Monday, July 2, 2007

What Women Want.. pt2 (Also, How to establish contact)

Okay so my last post on this topic did stir up some ruckus. Let me explain:

1. By being an authoritative, assertive male, I did NOT mean that women WANT to be walked all over like a welcome mat. Giving your opinion, good. Forcing her to agree with you, bad.

2. For every relationship to work, there MUST be mutual respect, understanding and love. Its still very much achieveable when you're the 'man'. All you need to do really is to think Rationally, with her Feelings in Consideration. Eg:
- Old Scenario: You stay in with her to have dinner with her family and watch tv when you'd really much rather be having beers with your mates.

- New Scenario: You go have beer with her mates, provided:
1. You didn't promise her you'd have dinner with her before hand
2. Its not a special ocassion (better check, it might be your anniversary)
3. (MOST IMPORTANT) - If the shoe was on the other foot, you would have no problems with your girlfriend ditching you for her friends.

#3 explained: If you want some length of rope, you need to be willing to give her the same.

- Old Scenario: You drove her everywhere. You take time off work to pick her up and send her shopping.
- New Scenario: Unless she's in major distress (no cash for cab, no time to get one, family emergency, or she just got her period), she can cab it. Of course if you're just sitting at home in front of the telly eating pizza and its raining, and it really wouldn't hurt you to pick her up, by all means. But watch it or it'll become an expectation. You need to watch for that, and pull back if she starts becoming a demanding demon. However, if she's running around for YOU - eg; buying things to cook you dinner, it'll only be respectful and polite (not to mention loving) for you to pick her up, right? Again, its about mutual respect, and of course, understanding.

- Old Scenario: You really want to impress her, and sweep her off her feet. You buy her gifts and write her poems.
- New Scenario: We've been through this before. You definitely cannot keep that up, so that shouldn't be the reasons she's with you (ie pampering and materials). Treat her like you would treat a woman you love and respect; and she won't ask for anything more. If she does she's not for you, anyway.

Today, I'm going to talk about a very specific topic: How to 'pick up' a girl in a club. In no circumstances am I advocating 'picking up girls' in clubs, but if you're sincere, and she's a nice person; who knows where it'll lead to?? So yes. This is for those of you who think you've seen your soulmate sipping a frozen margarita across the bar, and something in your head and heart tells you to go up to her and establish some sort of contact with that woman of your dreams.

- Old Scenario: You really want to pick up this girl in a club. You go over to her, ask if you can buy her a drink, and get her number.
New Scenario: Nothing changes, really, except how you HANDLE IT. When you go over to her, dont use a line. Women have heard everything before. I really like upfront and honest guys, who don't seem like their 10 dollar drink is an exchange for a phone number. I have met some really nice guys in clubs before, and they're the ones actually interesting enough to talk to for more than 5 minutes without their hand making any contact with my waist/arm/back/(god forbid) butt. (N.B: Sure I never really ended up dating them, but we've become friends.) Things you need to arm yourself before you approach a girl:

1. CONFIDENCE: If she's an attractive woman, chances are you're not the first guy in there to try to buy her drinks just to get into her pants. A good way to start would be to not talk to her at first. If she notices you, she does. You must NOT make an obvious, doubtful attempt (walk up next to her, sit down, and wait 3 minutes before turning to her and say, "hey! I know you I've seen you somewhere before!" - confirmmmm dead end.) Be discreet, and strike when the iron is hot: When she actually already has a full glass of drink in her hand. Go right up to her and chat her up, with something unconventional. Say to her that her top is nice, but she really doesn't need to try so hard. Her eyebrows will shoot straight up into her forehead, and she might choke on her drink; but then you save yourself by saying (with a naughty twinkle in your eye), "Nah, I'm just saying that cause a beautiful girl like you doesn't need to try as hard as the rest to get noticed in a place like this."- Followed by a wink. She'll probably blush, laugh a little, and say, "Uh, thanks" before you introduce yourself. Once you break the ice, things are easy. End the conversation by, "Listen, I know you don't give out your phone number to strangers, but I'd like to see you again, outside this dump (referring to the club)". You'd probably get it if you're still confident, and if she's single. Once you got the phone number, wait till the following evening at the EARLIEST to drop her a text. She'll be wondering all morning why you've not called or texted. Ask her out for coffee. (its not considered a date), or a movie. DON'T JUMP TO A DINNER DATE. Just arrange something not-so-intimate, just to get to know her. If you're right for each other, you'll know. If not, oh well at least you tried, right?

