Monday, July 30, 2007

Female Magazine's 50 Gorgeous People 2007 Streethunt at VivoCity

Over the weekend I was kindly asked by Female Magazine to host their Streethunt for this year's 50 Gorgeous People at Vivocity. I must say we had quite a good turnout, and it was lotsa lotsa fun. I mean, I got paid to checkout guys (and girls). How fantastic is that. ;) Big thanks to the Female Mag team; you guys rocked.

So anyway, lets start from the beginning. When I got there on day one.. what did I see?


I've never seen a picture of myself on a mag blown up and placed *anywhere* before!! That's the 'front desk' of the whole area.

And that was the stand next to it, displaying my mags. That's my co-host standing behind it, sipping coffee. Lol.

I hosted this event with Chua En Lai, and I have to say; he's an amazing host. He's absolutely underrated in this industry (in my humble opinion) and is capable of both acting (he started out in theatre) and hosting to boot. We're definitely going to be seeing much much more of the cheeky fella!

"Please-lah. The mags here should just be coasters for my drinks. Oh and look.. "

"Andrea Fonseka - you are NOTHING but a pretty face."

It was at that point I realised that I was just lucky.. As no one really cared that I was plastered on the venue except me.

"Omg Its the attack of the Watsons-Model Monsterrr!!"

So I quickly decided to ger over it. I grabbed a cuppa myself..

And then it was all good. ;)

I didn't make use of the cam after that, a lesson I quickly learnt on Day Two. So while I was hosting I got someone to take pictures of En Lai and myself in action.

As usual, we decided to camera-whore a little bit before we got to work.

"Yes Daahling. We KNOW we're gorgeousss... purrr.."

"THIS my dear friends.. is how you work the camera!!"

"I see someone! He looks pretty decent! Hey you! Stop! Come here and sign up!

"Hey don't run away! We can see you! You over there! Come back!!

"WHY is everyone running away from me?!?!"

Andrea: What's up man. Why you never go and chase that guy. I'm wearing heels, I cannot run... Now he's gone. How? How you want to explain to boss how you tell me how???

En Lai: Please ok. YOU scared him away!! Who asked you to wear high heels you Amazonian wannabe! Anyway you have longer legs. YOU should've gone. Just cause you're a head taller than I am doesn't mean you can bully me around. You WAIT and see I can STILL kick your ass bony butt!
That was pretty much it really, for the entire day. ;) Anyhoo it was all great fun, and at the end; you can see we all really enjoyed ourselves. Twas a great day for Gorgeousness.

"En Lai!! Get your hand off my butt!!!!"

Friday, July 27, 2007

My DOND Showreel

As we say farewell to Deal or No Deal season 1, here's a compilation of all my bits. Hope you guys have as much fun watching it as I did putting it together.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

8 Days Live the Dream Print Ad

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?
~Eminem, Lose Yourself~
Yep Folks, Live the Dream will be airing at 8.20pm, 9th August (National Day, baby!). I really cant wait to see how they've edited the first episode. :D Trust me, you'll be impressed.
And speaking of Living Dreams ~ I had a really weird dream sometime back... I dreamt that I became an MTV VJ, and was such an absolute Diva, I lost all my friends and loved ones. Eeek. How bizzare is that?! I mean, the first bit is fine, I'd absolutely LOVE to be an MTV VJ... but becoming a diva? I'm trying to be extra careful these days - its easy to expect and let fame get to your head. I still have the same friends I did as before, and my cats remind me everyday that I'm not the boss when I get home. ;) Its always like:
Cats: Great you're home. I don't care if you're dead tired after taking all those glamorous pictures, get your ass in the pantry and FEED ME. And while you're there, clean my litter tray!!
Me: *groaaaann....*
Cats: NOW!!!
Me: *shuffle shuffle* (too tired to even speak, see.)
O well. I'm taking each day as it comes... I will however be extremely busy over the next few days, I have full days shoots all the way till Friday. Then on Saturday; I'll be hosting the Female 50 Most Gorgeous Street Hunt. Imagine that - I was merely a participant last year.
How things change. :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Bag Page

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Early morning yet again!

And a looong day ahead too.

