Tuesday, May 8, 2007

To the People that Matter Most

I've been in Singapore for a while now, busy with work, school; and it finally dawned upon me how much I miss home. I'm dedicating this post to the two most wonderful, supportive and loving people in the world.

This is mum. 54 years old this year. Love you mummy. Don't say it often enough, I know I may not call as often as you'd like, but I do think of you often enough to realise how lucky I am to be your daughter. I'll never forget how you were the one who would take time off work to come support me at my Primary 3 InterState Story Telling Competitions, up till my Secondary 5 Level Inter School College Debates. I love you. Thank you for loving me.

Daddy Dearest. Turning 69 in October. I am everything today because of him. I get my outspoken nature, my competitive edge, and my knowledge in everything worldly from this man. In my eyes, he can do no wrong - he has a kind, warm nature that I look up to. I fondly remember the times when he had to step out of meetings just to pick me up from school; and the many times we take 'trips' in the blue 'doggie van' to go buy durians (cause mom wouldn't let him buy durians with the family cars lest it stinks it up). Thank you daddy. I love you, and I hope you know how much.

These are the two most consistent people in my life. I know I may not call as much, I may not come home as much, and it pretty much seems like I'm living my own life right now... I just want to let you know that the both of you are always with me in my thoughts, and my heart.

I love you Mum & Dad.


Anonymous said...

By stepping out of meeting to pick his daugther/son from school tells a lot of this person. Perhap that's 1 of the great lesson learned.

Thinking to go home. Let step out of our own schedule. It is needs will.

Denono Obedience Genesis said...

u have such sweet parents

Anonymous said...

How blessed you are Andrea! No matter how busy, how hectic or how chaotic your life ever gets, always make room for your wonderful parents k...

Andrea Fonseka said...

xmate: for sure! I love them to bits! :)