Saturday, April 7, 2007

Confession of a Junkie.

Ok I'll admit it.

I'm a junkie. I am addicted to a substance that I must have every single morning, in order to function normally. And its getting worse.

This morning (its now only 9.36am), I've had three cups of coffee thus far. Hang on, I just sipped the last of it, may get another. Make that four cups of coffee. In three hours. I feel fine, great even. Heart palpitations? Nah. Jitters? Not me. Could it be that I have built up a tolerance so high to caffiene that I'll soon be needing an espresso machine hoooked up to an IV drip hooked up to my arm?

How awful it is to come to the realization that your very ability to make it through the day is dependent on a substance like caffiene?

Should I quit coffee? Or just embrace it? I mean, what harm can come of it, right? I know too much of anything is bad, but what if I just say, have one (big) cup of coffee in the mornings?

Still. The dawning of the fact that I need coffee to function normally irks me. I hate being controlled by anything - least of all by some roasted beans. I mean, I can't even let a guy control me!

Okay. It has been decided. Andrea Fonseka shall cut down on coffee. Not going to do it cold turkey, but lets see how the next week goes by only having a maximum of two (big?) cups of coffee in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Definitely ween off it. Cold turkey isn't good for anything really! lol

But wait, Are you on instant or percolated? heehee


Initial J said...

Cut down on that substance. I would like to see you in years to come.

Take it slow & not get stressed out too fast.