Friday, October 30, 2009

How I Rocked F1!

F1 in Singapore - most would say the highlight would be, well, the cars, teams, getting tickets to watch the only night street race......

....yyyeah well all that was great. My best moment?

All the Single Ladies!!!!


Caption not needed for this one... ;)

Eugenie and Baba

Jovian and Angela (my wedding planner!)

She was absolutely amazing, regretfully unable to perform in KL but... oh well. Good news is, she'll probably be back in Singapore soon and its just a drive down south!!

I know its not much, but hope you can hear the vocals....!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Its a diamond center, with six petals, each with its own little diamond in it, surrounded by beautiful sapphires!

If you're wondering why its not the 'conventional' diamond solitaire engagement ring - well - its because that ring was given to him by his mother. Its his great-great-grandmother's engagement ring!! At 101 years old, you can't get rings in the same (hand)cut stones anymore! And each petal actually has decorative engravings on it! Its pretty damn heavy on my finger, not because the ring itself is pretty solid, but due to the gravity of the situation should I lose it!! *gulp*

But its still really sweet, and such an honour to have the family heirloom. I'm a pretty lucky girl. ;)

As for the hotel ballroom shopping, I have to say... I've been to a few now, and whilst I have never noticed it before.. is it me or do hotels have the WORST carpeting in their ballrooms?!? Who said it was a good idea to have gold + blue + red/maroon?? TOGETHER??

Carpeting aside, I am pretty happy with the progress so far. I have narrowed it down to two, with the option of viewing more in the coming month, cause... Paul's coming to visit!! :D He'll be with me for two weeks (*joy!*) and we're going to be doing some sightseeing around KL and Ipoh. All this while he's not been in KL for more than a weekend, so its really nice to have him for 14 days.. albeit me having to work at the Malaysian International Fashion Week Galas everynight from the 4th to the 8th Nov! But not to worry, the event is sponsored by Chivas! Paul loves Chivas! I reckon he'll be having more fun at the parties than me. ;)

I am so excited, things with MIFA and MIFW are really moving along at breakneck speed! Its going to be SUCH a blast! Make sure you come down to the Pavillion KL for the fashion week - don't miss out!

Oh! AaaAnd I am so happy I've got the most amazing wedding planners ever!!! :D
Next post: My wedding planners! (Putting your pictures up here, Angela and Team - so, no pressure! hehe! ;) )

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here's some news.. :)

I said, "Yes!"
I have officially begun hotel ballroom-shopping, florist hunting and gown designing. The date? Yes, its been set sometime mid next year - and with my planning a TV show, that doesn't give me much time!! Till then, I reckon this blog will be filled with not just my role as the Face of Malaysia Fashion Week this year, but my entire wedding planning experience! *grin* Please let me know what you'd like me to focus on (in terms of the wedding preperations, etc.)
Stay tuned!
With that; I shall leave you with one of my favourite songs. ;~) Yes, my dear friends. I am officially a soppy soooky la-la. Here's to every soul in this world - that you may find that Somebody.

Coming up next post: The Ring!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What I've been busy in KL with! ;)

Stellar return for fashion showcase Model and TV host picked as the face of annual event

THE Malaysian International Fashion Alliance (MIFA) heralded the return of the Malaysia
International Fashion Week (MIFW’ 09) by announcing Andrea Fonseka as the face of M-IFW’09 at an inaugural party held at Aristo, Zouk.

According to MIFA chief executive officer Syeba Yip, the event was the first in a series of exciting parties aimed at building up the excitement among avid fashion followers, sponsors and event partners in the run-up to M-IFW’09 from Nov 4 to 8 at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

“We are pleased to welcome Fonseka back to the Malaysian fashion scene. Her sterling achievements and versatile talents transcend the fashion and entertainment fields in Malaysia
and Singapore. Besides being a highly sought-after model, she is now a TV host and an
actress to boot,” Yip said.

Since the announcement coincided with Fonseka’s 25th birthday, the MIFA team presented her with a fourtier cake and a Roxy bikini. Maxis as the main presenter surprised her with an iPhone while Pernod Ricard as the official liquor partner gave her a bottle of Chivas.