2. Know that you will very likely be shot down.
You see, everything I wrote above only happens once in a blue moon (when Saturn alligns itself perfectly between Venus and the Sun, and Mars is on the other side of the Solar System. Translated: Almost never.) So, if you get shot down, take it with a pinch of salt, and move on. Furthermore, only employ the above if there is no other way to approach her: Ie you KNOW you dont share any friends (who can do the introducing) etc. You can also obviously decrease the chances of getting burnt by not asking questions that will end the conversation immediately:
You: Hey how's it going?
Her: uhh? Fine, thanks. (turns away)
You: ............ uh, that's great! (followed by uncomfortable silence...)

You: Hey, has anyone told you you're the most beautiful girl in the club?
Her: uhh? Thanks. (turns away)
You: No, Really! You are!
Her: (if she's not drunk off her face) .... Okay thanks. *walks away*
(This line is actually the worst line ever cause even if she doesn't walk away for some reason she'll think you tell every girl that in order to establish contact. Which, if you do use this line, is probably true).

3. Be prepared to live with the, "So, how many of your other girlfriends did you pick up at a club?" question, if the two of you should ever start dating seriously. lol.

One thing that makes an impression on me, would be this: If the guy does NOT flirt with me at all. And I mean, AT ALL. I usually think to myself, "Hmmm. He didn't flirt with me one bit. I kinda like that."

Of course, flirting would work well on some girls, I'm just writing this for the group of girls who have built up a defence mechanism towards flirtatious men. I dont like them one bit; makes me feel like that's how they'd be with any other woman, and then suddenly I'm not 'special' anymore. Lol. Its hard to put it down without sounding incredibly horrible like it does when I say it that way. But trust me: All women want to feel special to the man they're with. They want to feel like they're 'different' from all your other relationships, and not that you're Prince Charming to all of them, including her.

Well that's all I have time for now. If any of you manage to score a wife using this tactic, please invite me to your wedding. ;P


Anonymous said...

Andrea, credit to you for your forthrightness, and the sheer time and effort you put in for our benefit in being able to know you better.

That said, I completely disagree with the contents of your latest post. Short of a point by point rebuttal that would, inter alia, get myself flamed, just one example:

One need not, and should not, buy a woman a drink (or anything) at the outset. It only encourages abusers who take off with an excuse right after securing the complimentary beverage. Make the connection first with nothing except sincerity and chemistry, not bribery. If she eventually turns out to be worth it, then buy the drink. If she's not going to interact just because there's no drink at the outset, then just save the coupla bucks and go elsewhere to shoot pool with the lads.

Good Nite ` Kimmi said...

ME: Hey, has anyone told you you're the most beautiful girl in the "blog world" ?

Andrea: uhh? Thanks ( scroll down and don care )

haha. just kidding =) hmm maybe 1 day when i'm older, i would try your tactic =) now still young to have a wife =x

don mind 10 years later i invite u to my wedding? haha

Anonymous said...

i enjoy your posts...

keep it up andrea dear.. :)

fazzy said...

Wow dear...that's a lot of stuff to be thinking about. Some true...some really not true...but yes, as you've said...its just how you like it. They may be many other girls who would like a different cup of tea.

Anyways, I don't think love...or finding love is really that complexed. I don't recommend putting so much thought into how it should be. I think fate will put everything in place if you're meant to be. Like you will instantly more or less know how to treat your partner exactly the way they should be treated. And fighting once in a while is not such a bad thing.

I'm just worried your post may have driven men to paranoia about how their girls will react to every single thing they do. Like every single action has a long term, irreversible impact on their relationship.

Ok..I don't know if I was coherent enough cos I can't figure out how to express what I'm thinking in words. In any case, very fun to hear your thoughts on relationships.

Anonymous said...

Oki do ki:) Andrea, will check it out whether your advice work this weekend:) Sure you will come for my wedding???:) Ask Demi and her older 'brother' Skit come along too k:) don't worry transport will be arranged:)

Anonymous said...