Gotta head over to shoot a quick interview with Style Magazine, no I'm not on the cover, but I'll let you know which edition it is just incase anyone would like to pick it up. ;) (10am-2pm)

Then its over to Bebe for a fitting for an event I will be hosting soon. (2.45pm-3.30pm)

Then its over to an event that I'm hosting tonight, and they want me there and waiting by 4pm!! Howla. So majorly rushed. :(

All's good, I will find a way to make it there on time.

Moving on to other things: You know what I've been up to the past few days, right? The 987fm Radio interview was one of them.

Was walking down Orchard road near Heeren when I passed a little magazine store and what did I see??? I couldn't believe my eyes!! The Female Magazine cover was plastered all over the store! Over the wall, the counter, everywhere! The store owner was nice enough to let me take this picture. Thank you Calvin!!

Last night I went to a very dear friend's birthday party at Barfly, Clarke Quay. Eric Chan, Congratulation on celebrating your birthday, you are now officially one year younger!! *BIG BIG GRIN* I'd like to have his outlook and vigour in life. He's an amazing man, with an equally gorgeous wife, Fatoma.

Once again, thank you to all for all your kind wishes of congratulations over the past few days... And again, a big big thanks to Adelin for being so sweet for scanning the cover of Female and mailing it to me the day it came out itself! Such the sweetiepie, thank you. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Singapore Female Magazine August 2007

Here's the Female cover. Thanks to Adelin for emailing it to me. Pick up a copy to see my other pictures and read the interview.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Wonders

Woooohoo! (For two reasons)

1. My dog Pokemon, remember him? Well he's the International Champion Doberman that I co-own in Malaysia. The Dog Show in Ipoh - remember that? Well, that's what I went to Malaysia for over the weekend. It was a back-to-back show (meaning two judges judging two different shows at the same time, kinda like a two shows for the time of one show thing). Poke (pronounced Poh-Kee) won BEST IN SHOW at BOTH shows! He's now the leading Dog of the Year in the Malaysian Kennel Association's 'Doggie League', as he's won the most number of shows so far this year. :) Big booboo on my part as I forgot to bring my camera.. but I'm currently sourcing for the pics so I'll post them up as soon as I can.

I actually didn't get to eat Ipoh TauGeh, but mom was kind enough to go buy me Ipoh Hor Fun (yuuummmm), and the best pohpiah in the world from the grumpy old man in Canning Gardens. And when I say old, I mean REALLY old. He was already selling pohpiah (and was already kinda old-ish) to my MOM when she was growing up there. *lol*

So we went there, won, came back and stopped in Bidor for a bit (yummiest Wan Tan Mee in Malaysia) then it was back at my parents' place by 8pm Saturday.

Then I came back on Sunday, rested, and had a pleasant surprise this afternoon. Which brings me on to reason #2 why I woohoo-ed.

2. To all the FHM readers who voted for me, a BIG thank you for choosing me to be #1 in this year's FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll. It seriously came as a shock to me, I think I might have uttered a few foul words in surprise when I was told. I went out to get it today and I must say thanks again to David, Simon (photographer), Simon (stylist), Tinoq (make up) for their contribution to my covershoot for the April issue. No doubt if it was not for their professionalism and talent, it would not have been such a beautiful spread that it turned out to be. I will not upload the pictures yet, and will not list the others who made it on the list for now.. cause y'all need to go out and buy it la! :P

Pictures coming up soon, I pwomise. ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

One of my favourite interviews

I've done loads of interviews lately... and I have to say this one, is one of my favourites. This was written and presented almost word-for-word: and I like how he includes bits where I laugh, etc.. to capture the mood and essence of what I was trying to say.

Big thanks to Asif! (oh note: I didn't know we were taking pictures!! Barely any makeup on, an checkout my purple flip-flops! :P)

Briefcase babe Andrea Fonseka's no wallflower

By Asif Ansar, TODAY Posted: 06 June 2007 1307 hrs

SINGAPORE : It's not all glamour being a "suitcase" girl on the current TV favourite, Deal or No Deal. Adrenalin-fuelled headaches, itchy feet and dealing with married men offering to "pay" are all in a day's work for beauty queen-turned-TV host Andrea Fonseka.