More than 50 local designers are expected to showcase their collections at this year’s fashion show. Adding international flavour to the runway will be top Japanese supermodel Ai Tominaga, 10 models from Beijing, China, and several guest designers fromHongKong,India,Japan,Thailand, China and Indonesia.

“We are also launching a coffee table book in recognition of our top designers and key fashion industry players who have helped to move Malaysian fashion forward. “After a one-year hiatus, the Islamic Fashion Festival is also returning to the fold with special showcases that celebrate beauty in modesty. Fifty designers from the Bumiputra Designers Association are also expected
to show their latest collections,” Yip added.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


First up - yes, I realise I have not posted in AGES. Trust me, there's a valid reason for that - which WILL be revealed in the Malaysian Press following the 29th of August. ;) You can get the news first from my Facebook page: Andrea Fonseka (link on the right of this blog).

Things have been incredibly busy with me, reshuffling of artiste managements, new deals, taking care of old ones, hosting events all over the place, and trying my best to spend enough time with Dad and Mum, and of course, Paul.

Adeline came to town for a visit (that is always too short), with my lovely nephew, Lucas. Such the adorable (and mischevious!) little one he is: he's grown, and speaks profficiently - so well that its quite scary for a 4 year old saying "Bats hunt for food using Echo-Lo-kay-shionnn". :D

Just a little toss on what I've been doing to fill my time:

Attended the Shout awards in KL, I hosted the Chivas Regal Alexander McQueen Limited Edition bottle (Chivas Regal - without a doubt my most fave fave alcoholic beverage), the opening of the new Park Hotel Clarke Quay (Amaaaazing food), the launch of the new Honda Freed, did a cover photoshoot with Jovian Mandagie (superb local designer and dear friend), helped plan the outline of a fashion TV programme, am currently planning an event, and am trying to find the time to plan my birthday - my TWENTY-FIFTH birthday (jeez I'm a quarter of a century old now), happening at my place at the end of the month. I have friends flying in from Singapore, Perth, Sydney, and of course my mates from KL will be there too, but can you imagine trying to accomodate everyone (about 70 people) at my place in KL?? And then planning the event afterwards when we all go out to celebrate?!
Jovian Mandagie's uber-glam weding gown.

Me backstage, wearing Jovian's gown (he was so sweet to loan it to me on such short notice..thank God it fit!!

I *heart* Chivas Regal. I do occasionally have a drink or two when I'm out, and everyone calls me the Chivas-Queen 'cause I'm never seen drinking anything else!! *laughs* Note the Chivas "crown" on me head, totally accidental! Hehe! But very apt..

Its definitely a Milestone, turning 25. And I wanted it to be in KL to share the special occassion with Mum and Dad - their youngest is now 25! Gosh. How time flies!! If I could with for anything though, it would be for me to know two years ago what I know now.. but I guess its a chicken and egg thing: I wouldn't have learnt my lessons through my mistakes back then; so theoretically it'd be impossible for me to know then what I know now, but you get my drift, I'm sure. ;)

I hope everyone is keeping well, we've passed the halfway mark of the year now, and lets move towards ending this year with a bang! :D

Monday, June 22, 2009

Inspiration (and quite a harsh post?)

I just finished watching The Biggest Loser on telly. Its pretty amazing, they've been in there for 5 weeks, and one guy lost 70 pounds (approx 30 kgs). That's .... amazing. Yes, they have personal trainers, they have people monitoring their food, etc. But... THEY do the work, THEY put in the effort, and THEY reap the rewards. The format of the show annoys me a little, but lets not get into that. The point I am trying to make here is this:

These are ordinary people. Doing extraordinary things. It filled me with such hope, and such inspiration to push myself further. Nothing is impossible really - I bet these people felt for the longest time that they will be obese for the rest of their lives. They all weighed more than 100kgs, some even more than 150kgs when they started the journey on the show. When you have to overcome such a huge mountain, its easy to get discouraged and think its impossible. It made me feel like my weight loss was chicken feet compared to what they were going through - I had Marie France to help me trim away the weight! Then again, I also had the determination and ambition to reach for my dreams, and luckily, I have been blessed enough to be where I am now.