A: I must say that you have very interesting views about what women want:)

Wanna dedicate another Song to you:) I am sure you love this:) Guess? no lyric this time:)


Another summer day
Has come and gone away
In Paris and Rome
But I wanna go home

Maybe surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
I just wanna go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

And I’ve been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you
Each one a line or two
“I’m fine baby, how are you?”
Well I would send them but I know that it’s just not enough
My words were cold and flat
And you deserve more than that

Another aeroplane
Another sunny place
I’m lucky I know
But I wanna go home
Mmmm, I’ve got to go home

Let me go home
I’m just too far from where you are
I wanna come home

And I feel just like I’m living someone else’s life
It’s like I just stepped outside
When everything was going right
And I know just why you could not
Come along with me
'Cause this was not your dream
But you always believed in me

Another winter day has come
And gone away
In even Paris and Rome
And I wanna go home
Let me go home

And I’m surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
Oh, let me go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

Let me go home
I’ve had my run
Baby, I’m done
I gotta go home
Let me go home
It will all be all right
I’ll be home tonight
I’m coming back home

I am sure you miss home every second. You take care Dear:)

Good night and sweet dreams:)


Anonymous said...

"...without their hand making any contact..."

I've said this before, and you seem to be confirming attract creeps. I'm not saying it's your fault (or even implying it), but you really do attract them. If somebody tried mauling my (hypothetical) wife/girlfriend/sister like that, I would...react with extreme prejudice. I try to be nice, but that's just beyond the pale...

"...chances are you're not the first guy in there to try to buy her drinks just to get into her pants..."

Get pumped with enough liquid, and we all have to get OUT of our pants... :)

I've never bought a girl a drink. If I did, I wouldn't do it just to get into her pants...not "just". ;)

"Say to her that her top is nice..."

If I told a girl her "top" was nice, I'd get slapped. :O

You know, I'm realizing that you'd see me coming two streets away. Not because I do the "bad things" you describe, but because I'd do exactly what you advocate! On second thought, I probably wouldn't. I'd make the same plans, but end up saying something like "your top is nice"...and get slapped. I would then shout (as she stomped off), "I also like your bottom! I was getting to that, really!"

"Ask her out for coffee...not considered a date..."

I'd ask you out for coffee, but we're trying to get you to quit. :P

I really need to chime in on this one. I've tried it, and discovered that some people do consider "coffee" a date. Be careful...

"...if you get shot down, take it with a pinch of salt..."

Rub the salt vigorously into your bullet feels great! :D

"One thing that makes an impression...the guy does NOT flirt with me at all."

You are hereby informed that I do NOT flirt with all. ;)

I think this actually IS a tactic. I've thought about it, and I'm probably not the only one. And thanks for leaking it... :P

"If any of you manage to score a wife using this tactic, please invite me to your wedding."

Trust me, you'll be there in SOME capacity... :) That wasn't flirting, that was just creepy...even to me. :O

Have I told you your top is nice? :D

Anonymous said...

pathfinder: with respect, you ARE and always have been flirting with Andrea here. The way you've been going about it has been very eloquent, witty, and intelligent; blessed with strong linguistic skills.

Yes it is a tactic, and a good one too. But, very akin to what you'd said, one can see through you from two streets away.

Anonymous said...

honestly are u a guarded person? ie built up a defense mechanism?

Anonymous said...

scorpion, i believe the idea is sorta just getting your foot in the door, i mean i do agree with u that sincerity and chemistry does play a vital importance but i suppose if budget is not the issue why should there be a problem buying a gorgeous woman a drink? see i think if u really do have to approach a girl in a club who none of your friends do know (that they might introduce to you), a simple way to start the conversation is to buy a girl a drink.Arguing that you should only buy a drink for a gorgeous woman if she can click with you kinda sounds cheap man..and i hope your not one?
agreeable andrea?

Andrea Fonseka said...

anonymous: Yep. I am guarded, like you wouldn't believe. Hypocritical, a guarded Andrea giving dating advice? Perhaps. But I think my guarded-ness (i know thats not a work lah but no other way to put it its morning and I've not had coffee for three days now - whoop!) is justified.

