Thursday, August 2, 2007

I am woman, hear me roar! (.........*mew*)

I know I say this alot, but really this week was and still is INSANE(in-the membrane, insane in the brain!)

Okay Andrea Fonseka has officially lost it. Heh.

Sat: Female 50 most gorgeous streethunt, 2pm-7pm
Sunday: Female 50 most gorgeous streethunt, 2-7pm

Monday: Make-up advertorial shoot, 2-6.30pm
Tuesday: Cameo in an up-coming second series of a sitcom (not allowed to say which one), 7am- 4.30pm. 5pm-9pm Photoshoot with Skin Couture (I love their clothes!!)
Wednesday: Shoot for that cameo, 8.45-2pm; followed by meetings and stuff. Finally home at about 10.30pm
Thrusday (today): Caltex Score Today till 1.30pm, meeting at 4pm, phone interview, then a Levis Launch from 8.30-10pm
Friday: Caltex Score Today 5am-2pm, followed by Marie France treatments (yay!) then Female Streethunt yet again.

*phew*. That's an entire week without an 'off day'. Thank goodness I can relax on Saturday and Sunday, and I'm just going to book out Marie France for those two entire days. Can't wait! :D

Schedules and hectic work aside, I am proud to announce that I have a new Manager! *BIG BIG SMILE* Her name is Melissa Lam, and she is God-sent to strugling young artistes like myself. Melissa Lam has been in the industry for a decade now, and has managed the likes of Denise Keller, Utt, and Jaymee Ong at early stages of their career. I'm so flattered and honoured to be signed with her, and the best part is she doesn't bite more than she can chew in terms of managing her artists. I'm only one of three that she is currently handling.

By the way there are some sites and blogs going on right now saying that I'm going to be hosting some Sentosa Beach Party, and I have to anounce that unfortunately that is not true. I have never agreed to hosting this party, and it is unfortunate that there was a misunderstanding somehow. [They did approach me to host it, but I will be tied up on that day so cannot.. :( ]

Sorry that I feel the need to anounce that - I just don't want people buying tickets and expecting me there.. then dissapointed how? I don't want it to be like I didn't turn up on purpose or something.

Hmm. Need to run back to work now. Y'all take care alrighty? :)

Oh. And I have taken to deleting comments I don't like on my blog. I'm sure you guys understand.. I mean, this is MY blog, I should have some sort of say as to what stays up and what doesn't, right? If its a fair comment, by all means it'll stay up. However I will not tolerate any spite, or obvious cries calling for cyberwarfare via this blog. Nor will I tolerate any soliciting. Oh. And just incase you guys don't know. I have employed a very clever boy to watch on the IP addresses that are logged here. So yes. I WILL KNOW WHO YOU ARE IF YOU COME HERE AND ABUSE THIS BLOG. Note to regulars: don't worry your privacy is safe. And you guys don't have anything to hide anyways so no worries. Its these little 'anonymous' posters that annoy me like hell!


adelin said...

Good Morning Andrea,

Oh, you not going to be in that event, was waiting for you to mention something about it. Initially thought it is too early to announce. Good that you clarity. Thanks.

Wow.. a lot of work……….sitcom………..wewewe………………….
I confirm will stay home & watch.

Wow, got new manager, congrats…..
Me still waiting in line to be your PA,
come come consider me, I’m a hardworking girl who can carry your Guess & Gucci bag, all your shopping bag, make appointment for you at MF, open door for your maid, buy take-away……………….etc.


Anonymous said...

Eh how much are you paying your "IP-address-watch-boy"? You could have just given a shout here about the vacancy, and I'm sure folks would have volunteered for free!

(by the way, "Hi" to you too, Mr "Andrea's IP-address-watch-boy"... I know you're reading this, I'm innocent one hor...)

But Andrea, what, to you, constitutes "fair comment"? Cuz the scope may well be wide. And would you extend it also to things said here that are of "qualified/absolute privilege" and/or "justified"? (sorry, just couldn't help bringing up Year 1 tort).