I think we can all improve ourselves in any area of our lives if we really want to. I'm not just talking about physically here. I have come to believe that anyone who is of the mentality "I'm just like that." or, "I am XX years old now, you can't expect me to change my ways" is just taking the easy way out. Its not as hard as it seems, though old habits are tough to break. I guess what we can all learn from The Biggest Loser is that change just boils down to:


I look back on the past year, and am amazed at how much I've changed as a person. Often we need a catalyst for this, and I learnt this lesson from someone very close to my heart. If you really want to change something in your life, the first and most important thing is:


You are responsible for your own actions. Emotions are another issue - but how you handle your self, how you react to them, and how you decide you want to be - is all your own CHOICE. (Unless you have a medical condition of course, but that's another issue). You have to be honest with yourself, and realise this before you can change any flaw you have within yourself. Yes, if you're lazy, hot tempered, unkind, etc, its time to face up to it. Don't play victim and go, "I had issues growing up", or "Its not my fault, he/she/they make me this way". Yes some people have it harder than others, but at the end of the day, YOU ACTED THE WAY YOU DID and THAT'S WHY YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE.


Want to lose weight? Write it down. You want to be more liked by your peers? Write it. Want to be rich? Or want to get along better with your parents. Whatever you want in life to be better, write it down. Then follow that with what you need to do to achieve that. NO EXCUSES like writing what is stopping you, because as of now, only thing stopping you from change, is yourself. For example:

a) I want to lose weight. ----> need to eat better: exercise more .

b) I want to improve my personality/character ----> This one is a little more tricky as you need to look within yourself and your flaws. Here's where the honesty bit comes in. For example, if your girlfriend has told you time and time again that you're unreasonable, there could be some truth in this. Look at yourself how you'd look at someone else. If there is anything there that is holding you back, write it on your list. Follow this with why you want the change - to be a better person, to make the world a better place, to satisfy your narcissism, remember whatever it is BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.


You can't expect results immediately. Remember that this is not a 'temporary' thing, and that you're changing your LIFE. This is who you are, you are improving yourself, and you want to be better. Take baby steps. If you're someone who has massive road-rage, the next time something bad on the road happens don't just snap, but remind yourself the reasons why you want to change that about yourself. Even if you forget, and succumb to being a swearing angry person behind the wheel, make it a point to look at that later, remind yourself why acting that way upsets you and the people around you, and why you'd like to change.

As to how you change, just tell yourself that nothing will be achieved from succumbing to your weaknesses. The contrary infact tends to be the case - situations are often worsened. So focus on what would be best for you in the long-term to achieve your goal(s). The more you think in this manner, the easier it gets.

I know it seems to be the case that things are easier said than done - and that is often true. But nothing will change otherwise, and whilst it may be *easier* per se to stay the same, life definitely wont be better. So as I said. It all boils down to, How Much You Want It.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quick Update!

So whilst some of you may have seen me HERE:

I was actually, HERE:

And here are some behind the scenes shots of the FHM mag shoot (Out now, go get!) :) Enjoy!

Me sucking on a piece of ice cause I was thirsty - and didn't want drinking from a cup to spoil the makeup! Lol!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bend it like Bikram

Lol. Ok quite lame lah my post title. ;) (ps. Bikram is a special sort of yoga..)

But yes, in case you guys don't already know, you'll be seeing me in pretty stretchy positions around Singapore and Malaysia ..

This photo was taken from :)

Go check the classes out, try 0ne even, and I guarantee you'll love it. Warning though: don't bite off more than you can chew, because yoga can be pretty intense! :)) Start slow, and you'll be surprised how quickly you feel and see the effects!

