeal..

Anonymous said...

Nice Banner Pic :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,

I watched the Elle Award YouTube video. When and where was it held? Excellent hosting.

You have grown so much. Very matured. Unbelievable. I used 2 watch you handle many german shepherd dogs in dog shows at Kuala Lumpur. I remember i called you once, when MKA gave me yr HP no 3 years ago, about some advice about german shepherd n u seems very knowledgeable about these breed. Of course! ;)

Do you still handle your dogs for competition? Let me know when and where you will handle your dogs again.

I have not been going to these MKA dog shows for almost 2 years. I wanna come and enjoy the show.

Wow.. i noticed u can host many events. Well done. Keep pressing on and work hard. You will be at top very soon.. in fact you almost there. Please post some YouTube of Live The Dream when ever possible. I am sure many visitors to your site will wanna see what you have been up to.

Andrea, after what happened when you were in Miss Malaysia 2004 thingy, you haven risen above the challenges and criticism to put in some great stunning performances of what you really can do and ...has been a huge part of Visit Malaysia 2007 campaign.... indirectly as a Malaysian to the world ;) Well done.

I love 2 watch Singapore shows and I watch it whenever I am in Johor and of course, DOND, but ever since I stayed in KL, it is impossible 2 watch SG shows. Thanks to YouTube and your blog. I can watch some it here. If you have links to view the full show, let me know.

Nice to know you.

Keep me posted about any dog shows events or any other events here in KL or other places in Malaysia.

Have a beautiful day

Terence L

Ladbrooke said...

My friend's and I were actually planning on going to d DOND roadshow to catch a glimpse of u. Thank goodness i came here and found out that u're gonna be at d Hit and Run instead, then i wouldn't be making a wasted trip to Courts. =P.

Anonymous said...

hahaha...A, looks like its time for you to ask Terry Connors to give you pay rise, eh? you're a courts' crowd puller or otherwise.... ;)

by the way, do you know much about huskies? pls email me k? muchos gracias... =)

Initial J said...

Well, I would love the job too. lol

Girl, you 'hit & run' me over already.. haha

Anonymous said...

I have to agree fully with Jefferson:)

Live the dream, to me is to have a lovely dinner with Andrea...hee hee. Will continue to dream..

Terence, I have to add on that, not only she has grown to a remarkable young lady. She is such an aspiring girl too.

Andrea knew what she wanted since 3 and she was so focused on it. Great job! Girl :)

Terence, you are a lucky guy to have known Andrea personally. Cheers bro.

Word of Wit and wisdom to share to all. I can imagine our lovely Queen will agree to this :

" Learn to be pleased with everything; with wealth so far as it makes us beneficial to others; with poverty, for not having much to care for; and with obscurity, for being unenvied."

Just be happy and stay foolish k. hee.

You have a lovely day Girl...

Best Wishes

Andrea Fonseka said...

Hey Terence,
Thanks for the lovely comment. :) I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Do you still have any dogs now?

Ladbrooke: Eh dont so bad lah. After they come after me say I sabo them telling you all not to go for the roadshow. Go go you can meet the girls in real life. They're beautiful and lovely chicks. :)

Gabriel: thanks for commenting so much on my blog. :) I love it when people do that, it shows that people are actually reading and digesting my writings! I realyl do like the quote, got anymore?

Anonymous said...

Andrea: Do I still have any dogs now?

Why? You want to come n c my dogs and handle it for dog shows?

A Old English Sheep dog and a miniature schnauzer. But not at my condo. I put the giant Old English Sheep dog at my uncle's house where he can runabout and the little schnauzer in my hometown.

Gabriel, I have never met her.. but whenever I am at the dog show, I was informed by her friends ...this tall girl will secretly glance at me.. n she lost 2 rounds bcopz she was not concentrating on handling the dogs...and when we were introduce by our friends, she was nervous....we shook our hands at that time.. she doesn't want 2 let go my hands. Oh goodness.......

Andrea: Have a laugh. U and I know I was just kidding ;) Keep on blogging. Feel good 2 read yr blog.

Gabriel: Just to tease her.

Have a wonderful day guys!

Anonymous said...

Gabriel, I am not lucky ;( Seen her from far at dog shows, but never met her personally. The comments above r just for some quick laugh.

Ladbrooke said...

Lol..Ive planned it out. First i'll go to d DOND roadshow then i'll make my way to Tampines Mall for d Hit and Run since they're both in Tampines..=P

Anonymous said...

Gabriel, I agree with Andrea.. you have a very meaningful quote there.. :) especially the last part "...with obscurity, for being unenvied." Sounds like that applies to many of us guests to this wonderful blog. Where's the quote from, or is it your own masterpiece, Gab? (:

Glad Andrea liked your quote too, and it sets us thinking - most of us here I daresay, fall into that "obscure" category. So that means we should be "unenvied", but going back to the first part of your quote, "Learn to be pleased..." - how does one be pleaed with being unenvied?

At first thought, most people should feel pleased about being envied because that means they've "made it", you know? Wealth, power, influence, glam, popularity, any combination of the above. Unless, to be pleased with being unenvied means one thing - contentment. Like, no-one-envies-me-maybe-cuz-I-can't-make-it-but-I don't-care-cuz-I'm-happy-the-way-I-am... kinda thing?

If so, then there must, similarly, exist a reason not to be pleased with not being obscure. Ok sorry I'll cut the double-negatives :) I mean, there must then be a reason to want obscurity.

Just like Andrea has said in her latest post (Fri 25/5, 6.31 am), "See; everyone thinks this is a glamorous and easy lifestyle - it is not". She definitely faces her own difficulties in not being "obscure", and I'm sure she'd share those with us in days to come.

What's your take, Gabriel? People? Andrea?

Initial J said...

Terence, you're lucky. =) Able to meet her. But really, she won't be nervous meeting someone like us.. lol

Gabriel, those are true words of wisdom. We have a life, not many. 1 chance to live, no others. So we should enjoy but not overdo it, k.. haha..

Talking crap, just feels fun sometimes.. unwind.

Well, I wish I can say to Andrea.. 'Hey, I saw you at the swimsuit fashion show or even trying out the Hot/sexy dress at the mall' haha.. apologise for the underlining jokes..

Andrea Fonseka said...

Jefferson: Tsk tsk. Enough of this lah. :P

Terrence: No, I only have two cards. No space for dogs here in Singapore lah. :(

Initial J said...

Haha.. ok, enuf of it dy.

You're dogs must be missing you alot. What's your 'babies' name?