Say, if I come and criticise you constructively, plus you believe I do so with honourable intentions, then my comment stays, yeah?

Yet, what's less clear is, what if I disagree with what someone else has said here, and I voice it, then the person "buay song" (not happy) and retort, then i retort, it goes on, and taa-daa we have a flame war. So what would you do if you were us?

Anyway, when does term start for you? I don't suppose you're involved in either orientation or Law IV production, considering your otherwise heavy schedule outside work, correct?

Anonymous said...

"...considering your otherwise heavy schedule outside work..."

shucks what was i saying; it should have read -

"considering your otherwise heavy schedule outside SCHOOL".

Was still half-asleep man. Andrea should just transfer all her stash of coffee to me.

Anonymous said...

Wah girl, that another hectic week. You take care:)

I have watched Chua En Lai in "Thi toa tao" , he is very good..very talented actor:)

Btw Andrea: are you currently staying in a Rented HDB or Condo? Just asking because I have a place to rent at Selegie rd, 3-room flat, walking distance to Orchard rd. You might be interested..Just asking hee hee. Take care again:)

Andrea Fonseka said...


The term 'fair' shall be deemed so if it seems so in the eyes of the reasonable man.. It will be viewed with the standards of the average blogreader, an unbiased person, with the reasonable vocalbulary, values, morals and customs of the average English speaking Singaporean/Malaysian. ;P

Gabe: I'm staying in a rented appartment. Thank you though. ;)

Oh. Third cup of coffee already this morning. hee hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Your coffee intake is so NOT a "custom of the average English speaking Singaporean/malaysian" :)

adelin said...

scorp :

ya lor, my is maximum 3 cups in a day (whole day).

you, morning already third cup.

Dearest Andrea, try to cut down lah. :P

water is good.

Brown Sugar said...

Good luck comes in many forms. A great manager is what every artiste needs.

Have a perfectly peachy weekend!

fazzy said...

Wow...that's hardcore busy. I wonder how you hold up school and a work schedule like that. I suspect when you get home most you'll just plonk yourself onto the bed. Think of it this way..more work more money..more recognition. It will be worth the effort dear girl..

Your new manager sounds awesome..the artistes she helped before are really hot in the market now. All gorgeous and talented...just like you. Looks like she's got a good eye for talent spotting and grooming.

You hired someone to check IP addresses..That's actually a job? Is it full time? Cos it doesn't sound like much to do...I'd love to get paid to do just that but then again I'm a computer idiot.

adelin said...

Hi Andrea Fans/Friends,

Try to catch our dear andrea during commercial break wishing singapore happy birthday.

i think i heard kisses, somehow i got up on my bed and look at the tv (always on). it is really Andrea.

not too sure of her kisses on tv. me having a bad tension headache.
maybe i seeing & hearding things.


Unknown said...


Kopi is kopi! Kopi isn't Starbucks tho or it shouldn't be considered such! Haha!


Already saw the ad. Charming! Yummy! Hehe! Nite all...

NoFoolsParadise said...

Congrats on the getting a new manager! Like fazzy says, she sounds awesome.:)

I just got to know about Andrea Fonseka and after seeing her works and writing its really hard not to luv ths gal! I tried to put my finger on what fascinates me so about her - here's what i got. (lyrically)

It's the way she is
It's the way she looks
and daaamnn, it's the way she smiles

It's the way she's sweet from the inside out
But she's cheeky when she jokes
And sultry when she pouts

It's the way jaws drop at her gorgeous shoots
It's the way her being's got the nation hooked
It's the way she still says come what may
My cats are the boss at the end of the day

It's the way she is the "take the chance"
When we think about it all of us too live just once
In that way she can become strength to others to get out there and go do the same in their lives

It's the way you are
It's who you are
Kinda really special
Andrea Fonseka

There's prolly more reasons than this and maybe other readers who know her better can try their hand at adding on to this poem (that should make for some good postings i figure).

