Friday, July 27, 2007

My DOND Showreel

As we say farewell to Deal or No Deal season 1, here's a compilation of all my bits. Hope you guys have as much fun watching it as I did putting it together.


adelin said...

Andrea :

You did that yourself?
I am impressed! Hahhahahhaha

Love the video! Really love it!

Have a great day okie!

Anonymous said...

"'s a compilation of all my bits."




Anonymous said...

I'll see you at Fitness First, ok?:)

Anonymous said...

Once you were eliminated at the very beginning; once you survived to the end. Which do you prefer?

What do you all do backstage after your numbers care called? Just continue watching on a screen inside?

Andrea Fonseka said...

Scorp: To be honest, sometimes you really prefer being chosen as the first briefcase... I remember how tiring it got having to stand there and smile while an old crazy uncle decides to give speeches on how and why he choose to 'deal'. Honestly just really playing up to get maximum screentime; which should not be the intention in the show. So... yeah. I'd have loved to get picked first cause you really don't know what kind of contestants you'd get on that day..

Yeah most of the time we just continue watching on the little telly we have in our changing rooms.

Blackcat: only if you're really lucky. ;)

Path: YOU AAAAAARHHH!!!!!! HORRIBLE LAH! lol! ;) even *I* didn't think of that. sheesh. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I was thinking if Deal or No Deal host Adrian Pang gets to host the first Season with the briefcase babes... then by logic the second season should be a female host with briefcase hunks then right... correct huh guys?
And the best candidate would definitely be our gorgeous andrea.

Well gonna miss you open the briefcase again.:(

Anonymous said...

anonymous: ^5 agreed that andrea's best candidate as e gorgeous host.

andrea: gonna miss u on dond but will catch u hosting e upcoming "live your dreams"!! cant wait for national day to arrive..lolx.. =p

Anonymous said...

I love the put-together very much! Seriously, the most entertaining bit of the program is always the part whereby your number is called. My personal favourite is the one whereby by you said "...I could stay here all night, really.." then u gave a LOOK after Andrian said "..famous last words.." Haha. Watched that clip many times and still it never fails to make me laugh every single time.

Not to be rude, but I think they should change some of the ladies on DOND if there is going to be a 2nd season. I think placing robots on the stage may bring about a better effect than seeing some of their "I'm forcing myself to smile" faces. It's so un-natural! Like constipation. Haha. Maybe they should go for some kind of training. And the conductor of the traning course will be none other than *drum rolls* our Andrea Fonseka!

Or maybe, they can change the format of the program a little. They can save costs by taking away all the ladies except Andrea and do it a.k.a Wheel of Fourtune/PSC Night style whereby Andrea will open all the cases the contestants pick! Isn't that better?

Anonymous said...

m: I respectfully disagree. Each and every of the 25 other ladies deserve to be up there as much as Andrea does. It's not up to you or I to say who's better than who, or that they need to be "trained" by Andrea.

Yes you said "Not to be rude", but spare a thought yah? I'm sure there are fans of the other 25 who frequent here, and the sensitive ones may well take offence. E.g. lots of folks here have expressed adoration for Maggie Tan and Claire Jedrek, they all.

anonymous and densetsu: I agree with you for now only because I'm not aware of any of the 25 DOND girls having any hosting experience.

In all, yes this is Andrea's blog, but let's be fair k? (:

Anonymous said...

Scorpion: Thanks scorp for reminding me that I have neglect other briefcase babes. Yeah, be "fair".

So if any other briefcase babe's fans are blogging this blog, please accept my apology for neglecting the other girls.


Anonymous said...

scorpion: wad uve commented to m is indeed fair to the rest of 25 ladies. and yes, its not up to us to judge whos better than who. i believe each individual haf something in them shining.
nevertheless, it has been a gd season & let's wait for the next one.

i am tempted to sign up for e game bt den again, am camera shy.. lolx..

Anonymous said...

what does the next season have in store for us??? a question that has infinite number of answers. but let's just hope that the people at mediacorp can get 'creative' to entertain us with more radical concepts like these. not just drag on with one concept and milk it for more than what its worth.

honestly i think its way better if they got a 100 or more briefcase girls, then all the more entertainment. More "bits" for the viewing?

adelin said...

Hi everyone and Andrea,

hope you all have a great saturday.

100 DOND ladies?


the ladies will be very tired!

actually the briefcase hunks is only for 1 episode right?

Andrea Fonseka said...

Hey all!

Yep the briefcase hunks is just for one ep. I wonder wha they're going to wear. ;)

Scorp and M: Yep. All the girls are great, really. I cant wait to see them take a path as exciting as mine. :) In fact, one of the girls, Rosalyn, entered a pageant recently. She won it, and will be representing Singapore in China. She called me, asking for advice, we caught up (on Orchard, of course ;)) and I gave her my thoughts on what she should do, not do, etc... She's a great girl; and I wish her all the best! :)

As for the clip: Yah I was really shocked when Adrian said "Famous last words." O well. Cant control that look. ;)

Anonymous said...

You thought "must...bite...tongue" was bad? I was actually going to say what Pang did (and what a few, including YOU, HAVE said right here), "famous last words..."


