Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Grey Morning

Dont you hate it when you wake up to a grey, dull morning? Seriously, the weather today is tempting me to crawl back under the covers I came from.

What's more, its the last day of shooting DOND (Deal or No Deal) at Mediacorp today - and I'm gonna miss my girls! That being said, I'm going to enjoy having my days back - I've been doing nothing but shooting for the last two weeks!

Oh. And thanks for the kind messages, my Evidence paper went well, very kind of y'all for asking. Good news to cheer up a great day - I'm done with exams for the next coupla months, and I'm going home for a hopefully) relaxing visit this weekend. I do miss my parents, and my dogs as well.

Oh again! I came across some old pictures of mine - well, not so old lah. They were taken the last time I was back in KL, and I caught up with some really good, old friends of mine.

Peeps in the pix:
Mae, Xanne, Jehan, Jue, Tony and Zaa. Enjoy. :)

Who's the tallest of them all?

Aw Shucks. What'll I do without these two ladies. :)

'Twas a good night out in good ole Kay Elle. Might be headed north again, so you just might catch me shoppin' up a storm somewhere over this weekend! *big money-spending michevious grin*

Final Oh! I'm also inviting ALL the Deal or No Deal girls over to my place tomorrow evening for a potluck party! My male friends are going to be in seventh heaven I tell you. I'm thinking of charging a cover charge. How much would you pay to be in a room full of hot models? ;)


Unknown said...

i think at least SGD50-100 shd be ok. how about you charge a cover charge and use those money to raise money for a charitable cause such as those filipino poverty stricken families you saw or etc? what can be greater than party and charity at the same time? i'm sure the guys won't mind contributing to charity to get to know some hot babes in the process! somebody's gotta do the hard work.. :)

Andrea Fonseka said...

Nah I decided to pass on the cover charge this time around, seeing as not all the girls were available to attend the dinner. ;) Maybe next time, eh? *grin*

Anonymous said...

hey andrea, if the money's TOO MUCH for you to handle, dun sweat it... I'll take care of it for you and keep it in safe hands! like i said, somebody's gotta do the hard work! :)

all you need to do is to make sure the gals (or at least SOME of them)turns up..!! and i'll handle the rest, including getting you your male donors (hmm, suddenly sounds like some kinda sperm bank event...hehe) and safekeeping your charity funds on your behalf.

so how? DEAL OR NO DEAL? =)