Friday, February 29, 2008

I love the Contender Asia

Okay so what's not to love.

Muay Thai fighters, from all around the world, showing skill, precision, and their sixpacks on AXN every Wednesday night! ;)

Seriously though, one of the reasons I started watching was because a dear friend of mine, Zach, was one of the contestants. He's Singapore's only representative, but unfortunately something happened, and he got eleminated last week. He explains that, and the last seven episodes on his blog;

Nonetheless, I will be attending the finals of the Contender Asia at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on the 12th of April. Lets hope Zach gets a rematch, 'cause he really deserves one!

..In other fronts, I will be attending the Laugh and Learn Gala Dinner on the 5th of March, organised by 938Live. I've just completed a 5000 word essay in Infocommunication law, (due at noon today), and I thankfully don't have Enbloc shooting today cause i'm completely exhausted! Stayed up all night to finish up the research paper.

If you've managed to catch the trailers on tv, you'll know to be sure to tune in to Ch5, next Wednesday at 8.30pm. Yeah yeah I know it cuts into the Contender's timeslot, but the fights only start half an hour into the programme (so Contender fights start at 9.30pm.)

Be sure to catch the first episode of Enbloc, and tell me what you guys think ya? :D


Ladbrooke said...

Hi Andrea,

I know this is pretty unrelated but I wanted a model's input on this and I hope you can help me out.

I'm doing a debate on the "size-zero model" issue and our side is supposed to condone the fashion industry from using size zero models. What are your thoughts on this? Why should we condone the use of size zero models?

Gabriel said...

Hey Ladbrooke, You should approach it from the designer and consumers point of view.
Most important is the image and bottomline of the industry:)
Wish i have more time..good luck.