Monday, January 19, 2009

Andrea Bites Back *Meow!*

Okay am feeling particularly brave, and slightly politically incorrect at this time of the night (or should I say morning). So here goes.

Its a New Year (still, I feel, since we're in January yet), and I reckon for the past four years since winning Miss Malaysia Universe 2004, I've been pretty polite (read: quiet) regarding criticism/comments/questions thrown my way. So for all of you, who have faithfully been following my blog, lets set the record straight, shall we? ;)

1. I look like a Transvestite.
I actually take this as a compliment - there are ALOT of really HOT transvestites out there. ;) Seriously though, I think this comes about due to my frame, and the fact that sometimes when I have makeup on, my features may tend to look rather strong (masculine almost? I don't know). Anyhoo, it doesn't bother me at all. Infact, I was mistaken as one when I was in Phuket (albeit from the back). Funny story, my girlfriends and I were in a Ladyboy district area in Patong Beach, and I had to use the bathroom... and the bathroom caretaker lady who saw me walk in (so she only saw my back), tried to tell me that ladyboys had to use the Mens. Eeeek! I just went, "harh?!" as I turned around and she apologised when she heard my voice. Good thing I didn't have a sore throat, otherwise I'd really sound like a man! Heh!

2. I got my nose 'fixed'.
Er. NO. I think its cause pre-Marie France days I looked like I had a more bulbous nose....but that's cause I was, well, more bulbous everywhere else too. I lost weight everywhere when I went through the treatments, which includes my face as well.

3. I starve myself now.
Again, NO. Ask anyone who has worked with me, I still eat normally, and healthily - four meals a day (sometimes five): Breakfast, Lunch, Tea(4pm), Dinner (7pm) and sometimes supper. Full, hearty healthy meals with lots of fruit, veggies and protein. :D How do I maintain my figure? 1. everything in moderation, be it exercise, or food. 2. regular trips to Marie France.

4. Err. I can't seem to think of any other issues here. *laughs* - how uncontroversial is that?! Heh. Try also cannot. ;) If anyone has a question or a notion they'd like me to answer, here's your chance! You have one week, just email me the questions, and I'll answer them in my next post. Howzat? :) This should be interesting..