The 22-year-old model, who snagged the Miss Malaysia Universe title in 2004, once had aspirations of studying law in the United Kingdom, but a less-than-favourable exchange rate and the prospect of living on a diet of Maggi Mee changed her mind. "So I applied online to see if the National University of Singapore would accept me. And they did!" she told TODAY recently.

Since her move here three years ago, Andrea's star has risen steadily. She has a high-profile gig as the No 10 suitcase girl on Deal or No Deal, which airs on Wednesdays at 8.30pm on MediaCorp TV Channel 5, and another upcoming one as co-host on the talent show Live the Dream, also on the same channel. But the vivacious final-year law undergrad insists not much has changed and that she takes everything in her stride. A strong advocate of public transport to cut down on pollution, she said she is rarely recognised in public.

"I think Singaporeans are very shy. Even if they have recognised me, no one has ever come up to me and said: 'Hey! Deal or No Deal!' When I am thinking about something, I frown a little bit. But I am actually a very, very, very friendly person. Come say 'Hi!', I will be very, very flattered."

No wallflower herself, Andrea was surprisingly candid during her 40-minute chat with this newspaper at the MediaCorp Broadcast Centre on Caldecott Hill, revealing the secret to winning Deal or No Deal, what's really on her mind when she appears on the show and why potential suitors should do an underarm check before approaching her with an opening line.

What's the best thing about working on Deal or No Deal?

I got to meet 25 other like-minded, ambitious, similarly aged, lovely girls. That was really fun. The other thing is being able to work with Adrian Pang. Thirdly, to be able to work with the people of MediaCorp. The possibility that you could be giving a contestant $250,000 is a plus and minus thing. It's very exciting; it's very high-intensity. When I get an adrenalin rush I have headaches after that. After every episode I get a headache, but it's a good kind of headache.

What's the worst chat up line you've heard since you've appeared on TV?

(Looks mortified) There was this one person who messaged me. And he was like (whispers): "I can give you what you need. And your friends don't need to find out. I am married, but it's okay." I was thinking: "Are you like, kidding me?" (laughs). He was like (whispers): "I will pay you if you like." I was just shocked. I composed three different replies but decided not to reply.

So do you prefer Singaporean men or their Malaysian counterparts?

You are making me blush! I am a good Catholic girl! (laughs) No! I am not answering that question!

So, there's no one in your life right now?

I have no time. Right now, I am just concentrating on myself. It would be very hard if I had someone else. But if the right man comes along, we'll have to make time, won't we? (cheeky grin)

What do you get up to when you aren't busy being on TV or studying?

I have two cats. They are the two most amazing things in the world for me. I can spend hours just playing with them. I watch a lot of TV. Sometimes on Sundays — when I don't have a lot of work — I order a large Rocky's pizza in the afternoon, the 16-inch one. I eat in front of the TV, half the pizza in the afternoon and the rest at night. (laughs) I love Italian food. I love my Malaysian food, really good nasi lemak, ice kacang, popiah, which you can find in Singapore. That's another reason why I preferred coming to Singapore (to moving to Britain). And chocolates, ice cream, strawberries and cream.

How do you stay in shape?

I am the spokesperson for Marie France in Malaysia. They've extended their services for me in Singapore as well. So, that's how I stay in shape. I work out as well. I try to walk as much as I can. I take taxis as little as possible. If everyone in Singapore took taxis it would be quite bad for the environment. So I take the train and buses as much as I can. If someone says: "Why is a girl from TV riding the bus?", I say: "So what? I am saving the environment!"

Back to your TV work. What goes through your mind when the cameras are rolling on Deal or No Deal and you're standing there with your suitcase?

I really can't stand still. I really respect the girls who can stand there and not move and keep smiling. I can't. My neck will start to itch, and the sole of my foot will start to itch. That's the most annoying thing ever (giggles). So I have to wait until break time, run out of sight and scratch. Most of the time we're thinking: "I hope it's a low number for the contestant." We follow the game. Sometimes when a contestant has to choose, I am thinking: "You should deal right now! I really think you should deal right now!" (laughs)

What do you think is the secret to winning Deal or No Deal?

