Sunday, July 18, 2010

How to get that Winning Smile..!

As you would know, if you've been following my FB page, you'd know Nadine and I have both gone for extensive teeth whineting at MyDentist. Results have been amazing, especially in Nadine's case, as you can see from the pictures in my posts with her!
I really have to seriously recommend it (and you know I don't anyhow-recommend-things on my blog). Dr. Foo has not paid me for this at all:: I've been to alot of dentists and there's a reason why he's known to be the best in his field. :D
Thanks Doc! :D

Friday, July 16, 2010

Training Nadine Entry 04: Almost there

Latest picture from Nadine's Official Photoshoot: Thanks to Anneff@Parkson, Melinda Looi, Elegance Club, Xpression Master with L'Oreal Paris and A Cut Above. Photos by StudioROM. For more pics, hop over to the Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation Official Facebook Page.

Nadine's been going very well, keeping up with her Bikram Yoga @ True Yoga and gymming at True Fitness. She's been quite disciplined thus far and is taking on instructions well.

The shoot was conducted in one day, with a total of Four looks, (Plus National Costume, but I can't upload that:: Officially Unveiled on Monday at Parkson, Pavilion KL!).

Basically our angle was to experiement with looks, to get as many different 'types' of shots as we could. We infused the good Old Hollywood Glamour charm to see how she'd look as a Malaysian Marilyn Monroe. It worked pretty well as you can see form the link yourself!

Right now Nadine is under house arrest as we went to Dr. Calvin Chan for an incredible facial called the .. er... I can't really remember. But its similar to a chemical peel, whereby Nadine's skin will flake for about an entire week, to reveal a fresh, spot-free face. Other things that we have for her preperation:
- Vitamin C Serum: To brighten and nourish
- Rejuvenating Serum: To .. er, rejuvenate her skin
- Pigment Bar: To even out her skintone (especially elbows, knees)
(All from the Calvin Chan Aesthetics Line which he has inhouse).

We also got a LOVELY line of products from L'Oreal Paris. I highly recommend the Hydrafresh line, its moisturiser in a lovely gel texture. Also do try the White Perfect Double Essence. It plumps up your skin, and promotes a "Rosy Glow". I've personally been using it for a while now, and I would recommend going in this direction if you can't stay in your house for a week just for your skin to peel off!! ;)

Nadine's also been working on her QnAs.. and we'll be going over her catwalk next week with some luck! I've been SO busy with my wedding, I'm feeling a little guilty on not training her enough. But that's just me being a perfectionist;; If I had my way, Nadine and I would be living together!!

I went over to Nadine's place on Tuesday to drop by and say hi to her Mom, it was the first time I was going to meet her. I can only understand a mother's concern over the safety of her daughter.. I'm sure Aunty Christine was like, "Who is this woman! Why is my daughter looking so thin now!! WHY is she attending events at this hour? (er, 10pm only what? heh!), IS SHE SAFE???"

Needless to say it was a smooth meeting, I assured Aunty Christine that I was here solely for Nadine's best interest.. to give her as best a chance as she has at the Miss Universe Pageant.

After that, we looked through Nadine's wardrobe to see what could be used to supplement her full casual wardrobe supplied by Parkson to take to Vegas. Bottom line was: PARKSON WE NEED MORE CLOTHES LAH NADINE WEARS WAAAAY TOO MUCH SOLID COLOURS!! ;) Parkson heard me, and I'm looking forward to accessing all the AMAAAYZING brands they have in house: Desigual, Sisley, FCUK, Miss Sixty, Bread n Butter... *rubs hands in glee!*

My angle for Nadine is not to be too OTT at the Pageant. Nadine is exactly what the pageant is this year: Hip, Urban, Relevant and Real. She will not be in cocktail dresses 24/7 -- she's a jeans and top kinda girl. But there are ways to wear such clothings, and then there are ways to wear such clothings in order for it to look stylish, chic and effortless. I really do believe that Nadine has what it takes to pull the MTV Awards-esque sort of look where you look stylish, but not overdone.

Two weeks or so before she's off to Vegas. Wow. Before we know it, it'll all be over!!

Till next time,