Btw Andrea, I love the the way you're really down to earth too. That's the one thing I got from reading this blog.

To the rest of the peeps out there.
Live. don't dream.

adelin said...

Andrew : at least tell me if i heard the kisses wrongly b4 zzZing mah. Lol..

i think i noticed her hair-do slightly clip up. Very sweet & earthly.

Nite Andrea & All!

Anonymous said...

"...hear me roar...mew..."



I LIKE those. It's like playing Where's Waldo...or Where's Wally...depending on where you're playing.

"I'm just going to book out..."

That has a completely different meaning in the military, but remember the first time we emailed...loose lips sink ships.


Congrats... :)

"And I have taken to deleting comments I don't like..."

Where'd all my comments go? :O

"...this is MY blog..."

What I've been saying...

"...clever boy..."

You can't track MY IP. Remember, I'm a secret agent... :O

I'm going to end this post by echoing Ad. I've been assuming that you drink coffee IN ADDITION to water, which I think is fine. But don't REPLACE the need it, ESPECIALLY with all that coffee. (I KNOW you know this, but I think you need "korkoring" again.) :P

Right, I'm REALLY going to end this now. Remember...loose lips sink ships.

Anonymous said...


Here's a this blog again.


NoFoolsParadise said...

Hi Path,

If ur referring to the "What Women Want" article, I've read it before - and enjoyed it like hell too - but what I've written I've written.

Lemme say something. I do think Andrea is amazing and all but frankly I also find the testerone level in some of the posts already too high, last thing I want is to add to that. The poem I posted I did mainly cuz I'm encouraged by her success as I'm taking my own chances now. I wrote to tell her that, at the same time I thought a combined poem from fans would be really something. Why not, I don't there will always be people writing poems here.

Appreciate ur tip though and I could add that I like ur writing too. In fact it'll be cool if u cld add to the piece up there cuz u got the SLK and u cld start e ball rolling.

But its up to you.

Anonymous said...


"...testerone level in some of the posts..."

Let me get this wrote your poem as a counter to such posts? Would you like to point out said posts? And it's testosterone... :)

As for getting the "ball rolling", I'll have to pass. I like to work alone... ;)

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone:)

Andrea, hang in there k, one more day and you will have your Marie Francing tomorrow and Sunday k....Enjoy your well deserve break:)

Adelin: As Andrea's PA, You must not forget Skit and Demi, Andrea's most precious. They are demanding though:)

You must pass, Andrea's Prince (Skit) and Princess (Demi) interview first hee hee...

O0ps, before I forget, bring an extra inhaler too...

And whenever, you see Starbucks, you must get a Sugerfree vanilla latte, Grande, min. size, if not not enough for our coffee queen la. hahahaha.

Good luck:)

Andrea Fonseka said...

Gabe: its Sugar Free Vanilla SKINNY Latte. muahaha i'm surprised you even remembered everything else! ;)

Path: what does book out mean in the military? I'd normally think loose lips leaks drool.. but hey if yours is so bad that it sinks ships.. ;)

Nofoolsparadise: That was really really really sweet!! You're way up there right now with Gabe giving me strepsils at the LTD auditions. Thank you. :)

Faz: no la. Just someone I can get to check on things if the need arises. ;)

~*esther*~ said...

love reading your blog~!
wad a hectic life u've got! but i'm sure eventhough its tiring u're enjoying it? heh. (:

Unknown said...

Andrea-your 'book out' means you wanna have Marie France all to yourself. To them crew cut boys, 'book out' means signing themselves out of camp and getting to go home over the weekend, probably to read and write in your blog! Haha! Enjoy your weekend!

Adelin-yes, I think there's the *muah* at the end of the short ad! Unless...that's just my imagination making those sounds! :p

Anonymous said...


THANK YOU for getting that...and THANK GOODNESS I don't have to go through that anymore.