It's all a game of guts and luck! I am a very "safe" person. Yes, the first aim is to win $250,000 but when you find out that you opened the briefcase with $250,000, then you've got to be smart and know when to take the money and run. That's why they'll never pick me as a contestant. Say the first offer is $3,000. I would say: "OK, deal! $3,000, man! That's one month of work!" That's why my job is to just stand there and wait with the suitcase. That's what I'm good for.

Tell us, what's in your suitcase whenever you travel?

Deodorant. I have a phobia about body odour. Not that I have BO. Toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletries … Shampoo and conditioner because the two-in-ones in hotels don't work for me. Make up, and then of course underwear, a pair of jeans, a skirt, a couple of tops. My mum always taught me how to travel light. And if I'm attending an event, my hair straightening iron and curlers. That sure sounds like one big "little" bag … It is. I came back from Kuala Lumpur with it and the wheels broke. So I had to drag because it was too heavy for me to carry. It made this 'eeeeeeek eeek' noise all through customs! - TODAY/ra

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A True Champ.

"Rafa is a fantastic player who will be around longer than me so I'm happy to win again before he takes them all. It was a close match and I told Rafa at the net that he deserved it as well. Today I was the lucky one."

~Roger Federer, after his 5 set grass court drama at Wimbeldon~

Y'know what? For this reason alone, Federer will go down in the tennis books of history as one of the greatest Champions of all time.

How often do we look at our competitors with respect; instead of green eyed envy? How often can we excercise such humility? Think about it. Federer has won Wimbeldon five years running now. He equals Bjorn Borg's record; and who knows maybe he will break it. Federer has been hailed as "the Scientist" for his smarts on the court. Bjorn Borg called his playing like 'an orchestra'.

I think its fantastic that kids today can look up to a man like Roger. He's modest, sincere, and never over the top or loses his cool. He's such a champ. I am really happy he won. Even though I still kinda wish Nadal won instead... :P

[And just to let y'all know: Nadal said some very nice things about Fed after the match as well. I choose to post about Federer, because being 'the best' can so easily get to your head. If any of you followed Martina Hingis' pre-retirement days you'd know what I'm talking about.]

Anyhoo, on to other things...

Tomorrow will be my last day at ESPN for the week. We've been instructed to write mini-blogs about sports. Will let you know on the site as soon as I find out myself!

I have an interview with Urban today.. y'know. 'The ten things' in your bag thingie. :)

I am so tired today, can you tell my post is really boring and I can't put interesting words together anymore? lol.. I was up playing an online game of poker. No money one, it was just playing against the computer software... supposed to be 'practice' for online gambling. Made about $300+K and decided to call it a night. hehe.

Well this weekend I'll be going to Malaysia; this time I'll be going to Ipoh with my dad for (another) dog show. Wish me luck! :)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday morning, Rain is falling...

Yep, I'm back to work at ESPN, this time its a Sunday. Couldn't go to a friend's birthday last night due to work today.. (sigh the sacrifices my social life has to take I tell you).

A few thoughts and things over the weekend...

1. How come not many Singaporeans wore green yesterday?? I did. Had to rummage through my entire wardrobe, but I eventually found something green. I decided to watch a movie, made a quick pop in at Orchard Cineleisure only to find all tickets booked out. I ended up walking from that point to Cathay next to Plaza Sing; and the only thing screening was My Wife is a Gangster 3. Almost gave it a miss, and decided to watch it in the end... I must say its not too bad. Good humour, whoever the comedy scriptwriter was, he/she was good. I quite liked it. Or maybe I just enjoyed the 'Diva' role played by Shu Qi .. I'd like to be able to get away with that once in a while! ;)

2. What is it about sweet popcorn that makes it so dang good? :P

3. How come there are SO many people on Orchard Road on the weekends? Like, seriously. I'm there almost every day of the week due to work/Gym/Lunch dates/MarieFrance.. I never see you guys! Where do you come from?! (Uh just for the note I do realise that y'all are from all over Singapore taking an easy weekend.. this was just a humorous post..)

4. Why do people walk so slowly sometimes? Its like they're walking slo-mo, either in big groups or couples holdign hands - and of course walking right in the middle of the lane... even to move into an escalator also so slow.. haiyoh. I was rushing to watch my movie, and there was this guy... with flip-flops.. and there was no flipping on his flip-flop; just "flopsh...flopsh.......fllllooppsshh..." cause he was walking SO SLOWLY. Even worse are the people who walk infront, and then turn around to look behind them, while walking. I hope those two girls at Cineleisure didn't drive like that......