I won't be able to go for yoga over the next three weeks tho. Cause I'm going to LONDON and PARIS! :D :D :D its going to be such blast, I've always wanted to go to Paris and how I finally will! And London to see Lucas my nephew (wait I think I've blogged about this already, but i'm just so excited that I can't help but keep raving on about it, sorry ah!). :)

Oh and to those who have replied to my post below, thank you.

Anyone knows anywhere good in Paris? ;) Let me know!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Would you "settle"?

This thought came to me as I was on my trip back to Singapore (from KL) as I was answering some interview questions...

Would you "settle" for someone?

If he or she was "good enough" but not "great"? If that person was "alright", but didn't blow your socks off? Would you wait enough long in a relationship and possibly waste both of your time, or hope that your love for him/her would grow and eventuate into what you always dreamt your lovelife would be?

Its possible to eventually fall in love with someone. Hell, I've been that person that someone 'eventually' fell in love with. Was I happy being in doubt? No. Did I trust him? No. But was I esentially happy...? .


The excuse that, "Hey, is alright. I could do alot worse.", is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Sorry. If you could do alot worse, you could also do better. And deep down inside, you know that.

The fact is, if you're seriously with someone (we're talking about living together here), that person should know, and feel, that he or she is your world. And there should be no doubt. At. All.

Why do some people then choose to 'settle'?

Insecurity, the inability to be alone (strong factor), amongst many other reasons.

How would I approach it?

Well, I'm comfortable enough to be on my own now, than to be with someone for company's sake. I choose to have enough respect for a person than to choose to be with them just 'cause they're *there*. When I'm with someone, I want it to be because I *know* that he is someone that I would be proud to be with, that I can reflect with and upon, and whom I know is someone of calibre that... well, deserves me! Is that being narcisistic? No. I think its just a level of self assurance, and knowing one's worth.

Because if deep down inside I *know* I can do better, then deep down inside, I wouldn't be happy. We should always work towards obtaining the best that we can in life; be it being the best person we can be, being the best friend we can be, the best daughter, friend.. why should we not strive to be have the best partner we can have?

But then again - here's me playing Devil's advocate with myself again - maybe its easy for me to talk. I'm in a happy, fulfilling relationship. *heh!*. Paul's an amazing man, and I am truly lucky to have him. I actually can't imagine my life without him - and that's a sign of what I believe to be true love. Its not when you can imagine your future with that person - its when you can't imagine it without.

Maybe its because I feel every good soul in the world deserves to have and feel what I do; A partner that fulfills every essence of our being.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I will try to fix you

One of the most amazing songs ever written - absolutely selfless and sincere. I cry everytime I really 'feel' the song..

Hope you guys enjoy this. :)
Oh and, if you guys are wondering what i'm up to: I'm still in KL at the moment, just did a shoot for Shape magazine Malaysia, will be doing another shoot tomorrow for Clive magazine's 1st year anniversary edition. I came to KL a few weeks ago 'cause my Dad was home alone (my sisters and mum are in Spain for a fantabulous holiday; i didn't go cause I needed to work. :( ), and so I thought I'd keep him company. Its been nice just catching up with him, spending time with him - his health's doing alot better lately, he's eating well.

Will be back in Singapore soon for another press interview with the Berita Harian. Flying to London and Paris on the 9th of May, (yes will take lots and lots of pictures don't worry! ;)), will be going to visit my sisters and my nephew, I can't wait I'm so excited! Will be there for two weeks, back in KL for the month of June to begin shooting the movie!


Almost out of breath just typing all of that out! *laughs*
Ok. Picture Time! :)
I was here.....

For a James Bond themed party. This is Ho Fei Fei, my bestie.. and we were comparing, er, "packages"...
Us posing - Face-Off!

What happened next???


..........awwww. ;)

Miss you Fei, come back to Singapore soooooon! :D

Friday, April 3, 2009

FHM International's 100 Sexiest Women 2009

Hey Guys!

I've been nominated to be in FHM International's 100 Sexiest Women 2009, feel free to vote for me at :)

Thanks lah! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Okay so last week was massively hectic, involving friends coming down from KL to visit, FHM's Top 100 GNDs, catching up with old friends. In Singapore at the moment, for some work, before I head back to KL to be with Daddy, who's home alone due to Mum being overseas.

