Monday, April 23, 2007

To Deal, or Not To Deal...

Okay since the trailer is out on Ch. 5 (Mediacorp, in Singapore); I guess its safe to mention it on my blog now without violating the confidential agreement... I'm on Deal or No Deal!

Ladies And Gents, You're looking at your lucky briefcase No. 10, which could be holding anything from $1 to $250,000. THATS what I've been so busy with the entire week (and will be busy with next week too.)

I cant let too much information out, just thought I'd let you guys know about it. ;) You can read more about it and see pics of all of us girls here..

What did you get up to on the weekend?

A friend of mine had a private yacht party, which was fantastic. We played poker, had crew serving us drinks and nuts, it was very 'casino royale-ish' ~ I even wore my white Guess? dress. lol. I first lost all of my chips, to come back roaring winning that back along with some profit as well! *chuffed look* 'twas a job well done.

Oh. And congratulations to Jessica Tan for winning the crown of this year's Miss Singapore Universe. Her evening gown was gorgeous! She is quite striking and may stand a chance at the Miss Universe pageant. Her only drawback is her height - I stand at 178cm without heels - and I was the average height at Miss Universe. Its pretty tough on us Asian countries, when girls that tall are few and far between. Oh well. Thank God for High Heels. ;)

Well its late, I need to get some shut eye. Cheers, Y'all!


Joanna Koh said...

Hey Andrea, It's Joanna from the bods.bodynits contest.

You're looking good! - cheerios, have a great week

playtoy said...

darling i miss you terribly... alas you dont miss me... *sighs*

Anonymous said...

hey Andrea
It's Lars, sorry it has been so long, i wish i had time to see you when i was last in Spore. It is great to hear that you are so fortunate with your career and studies. I am going to see the family and Lena this weekend, shame you can't make it.
Anyhooo congratulations on the latest "deal" (pardon the pun bad joke i know). Speak soon.