Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Memoirs of Manila

Oh wow. Manila is Amazing.

As I meantioned, I went there to judge two dog shows - one was an All Breed's Champion of Champion's show where I was one of eight judges, and the other, held the next day on Sunday was a German Shepherd Speciality Show (translated: only GSDs were shown.)

It was a weekend of dogs, food, and friendships formed.

First I must thank the clubs in the Philippines who were so kind to invite me over, especially Joey, Dinky, Premo, Uncle Bong, Uncle Jose, Uncle Mario, Ricky, Richard, and everyone else who helped me out at the show.

The first show (champ of champions) was great. It was held indoors, in a shopping mall, and went from 12.30noon to 5pm.

The winner was a lovely Shih Tzu, (though my favourite was really the Min Pin and the Siberian Husky, oh well)..

Then at the GSD show, I had to go through 67 dogs, in the blazing Manila heat. It was also such a great experience - I've never seen such depth in the quality of dogs before. They really know their breed, and congratulations to all the winners of the respective classes.

I was well fed throughout my trip, and people eat dinners late there. These two factors combined, Andrea is now a good two pounds heavier, with a smile twice as wide. *heehee*. Philippine cuisine, me likey!

Only two things dampened my trip.

1. The number of homeless and poverty stricken families there are. It shocked me. We're all kept in such a "bubble" here in Singapore, so much so that I think we've started taking things for granted. Never again will I whine that it is raining, and I cant get a cab/bus home, cause over there, when it rains, families get their 'beds' (cardboard boxes) washed away. And never again will I moan that I have nothing to wear - over there, people only have what is on their backs. Its the Holy Week now, and I've started a fast, somewhat as a tribute to the poor families of Manila. No more expensive meats, drinks and 'unnecessaries' (you know what I mean) for me. I know me doing this wont make their bellies fuller, but it sure will remind me to be thankful for the blessings I have.

2. The AIRPORT. I know I mentioned I shall not whinge, but the airport in Manila seriously needs an overhaul. *lol*. To prove my point:
i. Line up! You need to check in.
ii. Line up again! You need to queue to pay your airport taxes.
iii. Line Up!!! For immigration.
iv. You guessed it. ANOTHER line you need to join, just to get through security to get to the gates.

And I thought Singapore was bad when it came to queueing. Lol!

Pictures should be up in a bit. :) Till then, thanks to y'all for making my little chatterbox thing on the right over there so exciting! Much love, hugs and kisses this Holy Week to all of you. Take care, and God bless.


Anonymous said...


I enjoyed that LG show...i have drove two hours just to participate that day...i know some people traveled five or more hours just to join that question...Do you still actively breed GSD's under your kennel affix Winnerall? did i got the spelling right ;-)

Andrea Fonseka said...


Thanks for coming, it was so nice of you and the others to participate that (very hot) Sunday. Yes, I still breed under Winnerall, but not so much now that I am staying in Singapore.. I do miss it!

maddy said...


I'm becoming a frequent reader of your blog and just want to say you look fantastic! It's great to read your your life as it's so interesing. How do you stay so fit and shapey ?

Andrea Fonseka said...

Thanks! Nice to know people are reading this thing! ;)
I stay fit by running around castings and school, taking buses and mrts as often as I can (read post Buses and Trains), and as for my figure: I eat healthy, and most importantly; I Marie France-lah. ;)

Anonymous said...


Its actually entertaining to read what you post here ;-) I actually bookmarked this site already

Unknown said...

now pics froms the manila LG?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that you enjoyed your stay in Manila. :) It's surprising that you still find the time to keep your blog updated. I came across your blog while googling for your name after watching you in deal or no deal.. you look great! finally, something on tv worth watching.. btw, how tall are you?

Andrea Fonseka said...

thanks miko! :)
I'm 178cm tall, WITHOUT heels.. *eep!* heh..

Anonymous said...

That's tall! I can only reach that height when I get a fro.. :)