My shoot for the next cover of FHM (wow its been like, two years since the last one!), is on the 6th of April, and I'm so excited! It'll be out on a very special issue, so watch out for it in the coming months!

AND. Just recieved confirmation that I will be working on a movie in Malaysia. I don't think its appropriate for me to talk about the details before the press conference, but lets just say it'll open nationwide, and will probably be released in Singapore as well. :D Its going to be fantastic to be working back home again, with people who are at the top of their game. AND it'll be in Malay, which will be a new experience for me. AND I'll be back home in KL which is always great for me.. :)~ (Mmmmm.. Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, anyone? Heh.)

Will be keeping this post short, have an early morning tomorrow for an interview with MyPaper. So will sign off for now, and leave you with this really sweet song from Jason Mraz. Enjoy! :)

No prizes to guessing who this song goes out to. ;) I love romantic duets!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The best year yet

2009 has been really, really good so far. :)

I think I'm finally finding the perfect balance between work, play, love and life. Here's a quick update with that.

Work has been great. My campaign with True Yoga will launch in a few months, the photoshoot was so much fun! I worked with Mr. Universe 2004 (go google!) and he's HUUUUGE! Like, literally! Also he's the new Terminator in Terminator Salvation. Am currently working on a few independent projects, short films which will be taken throughout the world on film festivals, and am looking forward to working more in KL. :)

Roland and I. He's HUGE!


The man who taught me to bend over. Backwards.

Just attended a friend's wedding in Perth recently. She got married to her first love, whom she met at the tender age of 16! They went out for a while before going their seperate ways, and a few years later, Voila! They met, realised they still loved each other, and got married! In the words of the Emcee that night (Mark Pieri, awesome job): Love is like a motorcycle. Sometimes you need to kick it twice to get it started. I've never been to a wedding in Oz before, and I have to say. Its VERY different from weddings in Asia. It was loud (in a very good way), there were loads of jokes, laughter and DRINKS. Man can they drink. My poor Asian liver couldn't keep up at all, and I knew it so I didn't even bother trying.

The New Mr. and Mrs. Potger.

:) Am very happy. Paul's still as fantastic as ever, and everytime I visited Perth I found a fresh bouquet of my favourite flowers (pPink starburst lillies) on the table. He said the sweetest thing the other day: that he never knew he could be so happy with anyone, and that his life was complete with me in it. *Awwwww* (try not to gag).

And you wouldn't believe it >>>> HE BOUGHT ME A CAR. (okay so maybe I'm 'boosting'a little here *guffaw* but I'm just so happy with it I just HAD to share it with everyone!). See the thing is, I visit Paul pretty often here in Perth, when work permits. And because he knows I can't drive his manual car (with absolutely no power steering), he bought me a Honda Accord Euro. So I can use it everytime I came to Perth, and not be stuck at home while he's busy at work. :D

Family is doing well. Mum and Dad are missing their children, which is why I'm flying back to KL for Mum's Birthday mid March! :) Cant wait to get home, and have lots of Mum's cooking. Dad's health is steady yet, knock on wood. Miss them both heaps lah, can't wait!!!

So there you have it! A v. brief update on things at the moment. As I am not at my laptop right now, I can't post any pics up, but they will be edited in with time. Meanwhile, take care, and I hope 2009 has been good so far for you guys too. :)

Mum, myself and Dad taken during Chinese New Year. Dad found a hat that I got in a goodie bag and decided it was perfect for gardening. Heh. Bless!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Big Long Post


Okay so its been a while, I've been eating mandarin oranges and collecting angpows all week. This has honestly been one of the best CNYs ever, I only wish the entire family was back for it. Natasha Lena and Adeline were all overseas, so it was just Mum, Dad and lil' ol' me here in KL. Awesomely good nonetheless.

So I've got a few things to do in this blog. First Up!

