Thursday, April 23, 2009

I will try to fix you

One of the most amazing songs ever written - absolutely selfless and sincere. I cry everytime I really 'feel' the song..

Hope you guys enjoy this. :)
Oh and, if you guys are wondering what i'm up to: I'm still in KL at the moment, just did a shoot for Shape magazine Malaysia, will be doing another shoot tomorrow for Clive magazine's 1st year anniversary edition. I came to KL a few weeks ago 'cause my Dad was home alone (my sisters and mum are in Spain for a fantabulous holiday; i didn't go cause I needed to work. :( ), and so I thought I'd keep him company. Its been nice just catching up with him, spending time with him - his health's doing alot better lately, he's eating well.

Will be back in Singapore soon for another press interview with the Berita Harian. Flying to London and Paris on the 9th of May, (yes will take lots and lots of pictures don't worry! ;)), will be going to visit my sisters and my nephew, I can't wait I'm so excited! Will be there for two weeks, back in KL for the month of June to begin shooting the movie!


Almost out of breath just typing all of that out! *laughs*
Ok. Picture Time! :)
I was here.....

For a James Bond themed party. This is Ho Fei Fei, my bestie.. and we were comparing, er, "packages"...
Us posing - Face-Off!

What happened next???


..........awwww. ;)

Miss you Fei, come back to Singapore soooooon! :D

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Anonymous Liew said...

attn: Daniel Craig, this gal gonna kick some *** next season...ha