Monday, July 21, 2008

How Cool is Travis...!

Best cover rendition ever, Who'd have known a pop song would sound so good on accoustics?! Really hope they perform this at Singfest. :)

Friday, July 11, 2008


God bless outdoor concerts. :)

When I attended last year's Singfest, I had such a fantastic time I spent all year lookin forward to this year's event. Infact, you saw how great it was here! Surprisingly to me, there weren't as many people as I expected last year, but this year's I suspect will be heaps more popular with the masses.

Alicia Keys - one of my all time favourite artistes, is being flown in for the event, she'll be performing on Day 2 of Singfest. Jason Mraz (whom my sister Lena saw live before and said was "FANTABULOUS") will also be performing on Day 2, along with ... *drumroll please* THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS.


How on earth the organisers (MIDAS & All The Worlds) managed to pull this act together, beats me. That's not even mentioning Day 1 for little rockers like me (Travis (!!!), Simple Plan, New Found Glory, list goes on..).

So yes. Two Days, over 20 hours of music! All the acts will be performing FULL LIVE SETS - as opposed to just one or two songs like some showcases - at the Fort Canning Park. I booked my tickets ages ago actually, I thought paing $150 for each day (Two day ticket prices are $300 - cheaper if you use Visa!) was a bargain, seeing as what the lineup was. I'd pay $300 JUST to watch Alicia Keys, so when you throw in the rest it all makes quite a sweet deal. ;)

I'll definitely be there, anyone else going? I'm SOOOOoo excited!

Ah. Sorry had to get that out of the way.

On to other things: Apologies for not posting as much as I know I should've. See, I've spent the last month looking for a new place to stay, packing and now unpacking! My new place is out of town. :) Just moved in a few days ago so its a complete mess! Lol.

Graduation is happening in a few days - yes thats right, I'm finally graduating with my cohort of 2008! So happy, my parents are coming down, and I will be their final child graduating. Ah... finally feels like I can concentrate on work full time now, without looming deadlines. Life will be good. :)