Eric: Note: I kinda said what Path said, that you should approach a girl who ALREADY has a full drink. Then you talk to her abit, and when she's done, decide if you wanna buy her another. I apologise for not making this clearer on my post.

Path: ;) you spooky boy you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this may sound weird but my late grandfather was from malaysia, selangor. My dad told me that my uncle went up there once to see relatives. My grandfather's name is Ernest Fonseka. I never knew i'll happen to see another Fonseka anywhere in Singapore because our family here is small. My e-mail add is my dad would really love to confirm if we're related. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but to comment from my experience.

As a woman, I truly dislike the dating game (I wonder how many feel the same).

Knowing that guys are attracted to you - you know it's only at face value and most of the time it does not amount to anything in the end.

A true man would make his moves discreetly, with confidence and with respect.

That's how I met my fiance.

However, attractive women tend to give the guys who blunder the first move a chance too (Watch 'HITCH'!).

In both cases, what comes after the initial facade/meeting is most important - how you connect in reality.

I agree with Andrea. A true man will lead (or guide the woman by her side) 70% of the time with confidence while the woman knowingly submits 30%. Having said that, there has to be a lot of trust between both parties - the in-betweens you have to talk (or fight, even) it out.

In the end, what is most important is that you are secure of his love for you. That he would even offer to pick you up in the rain in the crucial of times even you really didn't ask or expected it being one of them. And you find that his love grows on you (or vice versa). Not only that, you find that the love and friendship do not dissipate but only continue to grow over time.

fazzy said...

Pathfinder: yeah..nice try. very interesting comment. a bit too pessimistic and kinda sadistic. I don't think being so direct works well least personally.

I'd think if a guy who tells me that he is not flirting with me (and claim its a good tactic), I'd just go "yeah, so?!you think you very hot is it?!i'm not dying for you to flirt with me leh"..pardon the singlish.dude, not everyone is so..perasan...if you know what that means.

Saying your "top" or "bottom" can have very different connotations ie. you're talking abt her boobs or her butt.Substitute "dress" or "blouse" or at least not say "top" in a sleazy, you're referring to her juggs way. That's what gets you slapped!

If you happen to ask out a really desperate or i-think-i'm-hot may equal date..I have friends who think guys like her just because they say things to her which when I hear it sounds like nothing really...and I'm sure the guy was thinking the same. Then she starts acting cold towards them as if to show I'm-not-interested-in-you and spoil perfectly good friendships...

Anonymous said...

Heya greetings once again Andrea, I'm the one whom asked about your religion previously. Read up about you quite a bit and I must say you are truly blessed by god to have everything going for you from fame,looks,charisma,intelligence and probably a well-to-do and loving family. With this in mind I'm sure you have had your more than fair share of suitors ;) and thus you know men&women's likes/dislikes in dating. I mean ya knowing this will come in handy sometimes but ultimately to me love is the connection of hearts, so my question to you is would you date or even consider marriage to someone of lower status/calibre then yourself? sum everything up to you believe in true love?(BAAM! This question had to come sooner or later since your talking about the whole dating thing..LOL!)
I know most celebs or celebs-to-be would most likely give the politically correct answer but after reading your entries my 2 cents tells me your rather sincere so I'd believe your reply either way. Lastly sorry if this entry is too long winded and please do not feel obligated to answer this post if you deem it too intrusive, I understand the intricacies and scrutiny celebs are put under nowadays and after all you are only human and entitled to your own privacy.

Anonymous said...

Hello Andrea,hello everyone.sorry for not posting in awhile.I have been busy long-awaiting part 2 post have arrived.hehes.Anyway,i have nothing much to comment,cos Andrea's right!i totally agree with her.(Gabe, maybe u should take her advice.hahas.jkjk)

Btw,Andrea.I didnt went for the roadshow again.Haix.Held up by some stuffs.For the second time.How was it?Was it fun?

P.s:Its nice having to hear from you again.Hope you are having a good rest at home.

Anonymous said...

"you ARE and always have been flirting..."


Is this in response to my "declaration" of not flirting? That was in direct reference to something A said, and I put a wink behind it (I even admitted it was a tactic). I was being funny...but not to you, apparently.