Good Nite ` Kimmi said...

haha i like the part where u dance haha!

Anonymous said...

that dancing part ;p

Anonymous said...

And...of course you "didn't think" of it. :) You wouldn't have written it otherwise...would you? :O

Anonymous said...

"...playing up to get maximum screentime...should not be the intention in the show."

It "should not" be the intention, I absolutely agree, but I think it IS the intention...if not of the contestants, then of the producers.

I think that's the only way they're going to fill that else does one explain the personality of contestant selected (teacher or banker...who can't calculate)? What other purpose do the "supporters" serve (and do we really need to know THEIR life stories)?

You're, by FAR, the best part of DOND for me. :) That time you were picked first (I think), I ALMOST switched off the TV...even Pang (who's generally brilliant) is stifled by this format, because he can't make the CONTESTANT brilliant.

If not for YOU (and I hope a producer reads this), I would stop watching DOND. Not even Pang, and the other girls, would make me stay... :P

adelin said...

andrea :

Maybe they can wear silk shirt & black pants.

hmm something like what Adrian worn in his movie: Forver Fever.


Anonymous said...

Scorpion: I said some of the ladies. I totally agree that there ARE others who can brighten up the show a little, but there are simply some I cannot bear watching. It's just my own, humble, personal opinion and thoughts, I'm sure I'm entittled to "freedom of speech" to a certain extent right? I did not pinpoint anyone or whatsoever so I guess I'm not directly hurting anyone. But if I did, I sincerely appologise. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Andrea: Oh really... you gotta be kidding me right?... one episode only? Aren't men are as attactive as women?

The girls gets to show themselves in DOND every wednesday night, and the hunks themselves just gets to show on T.V. once only?

I think someone in mediacrop should advice the producer about this... you know what I meant?

Anonymous said...

Opps, sorry, it's should be "mediacorp", not media"crop"!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,

Not too sure but I am Just wondering if the 2nd second DOND girls will be the same as the first or are they going to get a brand new set of 26 girls?? Personally I do hope that you stay though =D

fazzy said...

I was looking through your photos 3 entries ago and I realised you're very can look hot, classy and just sweet and down to earth..awesome.

Andrea Fonseka said...

Aw Fazzy shankiew. ;) Really its the styling, and the makeup. Anyone can have different looks.

Well I can't say if I stay or not; You know Mediacorp may be touchy with things like that. I'm sure they will take note of your suggestions though. :)

anon: I CONCURR! infact I concur more; I would love an all male SEASON! lol!! ;) Dress them up in tuxedos! Better yet, drop the jacket, and white shirt, let them just be in black pants and tux collars. Lol! Okay Andrea Fonseka is revealing a slight fetish here. heh.

Path: Thank you so much. :) Its so nice to know that my 8 seconds on air and racking my brains to think of something smart and witty to say this entire Season One did not go to waste. Diplomatically *beauty queeny* though I have to say that Adrian is a FANTASTICUS host, and really the show would be nothing without HIM. The rest of the girls are great as well. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow... You did the video all by yourself? I must say, it is really done very well... Good choice of background music to suit certain parts of the clip. Great job! As Season One draws to a close, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours... Hope to see you more often on our television screens and in advertisements all around this sunny island and beyond...

Anonymous said...

"Anyone can have different looks..."

But not every girl confuses the Pathfinder's instincts so... :O

"...drop the jacket, and white shirt..."

:O I think I'm a little nauseated... :P

It could, however, be the flu I've been fighting. :( POOR Pathfinder pookywooky... ;)

On the other hand, more sleep means more dreams...about you. ;) I'm such a suckup...

"...Season One did not go to waste..."

Of course not, AND it's just the beginning... :O

Anonymous said...

You know, I agreed that "Season One did not go to waste". I could have saved myself the trouble of watching it, however, if I'd known you were going to produce this video...which was more entertaining. :)

The video also made me realise that you said "I can stay here all night", not "I can go on all night" (which is what Pang inferred...I think).

I liked "the best things in life are free". But I can't figure out if the song refers to DOND (in irony), or the girl being showcased... ;)

Anonymous said...

" 8 seconds...this entire Season..."

In those terms, DEAL OR NO DEAL is something of a ;)

However, it looks like it's launching your career. And I suspect this blog will go nuts once LIVE THE DREAM heard it here first. :O

Do you remember my first post here...just before DEAL OR NO DEAL? When I said the show would change things... ;)

fazzy said... always have something witty to say. Must be from all the're more comfortable with having to say something impromptu. 2 more weeks to school....ahhh...

Andrea Fonseka said...

Faz: Funny eh? It used to be the bane of my teachers in primary school that I always had something to say. She used to go, "cannot keep quiet?? ALWAYS have something to say?!" hehehe... I wasn't exactly the quietest kid around. ;)

Path: yes my wise oracle! you predicted it allllll! hehehee

Anonymous said...

Told you I was a pathfinder...


...the wise...amazingly sexy...visionary LOVED by A.


Alright, I'll quit while I'm ahead (like it's DOND).