Answering some Questions that you guys wrote in. Note: Sorry can't answer all of them in a go, we'll come it coming as I keep posting ya? ;)

So here goes!:

1.Back then, you won the pageant pre-marie france. But in your personal life, do people around you pay more attention to you, or suddenly take more interest in you just because your are hotter & slimmer now?

People definitely started paying me more attention when I started appearing on magazine covers and on TV. Often times I got calls from acquaintences who never used to want to catch up, and now they're all like, "Oh Andrea come to my place for dinner!". I go like, wha? I mean I appreciate it and all, but its kinda funny when people only want to get to know me better when I got a little famous.

2. Has being sexy and slim now made people unwittingly focused on your looks rather than your personality?

It surprises people who just get to know me that I'm a Law Graduate. Whats the big wow about? I don't get that. At Miss Universe '04, Miss Peru was a doctor. That's right. DOCTOR MISS PERU. None of us even blinked when she told us, (I just think that's awesome), and we all respected each other. People seem to think that just 'cause someone's good looking, they don't need to focus on other aspects of their lives, or don't want to. I think that's just wrong.

3. Do you get alot of unwanted stalker attention from guys when you are in Singapore or Malaysia? Being a pretty gal and all, do you get random men coming up to you wanting to be your friend? And if so, how do you differentiate the genuines ones?

Proposal to be a 'kept woman'? Check. Random hitting on me? Check. Stalker? Double check.(<<<--- that's why I don't like to post where I'll be eg. events etc, until the very last minute or unless necessary. Infact, I'll be changing my phone number soon.) Difference between them and genuine interest? Just the vibe I get from the person, you gradually begin to be able to tell. When I met Paul, he had no clue who I was, or what I did for a living. All he knew from a common friend was that I was a Law graduate, and that's how we started talking. He lacked all 'sleaze-vibes', which is why we got along so well. So maybe I'll pose this question to him and ask him how he did it. Lol! 4. About your cover shots etc, most are stunningly hot & sexy. How does your parents react to that, especially dad?

*Laughs*! Yes. Daddy doesn't approve of FHM shots, but has come to realise that the industry is as it is, and allows me to do what I need to do for work's sake. But he did shy away from watching Carrotcake Conversations though, simply cause he didn't want to see me act as a prostitute. Even though it was nothing like the real thing! Lol. He's cute. Mum understands more, but urges me to not do men's magazines anymore... so I told her that I will only do so if the shoot is something exciting that I want to do. So far FHM has been very good to my career, I pointed that out to her, and she can't help but agree so.

5. Has being beautiful been more a blesssing or a bane to you?

First up, I don't see myself as being stunningly beautiful like Michelle Chia or y'know, like Nadya Hutagalung. I'm answering these questions under the assumption that I am because of what you guys thinks, and also on how my life has changed post Marie France. Honestly speaking I look in the mirror and I see the same girl that looked back at me six years ago. Andrea. Same eyes, nose, mouth, large ears, goofy grin. Blessing or bane? well, I think its pretty even. I actually find it harder to meet more sincere people these days, and people always have an assumption about me (good or bad) based on what they read me as. But I always try to keep it as real as possible, so hopefully that shows.

(The above questions were sent in by Cheng Eu-Hahn. Thanks luv! Hope that answers it for ya.)

Will be getting to the others soon.

Now. On to the next topic,I attended a CNY dinner hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Sin (who own Rafflesia and Mandalay, they specialise in Pearls, Jades and Rubies). Beautiful event, flanked by heaps of supportive celebs such as Jimmy Choo, Ning Baizura and Anita Sarawak.

Mrs. Sin herself

So glam right. Lol. I have this really bad habit of late being really lazy to take pictures, but I made it a point to do so I can blog about it and show you guys. All together now *AWWWwwww*. ;)

I used RMK makeup for this event. They have a fantastic range of foundations which I find really really suits Asian skin. They have a counter at Isetan Scotts, I swear I am a new fan. Their make up base is really really good as well, and smells glorious! Just incase you guys would like to know, I'll let you in on what I used to create my look that night. Btw, it may look like I wasn't wearing alot of make up.. well, cause I wasn't! *laughs* I was going for a more 'natural' look since my dress was already so loud... but on hindsight I think I could've used more blusher. oh well. :) Live and learn. You can use this simple step-by-step for any big day really, or even a casual meeting.

