Friday, June 11, 2010

Training Nadine Entry 01

Pics I took of Nadine today, first was after her shoot with Ieaye of with Amir Luqman! (*mwah! Thanks guys!*), the second at the Redberry event this evening. Apologies on picture condition, Nadine's Brand New SonyCyber-shot was out of battery!! Silly girl. ;)

Nadine's progress is coming along really well. We've been working on several aspects:
1. Teeth -- Gotta have that winning SMILE!
MyDentist has given Nadine SPARKLING white teeth -- Dr. Foo is God-Sent!
See, Nadine had braces before for many years and as a result, she suffered from severe staining on her teeth. Last Monday she went to The Smile Doctors and they scaled, whitened and gave her a transparent retainer (not a permanent one like she had before for her lower teeth), and they've done a reaaaally great job.
2. Fitness
With Nadine now going to True Fitness, she's really toning up. I am a little concerned with her though as she tends to put on muscles very easily -- am going to need to speak to her trainer on that. We can't have her looking too bulky -- a good balance of being toned and lean would be best. I do think she's putting on a little too much muscle -- Mr. Personal Trainer and I will need to have words!!
3. Skin
With L'Oreal Paris on board, we've amaaazing products for Nadine to use, both for skincare and cosmetics. However she did suffer from severe chicken pox when she was younger, and we're remedying the scars with some creams I got from my trusted skin-doctor Dr. Calvin Chan, whom I swear by (swing over he's in Wheelock on Orchard road in Singapore - his treatments are ah-may-zing!). We've spoken to her family physician who also recommended Moenomycin for her skin -- Nadine sometimes breaks out on her back and upper -- its a mild antibiotic to help her skin's "good bacteria". It seems to be working a charm!
I also went to Perth recently and brought back St. Tropez Tanning Mousse to even out her skin-tone and give her that olive-glow finish on her skin. Will be going over to Nadine's place tomorrow to test it out! (Pictures to come I promise! ;))
4. Fashion

In my travels I also pick up accessories that I believe will suit Nadine, especially when they're on sale (This morning @ Perth Intl Airport: Diva was on sale, THREE bunches of whatever you wanted for AUD10!!) . And I have also bought the most beautiful one-piece for her to do a shoot with, can't wait to show you all how that goes. I'm really excited, we've got Michele Yong, whom I would say is goign to be oe of Malaysia's most talented exports (she's moving to Paris at the end of the month) and we're going to do a shoot with her, soon! [[[top secret for now]]] ;)
5. Public speaking and Presentation
Have been taking Nadine to many of the best events in KL just to get her used to the camera, to break her bad habits on how she poses in pictures. She tends to slouch forward with her chin down, which creates the illusion that she has a short neck --> Not True! So when I am with her, like I was today at Redberry's launch I keep reminding her on her posture. She also needs to smile more! Especially now that she has those amazing teeth!!!
Its not going to be a walk in the park, but I have to say that Nadine, luv if you're reading this: Love you lots. I'm going to be coming down hard on you for the next two months, but its only because I know you're worth the effort I am putting into this. You are an intelligent, beautiful young lady, and I am sooo happy that you are willing to work with me wholeheartedly on this.
Next Up:
1. More GYM: I forsee ABS in VEGAS!
2. Styling lessons: Nadine must learn how to put together a 'look' with make-up and hair in an hour --> People are surprised that Delegates actually have to do their own hair and make-up most of the time at Miss Universe! There are make-up artists, but Nadine must be confident on her strongest points and capitalise on them. With 85 candidates from around the world, it is forseeable that Nadine will not get 100% love and attention from her designated make-up artist in Vegas, hence she needs to learn how to take care of herself!
3. National Costume: As some of you may know, Amir Luqman is the Official Designer for this year's National Costume. We're going to be having a spectacular photoshoot, and reveal it in all its glory in a press conference! :)
4. Hair: I need to consult Winnie Loo on Nadine's hair colour. Its beautifully black right now, but with her new skin and complexion, it may be worth while to look at other colours to further enhance her beauty.
5. Catwalk and Interview skills: Am actually going to be renting out a meeting room in a hotel in Petaling Jaya, to get Nadine to practice speaking into a microphone, as that is how she will be communicating to the judges (and the audience) in Vegas. Will then get Sony's Handycam (thank GOD they came on board as sponsors!! ;) to record her speaking, and also her catwalk, because there's no better way to learn that to watch yourself on TV. ;)
Well its a full month ahead, I'm also going to have to plan a wedding. :S More on that later. All I can say is: Thank.God.For.Jovian.Mandagie. xoxoxoxox!!!! :D

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Trincy said...

Make sure she has her full make up and eyelashes on all the time.. regardless during rehearsal or early morning breakfast...