Friday, February 29, 2008

I love the Contender Asia

Okay so what's not to love.

Muay Thai fighters, from all around the world, showing skill, precision, and their sixpacks on AXN every Wednesday night! ;)

Seriously though, one of the reasons I started watching was because a dear friend of mine, Zach, was one of the contestants. He's Singapore's only representative, but unfortunately something happened, and he got eleminated last week. He explains that, and the last seven episodes on his blog;

Nonetheless, I will be attending the finals of the Contender Asia at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on the 12th of April. Lets hope Zach gets a rematch, 'cause he really deserves one!

..In other fronts, I will be attending the Laugh and Learn Gala Dinner on the 5th of March, organised by 938Live. I've just completed a 5000 word essay in Infocommunication law, (due at noon today), and I thankfully don't have Enbloc shooting today cause i'm completely exhausted! Stayed up all night to finish up the research paper.

If you've managed to catch the trailers on tv, you'll know to be sure to tune in to Ch5, next Wednesday at 8.30pm. Yeah yeah I know it cuts into the Contender's timeslot, but the fights only start half an hour into the programme (so Contender fights start at 9.30pm.)

Be sure to catch the first episode of Enbloc, and tell me what you guys think ya? :D

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ahoy Matey!

I managed to nick these pictures off a friend's album. Heh. My digicam is *STILL* busted!!! But I noticed I've not posted up pics in a long time, so here you go. I had one day whereby I didn't have to work, and this was how it went...

So. A little while ago, a big group of friends decided to charter a yacht, coupled with lunch, to sail off into the afternoon sea (okay, just 10 mins from Sentosa. But the water was clean!)

The Afternoon was filled with much joy and anticipation.

I was particularly excited, and nervous at the same time, as I tend to get a little seasick on choppy waters. Hell, I get motion sickness when people play videogames.....

But all was well that fatefull afternoon, (thanks to Sara's ginger motion sickness pills), and I was happily sitting on the decks, with wind in my hair....And pretty soon we reached our port.
Sweeet....... The water looked good. And when the captain said it was safe to swim in,

I was first to jump ship!! (Much thanks to Jade Kua for taking this midair sommersault.)

The water was AMAZING. I think I used the word "Glorious" several times that day.

After that, lunch was served....
And then of course, to welcome in the New Year of the Rat, we had several rounds of Blackjack. I was Banker, and lost my pants on that table!

Jade actually got "Triple 7s" at one stage. I hadn't even scored 21 yet.. Lol.

Before we knew it, we were back at Sentosa... All of us agreed to gather up all the spare change we had around the house to buy one of these babies... Heh.
And then, we promptly agreed to all continue the blackjack session at my place! :D

Girls just wanna have fun. ;)
But *some* of us tend to get a little serious in a card game...

Yeah. Some of us get really serious.. *snigger* I actually won back all that I lost on the ship, and then some more.
So there you have it. A weekend of Boats, Bikinis, and Blackjack. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

(Chinese) New Year Resolutions!

Okay okay Sorry ah I haven't posted in AGES I know.. I know..

Been busy either with
1. School (Got two papers due by the end of the month, bleurgh!)
2. Shooting Enbloc (upcoming drama on Ch5)
3. Flying home to be with family. Waiting for my sister to forward me the pictures. lol.

Between that, and me trying to maintain my sanity, its been a tough month and a half so far. But I'm still breathing, so couldn't have been all that bad. ;)

And for all the kind wishes with regards to my Dad, thank you all. Very sweet of all of you.

On to the topic of the day. Chinese new year resolutions anyone? Here are mine.

1. Try to me more punctual when meeting up with friends. Somehow I will be able to be 15 mins early for shoots, but when it comes to my friends, somehow or other (*sometimes* for reasons beyond my control), I am unable to arrive/meet up on time. As it is I am already living the life of a social hermit, and when I do have the occasional hour or two to spend with my friends, I really should put in more effort... *blush* Sorry Tara.

2. Be more hard on errant taxicabs.
Have you noticed that in some cabs now they have a sticker saying, "you can report errant taxi drivers, call 1800-2255582"? EVERYONE TAKE THIS NUMBER DOWN! Seriously, sometime last month I got into a cab on Raffles, and had to take a cab to Sembawang (don't ask. Lol), and the cab driver told me to GET OUT after I already GOT IN! So no excuse for being "on call" etc, I honestly lost my cool. Didn't make any noise to him lah, I just whipped out my phone to complain.

Don't get me wrong, I understand driving people around can be quite a stressful, tiring job, but I really believe that CabDrivers are in a Customer Service line, they reflect on Singaporeans as a whole. God knows how many tourists have had bad taxi experiences, only to go home and complain about it! Now I have had the luck to ride with some really polite, nice cabbies, and it just made the journey so much more enjoyable. And it leaves me wondering, if these nice fellas can do it, why can't all of them?? I support that fact that taxi fares are more expensive, I mean, its really not an easy job, and Singapore is still relatively cheap in comparision to other developed countries. In Australia, taking a cab would cost you no less than 30AUD just to go to town. So no complaints there, just Please-Lah Be Nice, Cabbies! Oh. One last thing: PLEASE PUT AIR FRESHENERS IN CABS. 3 out of 5 cabs I get into a stinky, for some reason. Eek. (I seem to moan quite abit about cabs in my entries, don't I. Lol.)

3. Go home more often to spend time with my Daddy.

4. Save money. No more spending an insane amount of money over-shopping, no more calling for Cabs just because there's a queue (take the bus as often as I can anyway), cutting down fine dining to just once a week. No more buying way over the top expensive ingredients to cook at home, and no more buying expensive games for my Playstation 3!! (Am even putting off buying the Nintendo Wii, until I reach my target savings figure). No more getting foot reflexology every week. (gonna really miss the last one)..

5. Put on a little bit of weight because Dad says I'm too thin. Sigh. He really doesn't get the industry, but hey if it makes him happy, 2kg it is. I'll go to the gym and build up 2kg of muscles. ;) Which is very easy for me btw, I seem to be able to put on muscle really easily.

6. Take care of my health a little better. Started by cutting down on my staple drink, Coke Light, and opting for just water or juices. Also, started having meusli for breakfast.

7. Start going for regular facials.

8. As this is now the season of Lent, I am going to do just like that the priest preached on Ash Friday...which is, "One kind deed, One kind word, and One kind thought.." a day.