Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Would you "settle"?

This thought came to me as I was on my trip back to Singapore (from KL) as I was answering some interview questions...

Would you "settle" for someone?

If he or she was "good enough" but not "great"? If that person was "alright", but didn't blow your socks off? Would you wait enough long in a relationship and possibly waste both of your time, or hope that your love for him/her would grow and eventuate into what you always dreamt your lovelife would be?

Its possible to eventually fall in love with someone. Hell, I've been that person that someone 'eventually' fell in love with. Was I happy being in doubt? No. Did I trust him? No. But was I esentially happy...? .


The excuse that, "Hey, is alright. I could do alot worse.", is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Sorry. If you could do alot worse, you could also do better. And deep down inside, you know that.

The fact is, if you're seriously with someone (we're talking about living together here), that person should know, and feel, that he or she is your world. And there should be no doubt. At. All.

Why do some people then choose to 'settle'?

Insecurity, the inability to be alone (strong factor), amongst many other reasons.

How would I approach it?

Well, I'm comfortable enough to be on my own now, than to be with someone for company's sake. I choose to have enough respect for a person than to choose to be with them just 'cause they're *there*. When I'm with someone, I want it to be because I *know* that he is someone that I would be proud to be with, that I can reflect with and upon, and whom I know is someone of calibre that... well, deserves me! Is that being narcisistic? No. I think its just a level of self assurance, and knowing one's worth.

Because if deep down inside I *know* I can do better, then deep down inside, I wouldn't be happy. We should always work towards obtaining the best that we can in life; be it being the best person we can be, being the best friend we can be, the best daughter, friend.. why should we not strive to be have the best partner we can have?

But then again - here's me playing Devil's advocate with myself again - maybe its easy for me to talk. I'm in a happy, fulfilling relationship. *heh!*. Paul's an amazing man, and I am truly lucky to have him. I actually can't imagine my life without him - and that's a sign of what I believe to be true love. Its not when you can imagine your future with that person - its when you can't imagine it without.

Maybe its because I feel every good soul in the world deserves to have and feel what I do; A partner that fulfills every essence of our being.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I will try to fix you

One of the most amazing songs ever written - absolutely selfless and sincere. I cry everytime I really 'feel' the song..

Hope you guys enjoy this. :)
Oh and, if you guys are wondering what i'm up to: I'm still in KL at the moment, just did a shoot for Shape magazine Malaysia, will be doing another shoot tomorrow for Clive magazine's 1st year anniversary edition. I came to KL a few weeks ago 'cause my Dad was home alone (my sisters and mum are in Spain for a fantabulous holiday; i didn't go cause I needed to work. :( ), and so I thought I'd keep him company. Its been nice just catching up with him, spending time with him - his health's doing alot better lately, he's eating well.

Will be back in Singapore soon for another press interview with the Berita Harian. Flying to London and Paris on the 9th of May, (yes will take lots and lots of pictures don't worry! ;)), will be going to visit my sisters and my nephew, I can't wait I'm so excited! Will be there for two weeks, back in KL for the month of June to begin shooting the movie!


Almost out of breath just typing all of that out! *laughs*
Ok. Picture Time! :)
I was here.....

For a James Bond themed party. This is Ho Fei Fei, my bestie.. and we were comparing, er, "packages"...
Us posing - Face-Off!

What happened next???


..........awwww. ;)

Miss you Fei, come back to Singapore soooooon! :D

Friday, April 3, 2009

FHM International's 100 Sexiest Women 2009

Hey Guys!

I've been nominated to be in FHM International's 100 Sexiest Women 2009, feel free to vote for me at http://www.fhm.com/girls/covergirls/andrea-fonseka. :)

Thanks lah! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Okay so last week was massively hectic, involving friends coming down from KL to visit, FHM's Top 100 GNDs, catching up with old friends. In Singapore at the moment, for some work, before I head back to KL to be with Daddy, who's home alone due to Mum being overseas.

My shoot for the next cover of FHM (wow its been like, two years since the last one!), is on the 6th of April, and I'm so excited! It'll be out on a very special issue, so watch out for it in the coming months!

AND. Just recieved confirmation that I will be working on a movie in Malaysia. I don't think its appropriate for me to talk about the details before the press conference, but lets just say it'll open nationwide, and will probably be released in Singapore as well. :D Its going to be fantastic to be working back home again, with people who are at the top of their game. AND it'll be in Malay, which will be a new experience for me. AND I'll be back home in KL which is always great for me.. :)~ (Mmmmm.. Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, anyone? Heh.)

Will be keeping this post short, have an early morning tomorrow for an interview with MyPaper. So will sign off for now, and leave you with this really sweet song from Jason Mraz. Enjoy! :)

No prizes to guessing who this song goes out to. ;) I love romantic duets!!!