5. How did Christian Bale become a walking skeleton in The Machinist? I watched it on Ch 5 two nights ago.. and wah lau. He was SO SKINNY that he looked SICK. He was apparently something like 120lbs (53 kg?) .. and he's 6 foot plus tall in height. Hey, I'M 58kg, i'm 5'10"-ish. And the best part was, he went from skin and bones, to UberHot Batman Begins physique. *Hats off*.

6. How do people watch TNT Wrestling without feeling like idiots? You know its acting, they know its acting; whats the point?

7. Who invented artificial sweeteners?

8. Who invented poker cards? As in the deck of cards - who invented it?

9. Am I the only one who can watch Figure Ice-Skating for hours and hours?

10. Why didn't my parents make me a kid tennis prodigy? :( I could be neck high in endorsements in the WTA. I mean, I have the height, I have the reach. I just dont know how to play tennis. *hehehehe* And I don't even need to win; look at Anna Kournikova. ;D

Okay enough of that. I gotta get back to work.

Cheers and Beers (to you drinkers out there. I don't actually drink beer. Don't like the taste.)

Have a good one.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Live Earth

Tomorrow is Live Earth, don't forget. Because if we don't do anything, who will?

Monday, July 2, 2007

What Women Want.. pt2 (Also, How to establish contact)

Okay so my last post on this topic did stir up some ruckus. Let me explain:

1. By being an authoritative, assertive male, I did NOT mean that women WANT to be walked all over like a welcome mat. Giving your opinion, good. Forcing her to agree with you, bad.

2. For every relationship to work, there MUST be mutual respect, understanding and love. Its still very much achieveable when you're the 'man'. All you need to do really is to think Rationally, with her Feelings in Consideration. Eg:
- Old Scenario: You stay in with her to have dinner with her family and watch tv when you'd really much rather be having beers with your mates.

- New Scenario: You go have beer with her mates, provided:
1. You didn't promise her you'd have dinner with her before hand
2. Its not a special ocassion (better check, it might be your anniversary)
3. (MOST IMPORTANT) - If the shoe was on the other foot, you would have no problems with your girlfriend ditching you for her friends.

#3 explained: If you want some length of rope, you need to be willing to give her the same.

- Old Scenario: You drove her everywhere. You take time off work to pick her up and send her shopping.
- New Scenario: Unless she's in major distress (no cash for cab, no time to get one, family emergency, or she just got her period), she can cab it. Of course if you're just sitting at home in front of the telly eating pizza and its raining, and it really wouldn't hurt you to pick her up, by all means. But watch it or it'll become an expectation. You need to watch for that, and pull back if she starts becoming a demanding demon. However, if she's running around for YOU - eg; buying things to cook you dinner, it'll only be respectful and polite (not to mention loving) for you to pick her up, right? Again, its about mutual respect, and of course, understanding.

- Old Scenario: You really want to impress her, and sweep her off her feet. You buy her gifts and write her poems.
- New Scenario: We've been through this before. You definitely cannot keep that up, so that shouldn't be the reasons she's with you (ie pampering and materials). Treat her like you would treat a woman you love and respect; and she won't ask for anything more. If she does she's not for you, anyway.

Today, I'm going to talk about a very specific topic: How to 'pick up' a girl in a club. In no circumstances am I advocating 'picking up girls' in clubs, but if you're sincere, and she's a nice person; who knows where it'll lead to?? So yes. This is for those of you who think you've seen your soulmate sipping a frozen margarita across the bar, and something in your head and heart tells you to go up to her and establish some sort of contact with that woman of your dreams.