And I said A could see me coming. I mentioned nothing about "one", ANYONE, seeing "through" me. You shouldn't confuse the online personality with the offline personality, or the persona with the person. A has met haven't.

Anonymous said...

" think you very hot is it..."


How do you know I'm not? ;)

As for tops and bottoms...I KNOW what they "mean". Like I told S, these are jokes...and I've never been slapped like that! Do you really think I'm that dense? :P

The coffee thing's tricky, isn't it?

Anonymous said... a fox, baby! ;)

Anonymous said...

Weilin: Hey Girl, how are you? Have not heard from you for a while:) glad to have you back with us again:)

I was just joking with the advice from Andrea hee hee:)

I may not be as hot as the self-proclaimed "Hot Guy". But I am hot among my friends hahahaha:) just joking hee hee;) Nevertheless, I will keep Andrea's advice behind my head and try it this weekend and update you on its effectiveness k hee:)

You have a blessed night:)

Good night everyone:)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous :) Like your truthful thoughts:) very genuine:)

As a guy, I also truly dislike the dating game.

Wish you have a wonderful and lasting marriage:) Hopefully soon;)

Your name please:) if you don't mind:)

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...


Weilin's a GIRL? :O

And I never SAID I was hot... :P

Anonymous said...

actually its simple.

dont supplicate.
portray high value.

and most importantly, most hot girls are extremely self conscious and seeking reaffirmation all the time. just hit her self esteem or lack there of. without being an asshole that is.

Anonymous said...

and dont compliment that nice top. its generic.

if you have to, say is this top 'in' now , i noticed 2 other girls wearing them tonight. but oh well i guess you look different. that will leave her wondering.

adelin said...

anyone know when is andrea birthday? :D

fazzy said...

pathfinder: joking lah. i'm sure you're hot stuff..or something..haha.

gabe: i'd think guys that have legs that look like Andrea's would be sooo weird looking. hehe. thanks for the help. i'll try...i've started rope least.

kal: i've noticed 2 other girls wearing that top?! i wouldn't recommend that...seriously.

Anonymous said...

Faz :) hahahaha:) I meant lalaki legs, not guys with girls legs, hahahaha:) anywhere you know what I meant:) Good luck girl;) We will see a different Faz soon (only imagination la):) anytime when you are losing steam, just go google and type andrea fonseka and click on Kenny bolg and you will see the defferent Andrea, then and now, and you will be motivated to continue with the long tedious process:) I can understand what andrea has been through:) Its worth it:)

Andrea, you are remarkable:)

Anonymous said...

PF: You never said, but you meant it:P

Correct me if I am wrong:) Cheers to you Hot guy hee hee:)

Anonymous said...

Try this:)

Just walk to a girl that you like in the bar and grab her arse:) I did it and she ended up in my trophy case:) hahahahahaha. Good luck:)

Good Nite ` Kimmi said...

well , got an idea. fast and easy. if not, u can just move on. stay where u are in the club, and shock("tian" in chinses) them wif your eye lols . if this work on the ger, then u can just approach them. 80% u might get to dance or date her out i guess. haha and if they just don care about u and just look away , i think u better not go to her LOL!

Anonymous said...

GH and F...

I didn't say it, but F just did...or something. :O

Anonymous said...

"Cheers to you Hot guy..."




Anonymous said...

PF: ha ha ha:) I am not stupid:)Cheers to you hot guy:)

Anonymous said...

Do you think first impression is not important? Let's say the man approaching a woman in a club has no good looking face, will she date him? I'm not sure actually.. 10 dolar is nothing, I agree, but it's just doesn't enough Andrea :)

Anonymous said...

i know this is totally out of context here but can anyone tell me how much did the DOND doctor contestant walk away with last night?

i missed my flight back from KL lst night and was too late for the DOND episode last night. did his "on-the-spot" diagnosis tactic work?

they have had the lawyer, banker, doctor, disco lady, crazy old man, young medical student, beauty queen cum social worker.....when are they going to portray PCK or the street ahbeng or hokkien lao? =)

imagine this scenario...contestant is a hookkien beng...

AP: and now, Mr Beng, Deal OR No Deal?