Good Nite ` Kimmi said...

hi every body =)

wow, busy week. its hard to be on the entertainment business yea?

but i amire those that work on the entertainment business. when i grow up, i would like to be acter!

hope i make it if i grow up!! =) haha

Good Nite ` Kimmi said...

oh ya! any way cool down and relax =) tc on your health too =)

Unknown said...

Path-dat means you're age revealed except you're a 60's child! Heh!

Kimmi-I hope I grow up! I wanna act like I've grown up!:)

Anonymous said...

Andrew: I thought "book in book out" only refers to stay-in personnel?

I used to be stay-in, but if now stay-out, then it doesn't apply to me anymore mah... and I'm not a 60s child!

Unknown said...

Dude, I only know the book in/book out application to reservist boys, hence booking out over the weekend. Regulars can leave the camp, I'm sure.

I only say 60's child cos Path said he doesn't have to go through that anymore, assuming he's completed his rounds throughout the year. I may have jumped the gun tho and if I did, I stand corrected! :)

Anonymous said...

what a co-incidence, speaking of 'bookin in' & 'bookin out'... i'll be doin the latter tommorow afternoon as it is d last day of my reservist. i'm happy!!


adelin said...

Gabe : will not dare to forget abt Price Skit & Princess Demi :P

me still waiting to be call up for interview leh. i think it will be a long wait..

i will try my best to win their heart with my honesty & sincerity.

Andrea : can upload the *muack* video here? :D

Anonymous said...

adelin,what is price skit? issit a new game show?

adelin said...

hahaha sorry! it is prince, typo error. :P

Anonymous said...


(A) I didn't go home at night. If I wasn't in camp, I was in a jungle.

(B) I'm quite sure "booking out" has nothing to do with your status as NS, NSF, Regular...

(C) You can be done with your "rounds", and be a kid of the SEVENTIES.

Anonymous said...

" bad that it sinks ships..."

Thanks, but my lips are in fine (kissing) is my tongue. :P

Anonymous said...

That didn't come out right...stop your wishful thinking. :P

Good Nite ` Kimmi said...

andrew huh?! lols i'm lost. lols
wad u mean by " Kimmi-I hope I grow up! I wanna act like I've grown up!:) " lols

Anonymous said...

Haha... "loose lips sink ships" was a slogan the Brits employed in WWII when German spies were as plentiful as paparazzi today...

perhaps "crummy comments get canned"? or "flirty fingers get fried"?

Miao 妙 said...

Hey Andrea, I came here because 8 Days published your blog address. I think you're really pretty but my boyfriend doesn't think so. :/ Anyway I'm also in NUS. If I'm correct, you're studying in NUS Law right? Hope to see you in campus!

Miao 妙 said...

Hey Andrea, I came here because 8 Days published your blog address. I think you're really pretty but my boyfriend doesn't think so. :/ Anyway I'm also in NUS. If I'm correct, you're studying in NUS Law right? Hope to see you in campus!

Anonymous said...

Nofoolsparadise: Welcome on board bro. Honestly, I like your poem too. Cheers bro!

Andrea: Why I remember? Because you are a wonderful person, worth to be remembered. Cheers Girl.

Ah yah! Should have gone to Clark Quay to catch a glimpse of you on Friday night...:(

Hope you have rested well:)

Anonymous said...


(A) Whose fingers are you talking about?

(B) The US, not the UK, came up with "loose lips". You were saying something about...crummy comments?

Anonymous said...

One day of DECADENCE down, one more to go... :D

Have a good "one" (and then come tell us about it)... ;)

ivanny said...

don't worry about those "anonymous" comments. they aren't worth it! lol... anyways, enjoy ya work and hope to see more of you on TV soon! I can't wait for Live the Dream!!!

Anonymous said...

wah lao miss Andrea listen to cypress hill... never expect..... damn shoik.... Miss Andrea have you ever heard tec9 or necro...