- Old Scenario: You really want to pick up this girl in a club. You go over to her, ask if you can buy her a drink, and get her number.
New Scenario: Nothing changes, really, except how you HANDLE IT. When you go over to her, dont use a line. Women have heard everything before. I really like upfront and honest guys, who don't seem like their 10 dollar drink is an exchange for a phone number. I have met some really nice guys in clubs before, and they're the ones actually interesting enough to talk to for more than 5 minutes without their hand making any contact with my waist/arm/back/(god forbid) butt. (N.B: Sure I never really ended up dating them, but we've become friends.) Things you need to arm yourself before you approach a girl:

1. CONFIDENCE: If she's an attractive woman, chances are you're not the first guy in there to try to buy her drinks just to get into her pants. A good way to start would be to not talk to her at first. If she notices you, she does. You must NOT make an obvious, doubtful attempt (walk up next to her, sit down, and wait 3 minutes before turning to her and say, "hey! I know you I've seen you somewhere before!" - confirmmmm dead end.) Be discreet, and strike when the iron is hot: When she actually already has a full glass of drink in her hand. Go right up to her and chat her up, with something unconventional. Say to her that her top is nice, but she really doesn't need to try so hard. Her eyebrows will shoot straight up into her forehead, and she might choke on her drink; but then you save yourself by saying (with a naughty twinkle in your eye), "Nah, I'm just saying that cause a beautiful girl like you doesn't need to try as hard as the rest to get noticed in a place like this."- Followed by a wink. She'll probably blush, laugh a little, and say, "Uh, thanks" before you introduce yourself. Once you break the ice, things are easy. End the conversation by, "Listen, I know you don't give out your phone number to strangers, but I'd like to see you again, outside this dump (referring to the club)". You'd probably get it if you're still confident, and if she's single. Once you got the phone number, wait till the following evening at the EARLIEST to drop her a text. She'll be wondering all morning why you've not called or texted. Ask her out for coffee. (its not considered a date), or a movie. DON'T JUMP TO A DINNER DATE. Just arrange something not-so-intimate, just to get to know her. If you're right for each other, you'll know. If not, oh well at least you tried, right?

2. Know that you will very likely be shot down.
You see, everything I wrote above only happens once in a blue moon (when Saturn alligns itself perfectly between Venus and the Sun, and Mars is on the other side of the Solar System. Translated: Almost never.) So, if you get shot down, take it with a pinch of salt, and move on. Furthermore, only employ the above if there is no other way to approach her: Ie you KNOW you dont share any friends (who can do the introducing) etc. You can also obviously decrease the chances of getting burnt by not asking questions that will end the conversation immediately:
You: Hey how's it going?
Her: uhh? Fine, thanks. (turns away)
You: ............ uh, that's great! (followed by uncomfortable silence...)

You: Hey, has anyone told you you're the most beautiful girl in the club?
Her: uhh? Thanks. (turns away)
You: No, Really! You are!
Her: (if she's not drunk off her face) .... Okay thanks. *walks away*
(This line is actually the worst line ever cause even if she doesn't walk away for some reason she'll think you tell every girl that in order to establish contact. Which, if you do use this line, is probably true).

3. Be prepared to live with the, "So, how many of your other girlfriends did you pick up at a club?" question, if the two of you should ever start dating seriously. lol.

One thing that makes an impression on me, would be this: If the guy does NOT flirt with me at all. And I mean, AT ALL. I usually think to myself, "Hmmm. He didn't flirt with me one bit. I kinda like that."

Of course, flirting would work well on some girls, I'm just writing this for the group of girls who have built up a defence mechanism towards flirtatious men. I dont like them one bit; makes me feel like that's how they'd be with any other woman, and then suddenly I'm not 'special' anymore. Lol. Its hard to put it down without sounding incredibly horrible like it does when I say it that way. But trust me: All women want to feel special to the man they're with. They want to feel like they're 'different' from all your other relationships, and not that you're Prince Charming to all of them, including her.

Well that's all I have time for now. If any of you manage to score a wife using this tactic, please invite me to your wedding. ;P

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Yeah, I know all my poetry tends to lean towards being slightly sad. I wrote this piece sometime back... Haven't thought of a title for it yet. Suggestions?


The best thing in the world
Can be your worst

The best thing that happens to you
Can be the worst

The one thing that you want
May not be what you need

The thing you thought would always fly
May fall at your feet

The world is full of trickery
And your heart bears the joke

And all your lessons learnt,
All leads to nothing
But your head at the yoke.


On to happier things, I'm off to Tampines today for the DOND Roadshow! Gabe, I'm not having a sore throat anymore so no need Strepsils. ;) You guys have all been great, and I thank you for that. Much Love! xoxo.