Beng: Simi lanj**o, diu or no diu?!?! Ohh soli ahh, u want me to diu issit?? Hmm, lemme see, if i diu i die, if i dun diu also si...... err, how lidat??? THIS IS TOO STESSFOOL!!! Err, I wan to diu the models can anot arr?!?

*Audience chanting* MO DIU! MO DIU!!

AP: Alright now, diu to the unexpected extreme vulgarities by our contestant on tonight's episode, we have to go for a short commercial break...we'll be right back!

DOND - The R(A) Version!

p.s - those who speak cantonese and hokkien will appreciate the jokes better. :P

Anonymous said...

ck: last night's contestant made a deal for $23,000.00. It was only the fourth offer.

He should have just played on. All the hypothetical offers that came later on were higher than $23,000.00.

Anonymous said...

CK: ) hahahahaha. Lets go for the audition and we will act like ah beng. I am sure they will choose us:) hahaha.

I have downloaded the application form and one of the question is very interesting. They ask for your three wishes, not involving money.

Anyone can contribute any 3 interesting wishes?:)

Anonymous said...

Gabe:Your first wish is wish andrea is ur gf,second wish is wish andrea is your wife,third wish is wish andrea is the mother of your children in the future.

am i right?haha

Anonymous said...

hey gabe i working on a blog on cancer these days,hope u take some of your precious time to read it.haha

Andrea Fonseka said...

Wow okay lots of things to reply to: sorry I have been busy lately (no surprise, eh?)

Had anothe photoshoot today, this time its for a mag that will be out sometime next month. Not the cover, but there's a spread inside.. ;)

anyhoo here's some replies:

1. I have dated guys of lower 'calibre' before: but you must keep in mind - one of the things i find most attractive is ambition. A man ust be ambitious enough to be the best that he could posibly be; and i'm attracted to that. So its not that I wont date a man of lower 'status' - but he must have at least as much, or more, ambition than myself.

oh dang it. My laptop is going to die soon. Will continue this when i get back to charge it!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

hahas.of course pathfinder,i am a girl.By my name?

Anonymous said...

I think a person (gender being irrelevant) should know what he/she wants, and be willing to take the requisite plunge. I wouldn't call it "ambition", however, since that has restrictive (sometimes outright negative) connotations. Maybe "vision"...

I do agree that somebody should be evaluated not just by where he is, but also by where he's headed...I think you've mentioned this before.

Anonymous said...


I can't tell...maybe if I knew the characters. Lin, however, does sound feminine.

Now, I know... :)

Anonymous said...

FS: You will have my support all the way:) A very good cause indeed:) more please:)

About the 3 wishes:) Hmmmmm....

what bout yours?

Weilin:) Your 3 wishes?

fazzy said...

ck: ur back to make me laugh with your comments. i was waiting for u to say something. haha.

Anonymous said...

scorpion: thanks for the info! looks like none of the contestant has managed to win 6-digits so far huh? is the game designed in such a way that most people would for broke or nothing? that explains the low winnings so far? pitied esp. the poor old disco lady that went home with only $25 winnings!

gabe: not sure if i'd make a good ahbeng? i'm sure PCK will do a better job.. haha

fazzy: thank you! glad to hear that i'm able to trigger your endorphins. i'd reckon that if i cannot make you rich, at least i can make you laugh? =)

AND WHAT IS MEDIACORP THINKING?!?! 25 HUNKS (?) on DOND?!?!?! imagine them going... *in low grizzly voice* "Hiiii ADRIAN!!" the very thought of it makes me NOT wanna go for the 2nd auditions.... LOL

Anonymous said...

ck: to win 6 digits, ALL the amounts from $75,000 AND BELOW must have been eliminated before the final offer. The lighted amounts remaining can only be $100k, $150k and $250k.

What are the odds of that happening?

Anonymous said...

hey Andrea,

I think you got the definition of blue moon wrongly =S

depending on the context, and technical usage, a blue moon can be :

1) A fourth moon in one season (one season = about 3 months = about 3 full moon cycles)

2) A second moon in one calendar month

3) OR, it is just simply a metaphorical phrase used to express a rare event.

Just to let you know, yupp =)

God Bless,