Tuesday, February 12, 2008

(Chinese) New Year Resolutions!

Okay okay Sorry ah I haven't posted in AGES I know.. I know..

Been busy either with
1. School (Got two papers due by the end of the month, bleurgh!)
2. Shooting Enbloc (upcoming drama on Ch5)
3. Flying home to be with family. Waiting for my sister to forward me the pictures. lol.

Between that, and me trying to maintain my sanity, its been a tough month and a half so far. But I'm still breathing, so couldn't have been all that bad. ;)

And for all the kind wishes with regards to my Dad, thank you all. Very sweet of all of you.

On to the topic of the day. Chinese new year resolutions anyone? Here are mine.

1. Try to me more punctual when meeting up with friends. Somehow I will be able to be 15 mins early for shoots, but when it comes to my friends, somehow or other (*sometimes* for reasons beyond my control), I am unable to arrive/meet up on time. As it is I am already living the life of a social hermit, and when I do have the occasional hour or two to spend with my friends, I really should put in more effort... *blush* Sorry Tara.

2. Be more hard on errant taxicabs.
Have you noticed that in some cabs now they have a sticker saying, "you can report errant taxi drivers, call 1800-2255582"? EVERYONE TAKE THIS NUMBER DOWN! Seriously, sometime last month I got into a cab on Raffles, and had to take a cab to Sembawang (don't ask. Lol), and the cab driver told me to GET OUT after I already GOT IN! So no excuse for being "on call" etc, I honestly lost my cool. Didn't make any noise to him lah, I just whipped out my phone to complain.

Don't get me wrong, I understand driving people around can be quite a stressful, tiring job, but I really believe that CabDrivers are in a Customer Service line, they reflect on Singaporeans as a whole. God knows how many tourists have had bad taxi experiences, only to go home and complain about it! Now I have had the luck to ride with some really polite, nice cabbies, and it just made the journey so much more enjoyable. And it leaves me wondering, if these nice fellas can do it, why can't all of them?? I support that fact that taxi fares are more expensive, I mean, its really not an easy job, and Singapore is still relatively cheap in comparision to other developed countries. In Australia, taking a cab would cost you no less than 30AUD just to go to town. So no complaints there, just Please-Lah Be Nice, Cabbies! Oh. One last thing: PLEASE PUT AIR FRESHENERS IN CABS. 3 out of 5 cabs I get into a stinky, for some reason. Eek. (I seem to moan quite abit about cabs in my entries, don't I. Lol.)

3. Go home more often to spend time with my Daddy.

4. Save money. No more spending an insane amount of money over-shopping, no more calling for Cabs just because there's a queue (take the bus as often as I can anyway), cutting down fine dining to just once a week. No more buying way over the top expensive ingredients to cook at home, and no more buying expensive games for my Playstation 3!! (Am even putting off buying the Nintendo Wii, until I reach my target savings figure). No more getting foot reflexology every week. (gonna really miss the last one)..

5. Put on a little bit of weight because Dad says I'm too thin. Sigh. He really doesn't get the industry, but hey if it makes him happy, 2kg it is. I'll go to the gym and build up 2kg of muscles. ;) Which is very easy for me btw, I seem to be able to put on muscle really easily.

6. Take care of my health a little better. Started by cutting down on my staple drink, Coke Light, and opting for just water or juices. Also, started having meusli for breakfast.

7. Start going for regular facials.

8. As this is now the season of Lent, I am going to do just like that the priest preached on Ash Friday...which is, "One kind deed, One kind word, and One kind thought.." a day.


Gabriel said...

And you will have many "kind" souls here :)

Glad that you are alive and still kicking hee hee:)

Continue to pray for your dad.

Happy Chinese New Year and may all your wishes come true..Will help you to convey the message to all cabbies on the refresher when i go clubbing (can't drive now, the police super "ON"). However, please cont. to give compliment to the good uncle cabbies too k:)


PS: Me too, have to submit 4 papers by mid Mar:(

PS: Send my regards to Nat Ho( your bro), just tell him, his dad's church(COR)friend. Thanks Dear:)

SEACJCS said...


Muesli... :P

"...regular facials..."

Must...not...make...joke. OR offer...

It's the fourteenth...enjoy your VD (but that doesn't mean catching one)!

Gabriel said...

A, When will "Carrot Cake Conversation" be showing?
btw, is it a play?

Louisa Koh said...

I can almost see how your savings from less foot reflexology in No. 4 will be depleted by the "regular facials" in No. 7. good luck!

Louisa Koh said...
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Louisa Koh said...
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Andrea Fonseka said...

Lol. good point louisa. ;)
Gab: CCC (carrotcake converstions) is a movie, out in cinemas in Oct. :)

Initial J said...

Been ages since i've checked ur blog. Looks like a good CNY resolutions. =) Wish all come true then... More smile with that. Cheers!