1. Cleanse face, apply oil-free moisturiser and make up base.

2. Use a highlighter - I used RMK's highlighter in Coral. Apply only to cheekbones, undereyes and nose.

3. Apply foundation. One shade lighter around eyes, cheekbones and nose first, maybe along the bottom of your forehead a little. Any area you'd like to highlight basically.

4. Use one shade darker foundation along your jawline, top of forehead, temples and just below your cheekbones. Any extra areas that need a little more coverage and highlighting, (such as undereyes), use the Radiant Touch pen by YSL. I've blogged about this before, its a miracle worker!

5. Apply loose powder. Dust a lighter shade of blusher along the highest point of your cheekbones, with slightly darker shade from your temples down to your jaw. BLEND WELL otherwise you'd look really funny. I like YSL's blushers, they have a little glitter in them.

6. Apply *a little* bronzer all around your T-zone for healthy glow.

7. Use eye make up colour of your choice (again, RMK has a great line of eye colours), line lower and upper eyelids. I use MAC's waterproof pencil eyeliner, its really really good. And Shiseido's liquid pen eyeliner for the upper lid.

8. Curl lashes, use mascara (Dior Blackout is amazing), and use lipstick and gloss of your choice. I use Benetint lip and cheekstainer (LOVE IT! looks really natural and doesn't rub off!), with YSL's lip gloss pen with glitter in them. It isn't too sticky or shiny, but stays on well.

All done! :) A little tip: instead of using lipstick which tends to kiss off very easily, use a lipbalm, followed by a lip-liner to colour in your lips. The colour from lip-liners tend to last better.

Hope you girls found that helpful. :)

Alrighty then, I've got to get some sleep! Hope you all had a fantastic CNY!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Andrea Bites Back *Meow!*

Okay am feeling particularly brave, and slightly politically incorrect at this time of the night (or should I say morning). So here goes.

Its a New Year (still, I feel, since we're in January yet), and I reckon for the past four years since winning Miss Malaysia Universe 2004, I've been pretty polite (read: quiet) regarding criticism/comments/questions thrown my way. So for all of you, who have faithfully been following my blog, lets set the record straight, shall we? ;)

1. I look like a Transvestite.
I actually take this as a compliment - there are ALOT of really HOT transvestites out there. ;) Seriously though, I think this comes about due to my frame, and the fact that sometimes when I have makeup on, my features may tend to look rather strong (masculine almost? I don't know). Anyhoo, it doesn't bother me at all. Infact, I was mistaken as one when I was in Phuket (albeit from the back). Funny story, my girlfriends and I were in a Ladyboy district area in Patong Beach, and I had to use the bathroom... and the bathroom caretaker lady who saw me walk in (so she only saw my back), tried to tell me that ladyboys had to use the Mens. Eeeek! I just went, "harh?!" as I turned around and she apologised when she heard my voice. Good thing I didn't have a sore throat, otherwise I'd really sound like a man! Heh!

2. I got my nose 'fixed'.
Er. NO. I think its cause pre-Marie France days I looked like I had a more bulbous nose....but that's cause I was, well, more bulbous everywhere else too. I lost weight everywhere when I went through the treatments, which includes my face as well.

3. I starve myself now.
Again, NO. Ask anyone who has worked with me, I still eat normally, and healthily - four meals a day (sometimes five): Breakfast, Lunch, Tea(4pm), Dinner (7pm) and sometimes supper. Full, hearty healthy meals with lots of fruit, veggies and protein. :D How do I maintain my figure? 1. everything in moderation, be it exercise, or food. 2. regular trips to Marie France.

4. Err. I can't seem to think of any other issues here. *laughs* - how uncontroversial is that?! Heh. Try also cannot. ;) If anyone has a question or a notion they'd like me to answer, here's your chance! You have one week, just email me the questions, and I'll answer them in my next post. Howzat? :) This should be interesting..